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Three Reasons to Turn Your Live-Stream into a BeamZ Live Show

''I live stream on other platforms already. Should I also live stream on BeamZ?''

We get that you may already on other channels like Twitch and Youtube... So why bother with BeamZ? We talked to Alex Gourevich, co-founder at BeamZ who gave us three reasons to turn your existing live-stream into a BeamZ Live show.

#1 You will make more money in much less time

Actually way more. Beamz generates around 8 times more revenue per viewer than the first-generation live streaming platforms – YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, Instagram, etc. And you get there without killing yourself streaming for 6 to 8 hours a day. Most shows on BeamZ are 30 to 45 minutes long. Most successful BeamZ producers only stream 3 to 6 shows a week. So you go Live every other day, for under 1 hour.

Why is there more money to be made on BeamZ? I think it’s because we deliver real shows, with true entertainment value. So we are more like TV or live stage – true entertainment. So often on the web, you end up watching people who randomly flicked their camera on. On BeamZ, you get a real show – there’s a scenario, a real beginning, a real end. It’s not live streaming, it’s live entertainment.

Now just because you’ll make more per viewer does not mean you will make more in total. That’s because our audience is still low compared to the first-generation live-streaming platforms that have been around for 5 to 10 years.

But with BeamZ you will start to make more and faster. Ever wished you had blogged and gotten into Instagram before it got so popular and hard to get followers? Get on board with BeamZ just as it picks up steam.

Also, the money split is tilted in the show producers’ favor. 80% of profits go to you, and 20% to the platform. We bump that split to 90% when you bring in your own fans.

#2 You will receive marketing support.

This is something I have not seen on other platforms. We have a Marketing Team dedicated to creating online advertising campaigns. Every show gets its ad campaign. As a producer, you can focus on your content and ignore marketing if you want to, because we take care of that. We’ve got your back.

We design campaigns, we come up with the ad copy, we program it across the web, we test and track results, we tweak the ads, we monitor the cost effectiveness, all that is on us.

It doesn’t mean that every show ends up with an ad campaign that works. But we always try and give you feedback on how to improve your shows.

And every successful ad campaign means you are exposed to a large crowd of newcomers. These viewers see your work, and they can become your fans.

#3 You will build a sustainable business.

BeamZ is focused on building communities around each show host. We don’t invite you to present a show and then fade away. We want you to build an audience, and to encourage them to keep following you. That effort is in its infancy still, this is something we will work on in multiple ways.

As a result, we ask you to work not only on stand-alone shows, but also on series. Our Content team is there to help you through producing that series. Entertainment is a personality driven business: people who like a host want to see more of that host. BeamZ makes that possible.

Sean virtual show 2.jpeg
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