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Shows All Over the World are Waiting for You

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

New City and Country

Quito, Ecuador is now ON BeamZ

Murals and Street Art in Quito

Premiere - Thursday, September 9th

People love our South America shows so we're excited to bring you to a new country there. Join us and new host Stefany in Quito, Ecuador. Let's explore this new city together. I'm excited to see a brand-new place and even better, while our new host shows us some amazing street art spread around town. Don't miss out on this fun show in one of the coolest neighborhoods of South America.

Can't make it on September 9th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Early Morning Life in Vietnam Village

Premiere - Wednesday, September 8th

I'm always curious about other cultures day to day life, how about you? In this show, our beloved hosts Spring and Hiếu will take you back to Hue and show you a bit more of the villager's lifestyle. This is a unique opportunity to witness authentic Vietnamese customs. Oh, and as a bonus, you'll also get to hop on the hosts' scooter and enjoy the lovely views of the countryside.

Can't make it on September 8th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Apukunaq Tianan: Peruvian Sculpture Park of Andean Gods and Myths

Premiere - Wednesday, September 8th

Let me start by saying, I've never seen anything like this before. What do I mean? Well, 17 meters high handmade sculptures. Host Mike will take you to Apukunaq Tianan (or the Abode of Gods, what a name) a sculpture park with statues carved on the mountains itself to honor the Andean Gods and Myths. Yes this show sounds awesome, are you coming?

Can't make it on September 8th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

NEW Music Show

Matt Hawkins's Music Show

Friday, September 10th

Live from Australia, we are very excited to announce that this is the first time Matt Hawkins is performing on BeamZ! Matt is a singer-songwriter that has performed all around the world… but now he is opening his home studio for you guys, so this is going to be really special! Rock, Jazz, Soul Funk, and Afro/Cuban are just a few of the genres you'll listen to on this show!

NEW Food Shows

Learn how to make Indian Turmeric milk Or Golden Milk at home

Premiere - Monday, September 6th

As promised, our beamer chef, JD Singh, has a new recipe for you. And this one is extra special. Why? It's a healing drink recipe. On Monday, learn to make an immune-boosting drink with JD called Golden Milk (it even sounds special, huh?). It's made with milk, turmeric, and warm spices. It sounds pretty interesting, doesn't it?

Discover Hungary through Gastronomy!

Premiere - Saturday, September 11th

How about discovering a new country with us through food? Our new host and chef Marta welcomes you into her kitchen for some delicious recipes. Each week you'll get to learn typical Hungarian dishes with Marta while she tells you more about her culture. This Saturday you can start with a simple local dish, "Lecso", an easy and comforting type of vegetable dish.

Can't make it on September 11th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

One Time Specials

Peter the Great’s Palace - built as the Russian response to Versailles

The Unforgettable Peterhof Residence - Part 1

Saturday, September 4th

Just look at the photo below and be amazed, I know you want to see more. This palace screams luxury. You'll feel like royalty walking in it and in its gardens. Oh, and how could I forget this was the summer residence of one of the most popular royal families of the ancient world: The Romanovs.

Cap Frehel - France

Friday, September 3rd

On Friday, one of your beloved hosts, Patrick, prepared a special day for you. Join him for two shows in the Brittany coast and relax, it's a Friday, you deserve it. Start by visiting the peninsula of Cap Frehel. Just look at the photo below, how can you say no to that breathtaking ocean? Come and let yourself be taken by its beautiful crystal clear water, cliffs, wildlife, and more.

The Harbor of Dahouet - France Friday, September 3rd And after visiting Cap Frehel, continue your mini trip with Patrick. Next stop, the harbor of Dahouet, a small Breton harbor located in the commune of Pléneuf-Val-André. Walk around and enjoy the beautiful and picturesque views while your host fills you in on the place's history.

D-Day June 44: Gold Beach Monday, September 6th We've all heard of Operation Overlord, best known as D-Day landings. Patrick has done a few shows on some of the beaches in Normandy and a lot of you enjoyed it, so now he's back once again, but this time in a new place. This Monday, join him at the famous Gold Beach and discover its importance for the British soldiers while walking around its main landmarks.

NEW Episodes - Series On BeamZ

Sacred, Mystical and Spiritual Places in Paris

Tuesday, September 7th

In his next episode Patrick has a very special place to show you. Meet him at Église Notre-Dame-du-Travail, built between 1897 and 1902 this church was constructed for the workers of the famous Exposition universelle de 1900 (the first metro line of Paris was created in that fair). So come and see it's outside and inside charm, enjoy its architecture and history with us.

Can't make it on September 7th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Paris' Great Americans Tuesday, September 7th Paris has always drawn Americans - some for longer periods of time than others. Patrick will show you their homes, their cafés and even where they attended some wild Parisian parties. This week's episode is a bit scandalous. Let's hear more about Paris as a sexual escapade in the 20th century, our characters in this story? Henry Miller, Anais Nin and Peggy Guggenheim. Can't make it on September 7th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Sneak Previews (shows coming in a week) ​​The Mysterious Mangrove Forest Saturday, September 11th Let's join hosts Spring and Hiếu in their new show, this one will be an adventure. Let's dive deep into the Mangrove Forest (don't worry we're just going by scooter and foot) and explore its beautiful nature and rich wildlife.

Make Vietnamese Tea & The Art of Paper Flower

Tuesday, September 14th

What if I told you the flowers in the photo below are made of paper. Yep, that's right. Our sweet hosts Spring and Hiếu are on fire and have one more show for you. Visit a friend of theirs and learn to make traditional paper flowers with her. This show will be a great inside view into Vietnamese culture.

Istanbul on two Continents

Premiere - Wednesday, September 15th

Have you ever imagined how it would be like to go from one continent to another in less than 5 minutes? So, join BeamZ in this show and discover what it would be like… Cross the Galata bridge with Salih, from the Asian side to the European side… you will also discover the spice market, where Turkish cuisine was born, and we can’t forget about the beautiful view over the river!

Barranco, the Bohemian district of Lima

Premiere - Friday, September 10th

Let's join our host Vanessa again in Lima, Peru. This time she will take you to the Bohemian neighborhood of Barranco. We have a lot to see, so much happens there. Explore the colorful walls, a lot of street art and the beautiful stone.

Charity Tour of Prague's Olsany Cemetery

Premiere - Saturday, September 11th

Join us in our first charity and show mix. Our beloved host Max is taking you to...Of course, Prague, to the famous cemetery of the Czech capital, the Olšany cemetery, and go through hundreds years of history. And let me tell you the charity part, 550% of the guides proceeds go to reconstructing this endangered heritage. So click on the button for a good time while you help a good cause.

Lake Titicaca and the Man-Made Floating Islands

Premiere - Monday, September 13th

This show is going to be magical. You'll get to see the birthplace of the Incas, take a boat ride on a typical boat, discover a brand new culture and of course enjoy the breathtaking views of Lake Titicaca. Yes, all of that in 45 minutes, it's going to be truly awesome. Oh just to fill you in more, Lake Titicaca is located on the border between Peru and Bolivia in the Andes Mountains and is one of the largest lakes in South America and the highest navigable watercourse in the world.

New Tarot Reading Show

Tarot Readings by Christine

Premiere - Friday, September 10th

Have you ever had a tarot reading? I can say I did, and it's not as scary as it sounds, at least I was scared before doing. It's actually great for getting some advice on your life through someone else's perspective, and of course higher energies. So join us for our first ever tarot reading, host Christine is wonderful at what she does, trust me. And of course, if you're a gossip person, how about watching other people's readings, heh.

New Food Show on the Way

Besan Chilla Indian Healthy Breakfast Pancake

Premiere - Saturday, September 11th

Do you ever just wish pancakes or crêpes were healthier? Because I do. Well then, host JD has a surprise for you, a healthy and of course, delicious version of pancakes (savory). And don't worry, they're super easy to make, and kid approved.

In Case you Missed our Tuesday’s Newsletter - Ten NEW travel shows

Four Shows in our NEW City, La Paz, Bolivia

Walk on the Moon with BeamZ - Moon Valley

Premiere - Monday, September 6th

Now for our second show in La Paz, Beamz will take you on a "walk on the moon" and show you the amazing lunar landscape of the Moon Valley. The tubular and irregular shapes resemble the ones of Cappadocia, in Turkey. This is really a one-of-a-million show, guys… so don’t miss it!

Monticulo Viewpoint

Premiere - Tuesday, September 7th

Yes, more Bolivia for you guys… On Tuesday, Renan is taking you to Monticulo Viewpoint, located in the Sopocachi area. In this place you will get the best view of the city, it’s really beautiful and even appreciated by locals… you just need to book it (it’s free!) and see it for yourself.

Murillo Square - La Paz

Premiere - Wednesday, September 8th

Join us and host Renan in Murillo Square, the most important square of the country. Let our local host tell you about its importance for Bolivian history and some inside scoops. I think you'll love its charming architecture and fascinating history.

Cable Cars in La Paz

Premiere - Thursday, September 9th

Join Renan in this tour at La Paz’s Cable Car! This is the highest and longest cable car in the whole world, and now you’ll get the chance to ride it. People in Bolivia actually use this as transport to places in the city, it’s not only a tourist attraction like the others… Can you believe this?.

Two NEW Shows in Prague

The Prague Jewish Ghost Tour

Premiere - Saturday, September 4th

Children ghosts, Forbidden love story, kabbalistic secrets… These are just a few of what you will get on this new show. We united the two niches that you guys love the most on Beamz, Jewish and Spooky, and this is what we got: The Prague Jewish Ghost Tour! I’m telling you, this is gonna be EPIC.

Swanky and hip - Prague's Letna district

Premiere - Sunday, September 5th

We already know that you love Max and Prague… So let's go a little deeper on it… how about exploring the hippest neighborhood of the city like a local? Unique architecture, beer gardens, Art Nouveau, foodie spots and Modernism… this place is an authentic Czech gem!