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Producer Update: 30/04/2022

Hello Producers,

We hope you have been keeping well, here is a short update for you. BeamZ On Cloud (BOC): - We have managed to move nearly all producers to the new interface BOC, for those that have active schedules. We have noted that viewers have appreciated BOC for the new picture quality and because a host can invite a viewer to join during the live show. Take advantage of that feature to have fun with your viewers. - Ban: our anti-troll feature that has been rolled out to BOC. You will notice that as the host, you are now in a position to ban a user who is being obnoxious even after you have warned him. We are working to deploy even more developments on BOC, so be on the look-out. Weekly Reports & April Payments: Bernardo will be away for a week, starting Friday the 29th of April, he will resume work on Monday the 9th of May. As a result: - Please anticipate a delay in payment for the month of April, by latest on Friday, May 13. - The report for shows done this week (25th Apr - 1st May) will be sent to you May 9th. So expect 2 reports on the week commencing the 9th for the shows happening this week and next week. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. Enhancing the outlook of the reports. You must have noted that the reports now come with a visual representation of your show performance, with graphs and charts. Show Scheduling: BeamZ policy is that shows must go on. In the event when you are not able to run your show as planned, we advise that you login at the time of your show and explain to the viewers. Now should you need to reschedule a show (date and/ time), we now have the ability to reschedule without having to cancel the existing schedule and lose existing registrations. So if you have a future date and / time that you would want to change your show to, please send an email to Stella and I will reschedule the show on your behalf. A notification will then go out to the viewers who had reserved for the show and will they be moved to the new schedule. BeamZ Visibility: You may have noticed that we have recently been working with some celebrity hosts; - Radio host presenter in the US and host of podcasts for Men’s Health Magazine, Forbes Magazine - Gregg Stebben who is hosting the show Stop Putin Now with Gregg Stebben Ilya Ponomarev - a Putin critic from his early days in the office, he was the lone vote against the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014 and was prosecuted by Russian state Alina Star - A Ukrainian influencer and journalist who is currently hosting the show - Women for Ukraine All these hosts who come from different parts of the world, and are known for different things they have done in the past as well as present; bring with them their following to BeamZ , raising the profile to the world and introduce our platform to another audience who may not know of BeamZ. This in turn has created and continues to create visibility for the BeamZ platform and we hope to grow our audience even more. Over the coming days, we look to introduce more of these hosts and hope to grow BeamZ to another level. Projects Underway - Coming Soon: a) Debugging We are currently working to fix: - Notifications/ Reminders to Beamers - Some of the reminders do not get to the Beamers and since every user has different email settings, it becomes tricky and even more complicated when Gmail decides to make another major change to their system. Work-in-progress. - Samsung A series devices. Cameras sometimes do not work properly on these phones. We are working actively with hosts concerned to solve this. Meanwhile, if you can, avoid using Samsung A series all together. If you do use Samsung A series phones, please ensure to run a test on the route you intend to do the show. The test should be at least 30 minutes to fully test if the stream will work because sometimes these devices start by working well then drop off the stream after sometime. It is also advisable to have with you another phone model, just in case there is a drop on your signal while doing the show. - iPhone – two hosts are having issues switching their cameras back and forth while using BOC, we are working on this. b) New Features: For Beamers: - We know the Postcard functionality is one of the most requested from our Beamers and we acknowledge that it will give the viewers a better user experience. The team has been working on this and promise to launch it very soon For Producers: - We are completing work to automate the performance reports; as producers, you will get real-time access to your reports. As always, in case of any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me or Alex - Kind Regards, Stella

Sean virtual show 2.jpeg
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