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Tons of Special Shows Await you this Week

Two Great One-Time Special Shows

Malaga Spain: the Jewel of Andalusia

Wednesday, September 8th

Join our beloved Paris host Walid during his vacation in Málaga, Spain. This is our first show in this beautiful city, hometown of famous painter, Pablo Picasso (you'll get to see his house on this show). Walk around and explore the city's colorful buildings, Roman ruins, famous church of La Manquita and much more. We'll be waiting for you on this special show.

Paris Remembers 9 /11

Saturday, September 11th

In honor of those who lost their lives in the tragic events of 9/11 20 years ago, Patrick will be doing a special show to take you through Paris and show you the many ways in which Paris and France remembers and commemorates 9/11. As with his D-Day shows, Patrick will give the French point of view of this important event.

NEW Shows

New City - The Hague: City of the National Government and International Law

Premiere: Friday, September 10th

Discover this beautiful and fascinating new city in the Netherlands with us. Visit The Hague, known as the home of international law and arbitration. Our new host and local, Ton, will take you to its main sights in just half an hour. Visit The famous Hague Tribunal, the Noordeinde Palace (where the king of the Netherlands works) and much more.

Two new shows in Vietnam

The Mysterious Mangrove Forest

Premiere: Saturday, September 11th

I love nature, so I'm looking forward to this one. Let's join hosts Spring and Hiếu in their new show, this one will be an adventure. Let's dive deep into the huge Mangrove Forest (don't worry, we're just going by scooter and on foot) and explore its beautiful nature and rich wildlife.

Can't make it on September 11th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Early Morning Life in Vietnam Village

Premiere: Wednesday, September 8th

When I'm travelling I always wonder about the locals day to day life, how about you? In this show our beloved hosts Spring and Hiếu will take you back to Hue and show you a bit more of the villagers lifestyle. This is an unique opportunity to witness authentic Vietnam customs. Oh, and a bonus, you'll also get to hop on the hosts' scooter and enjoy the lovely views of the countryside.

Can't make it on September 8th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

New show from JD

Hidden Gems of Old Delhi Part-1

Premiere: Sunday, September 12th

Join us and beloved host JD one more time in New Delhi, India. This time, let him take you through the oldest part of the city to discover some beautiful landmarks (and of course hidden spots, since JD is a local he has that covered). There's so much happening there, you will see the oldest market of India, a beautiful Hindu temple, and much more. And of course, all that while learning more about rich Indian culture.

NEW Music Show

Matt Hawkins Music Show

Premiere: Friday, September 10th

We have a brand-new music show in Australia! This is the first time Matt Hawkins is performing on BeamZ. Matt is a singer-songwriter that has performed all around the world… but now he is opening his home studio for you guys, so this is going to be really special! Rock, Jazz, Soul Funk, and Afro/Cuban are just a few of the genres you'll listen to on this show!

Can't make it on September 10th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Big Hit Show is Back in Paris

All Aboard! Cruise on the Seine River

Premiere: Monday, September 13th

Picture this: you're in Paris, cruising on the Seine River, looking at the Eiffel Tower...Sounds amazing, right? Well, Patrick is doing just that with you next Monday. This show has everything. Breathtaking views, art, history and much more, so what are you waiting for?

NEW Episodes - Series On BeamZ Paris Chronicles with Patrick Premiere: Wednesday, September 8th Patrick is going one more time to this unique park, since some of you missed it, so come on and join us at Parc de la Villette. The park houses one of the largest concentrations of cultural venues in Paris, including the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie (Europe's largest science museum), three major concert venues, the prestigious Conservatoire de Paris, oh and even an IMAX theater inside a geodesic dome. Can't make it on September 8th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

The Biggest Gainer: Fun, Fitness Reality TV Show Premiere: Wednesday, September 8th If you watched the first episode (or didn't) you can't miss the second one, because it will be so much fun in any way. Andrew and Vitaliy will continue their fitness battle with their teams and you have to see it. Who will win this time? I want to know, so join us to cheer on or even join in the workouts. Watch the first episode NOW - just click here (and scroll down). Can't make it on September 8th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Two Great NEW Shows in Peru and Ecuador - (announced last week) Apukunaq Tianan: Sculpture Park of Andean Gods and Myths Premiere: Wednesday, September 8th Join the host Michael Lazo in his next adventure, just outside Cuzco city, Peru, and discover the breathtaking Apukunaq Tianan, or The Abode of the Gods. In this show, you will see giant sculptures carved directly in the mountains, and hear all about the amazing stories of the Andean culture. You definitely don't want to miss out on this one, some sculptures are 10 meters high, just imagine how they were handmade, shocking! Can't make it on September 8th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Murals and Street Art in Quito Premiere: Thursday, September 9th We have a new country and city for you, join us and new host Stefany in Quito, Ecuador. Let's explore this new city together. I'm excited to see a brand-new place and even better, while our new host shows us some amazing street art spread around town. Don't miss out on this fun show in one of the coolest neighborhoods of South America. Can't make it on September 8th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Sneak Previews

Special show in Quebec, Canada

Quebec City Tour Fundraising for Shereos

Monday, September 20th

You may have seen Quebec before with host Samuel, but if you didn't, it's a truly amazing experience (he's even on the top three Trip Advisor tour guides of the city. On this show he will show you all the beautiful main landmarks of the city in just an hour. But wait, there's an even better reason to see this show, BeamZ and Samuel are teaming up to fundraise for acid attack survivors. So 100% of the profits made from the show are going to these victims that work in a café called Shereos in India, where all of its employees are acid attack survivors. So let us have a good time for a good cause.

Make Vietnamese Tea & The Art of Paper Flower Premiere: Tuesday, September 14th What if I told you the flowers in the photo below are made of paper. Yep, that's right. Our sweet hosts Spring and Hiếu are on fire and have one more show for you. Visit a friend of theirs and learn to make traditional paper flowers with her. This show will be a great inside view into Vietnamese culture.

Istanbul on two Continents

Premiere: Wednesday, September 15th

Have you ever imagined how it would be like to go from one continent to another in less than 5 minutes? So, join BeamZ in this show and discover what it would be like… Cross the Galata bridge with Salih, from the Asian side to the European side… you will also discover the spice market, where Turkish cuisine was born, and we can’t forget about the beautiful view over the river!

Cuzco, Peru (part 2): Traditional San Pedro Market

Friday, September 17th

I've been to Cuzco and let me say, you have to go to San Pedro's Market. I'm a huge fan of markets, so I'm a little biased, but trust me, there's so much to see, you will love it. It is the perfect place to explore Peruvian culture, foods, crafts, pretty much a bit of everything. So join host Mike and enjoy this local and tourist destination.

The artists’ district of Rome: Via Margutta

Friday, September 17th

Our star host, Federica, wants to show you her artistic side, join her in the artists’ district of Rome, Via Margutta. Let’s take a relaxing stroll through this narrow street in the midst of the bustling heart of Rome. The picturesque via Margutta is a well-known destination for those looking for artesans’ shops and art galleries. A total treat for the eyes! So join us to enjoy some typical Italian art in the charming streets of this district.

Two New Shows in Russia

Moscow Kremlin - Inside

Sunday, September 19th

In just 30 minutes take a grand tour through the Moscow Kremlin, you'll go inside the complex!

There's a lot to see there, and one thing more amazing than the other. The citadel houses five palaces, four cathedrals, the Grand Kremlin Palace (the working residence of the President) and much more.

Saint Petersburg: Neva River Embankment

Sunday, September 19th

On the same day that you went to Moscow, how about going to St Petersburg? Yes, that's right, visit the two most famous Russian cities on the same day. Join host Anna for a lovely walk on the riverbanks of Neva River. Enjoy breathtaking views while you visit some must-see attractions near the river, such as the Palace of the Romanovs, the Palace Bridge, and more.

Visit Asia's Largest Spice Market

Sunday, September 19th

I just told you that I love markets, a bit above from here, so you can just imagine that when I saw this show I was in awe. Imagine going to Asia's largest spice market, and even better, without having to bump into everyone (because it's a little chaotic). JD will take us there, in New Delhi, of course. So let's go, there's so much to see on this show.

More Shows ON Beamz

Wednesday, September 8th

Welcome to Melbourne! Australia's Culture Capital:visit this fun and beautiful city that was voted most livable city for 7 years in a row.

Amsterdam: Beautiful by Boat: see the city in a different way, visit the must-see landmarks by boat through its charming canals.

Prague Castle: visit one of the biggest castles in the world, with a size of more than 15 football fields.

Kyiv Cave Monastery - the Vatican of Eastern Europe: see the UNESCO World Heritage site that is one of the most important holy grounds in the whole Ukraine.

La Paz: Murillo Square: visit the main square of Bolivia, explore its beautiful architecture and 150 years of history.

Thursday, September 9th

Tokyo’s Charming Old District: visit the beautiful Ueno park, explore a lively Ameyoko market with 400 shops, and purify yourself at the Marishiten Buddhist temple.

Cable car in La Paz: visit the longest and highest cable car in the world, hop on it with us.

Visit a Hindu Temple - A Peek into India's Culture: get ready to experience the real Aarti (evening prayers) at a Hindu temple in New Delhi.

Upcoming Shows

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