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Producer Update 18/02/2022

Hello beloved everyone, here is a short, mid-month, producer update from BeamZ.


You are all growing more and more creative.

So far, Patrick from Paris has posted the most number of new shows in the month of February - 7 and Anna from St. Petersburg followed closely with 5 new shows ; Federica, Olga, Martin from Berlin, Sam Thomson, Komal just to name but a few, have all explored streaming in-studio shows using either OBS or the Federica way :-)

Sam T. and Patrick are doing fire chats for their in-studio shows; and Patrick in Paris is now using a green screen so he can be seen INSIDE the paintings of his show via OBS.

And when the weather has not allowed, we have seen Mark and Sam T. chat away with the beamers creating an un-expected show from the unfortunate situation. And now something to consider is having a back -up in door show just in case mother nature decides not cooperate..

And people are noticing, too. John & Patty are on their way to more fame. They got noticed on BeamZ for their food show - Discover Italy in America at your table on BeamZ. J&P will now present custom merchandise with Design by Robyn

AND start their own podcast. A podcast for The Gran Life, no less:


Audience is loving the image on BOC. Happy Beamers!

Now our roll-out is taking its time. Slowly but surely... We’ll continue to keep you posted.


Our "House of Lords" section covers anything having to do with Producers and Hosts.

- Wedding around the world. Response was not overwhelming. But we will run some shows. OR: Komal has decided to invite BeamZ to HER OWN WEDDING! Live. That'll be in October, in India. Stay tuned.

- Show scheduling. If you want promotion, do notify me once you schedule a new show for the first time.

And as you schedule shows - both new and already existing shows - please keep in mind that we send newsletters to the Beamers every Tuesday and Thursday of the week. So you want to schedule the shows in a way that they get captured in either of these newsletters.

In case of any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me or Alex -

Wishing you a nice weekend ahead.

Kind Regards,


Sean virtual show 2.jpeg
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