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Producer Update - 24/03/2022

Hello Producers,

We hope everyone is keeping well, here is an update for you.

Ukraine & Russia:

- Olga And Dudakova and Anna Levina

Our hosts Olga of Ukraine and Anna of Russia have managed to escape their respective home countries due to the prevailing war between the two countries. Olga and her family left Ukraine for Budapest, with decisive help from Andrea Makay there. They have now moved to Prague.

Almost a week ago, Anna and her family also fled, from Russia to Israel. You have to admire the resilience and courage from these women who have continued to run their shows amidst the chaos.

This then brings us to the next point below, supporting Ukraine:

- BeamZ - Stop Putin Now

BeamZ is actively engaged in supporting the Stop Putin Now movement, in the wake of the war by Russia against Ukraine which has raged for close to a month by now.

BeamZ is now hosting two shows : Stop Putin Now, hosted by Paulie, 3 times a week. And How to Buy a Bomb : Stop Putin’s Tanks, by new show host Gregg Stebben.

Stop Putin Now is not a news channel, it is an advocacy group that encourages and publicizes efforts by ordinary citizens to help stop the war.

House Of Lords:

- BeamZ on Cloud : « Ban Those Trolls » Feature Added

BeamZ on Cloud, or BOC, is the new interface that we introduced to stream shows. It offers a crisp image, occupies the whole screen and you can film both vertically and horizontally.

We have been on a gradual roll out, trying to identify the bugs and fixing them. We are indeed hitting some milestones and we are looking forward to moving you all to this interface.

A new anti-troll feature has been added, you will notice that as the host, you will now be in a position to ban a user who is being obnoxious even after you have warned him.

- Another Great BOC Feature : The guest.

With BOC, as a host, you can now bring a guest live on your show screen. With no effort. This makes make the shows feel so much more interactive. For those that have watched the Stop Putin show, you have noticed that Paulie is able to bring Olga onto the show for a discussion and update. I will be reaching out to you individually for you to test BOC and then move all your shows to BOC once we are done with the tests.

- Show Scheduling:

We have now transitioned from Eastern Standard Time (EST) to Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) in the US and we expect the change in Europe to take place on Sunday. A polite reminder, we recommend using the time converter link shared with you on the document on how to create and schedule shows for correct time schedules:

As always, in case of any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me or Alex -

Kind Regards,


Sean virtual show 2.jpeg
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