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Producer Update: 03/06/2022

Hello Producer,

A Happy New Month to you! Here is a short update for you: BeamZ On Cloud (BOC): - Ending The show: As a majority of you are now fully onboarded on BOC, we wish to remind you to click on the "End" Button once you are done streaming your show. If you don't click on "end" when you are done, payments will not be registered, you will not get paid. Clicking on this automatically brings up a pop up on the viewers' screen to Pay you as a host. - Clicking on the "End" button also allows the recording of your show to transfer to the BeamZ servers. Only then are you able to view this on your dashboard (My recordings) to review the performance of your show. - Reporting on Issues: We are grateful to you all who have given us feedback on your experience using BOC. Just like any new technology, we are aware that our new interface has some flaws and through the feedback shared, our engineers have been able to fix the issues as they arise. So if your are not able to get the value addition of BOC as promised such as - filming in both Portrait & Landscape, larger image on computer screens or a robust signal, we highly encourage all of you to share your feedback so that we can continue improving the system and offer you a better user experience. Reminder: Another Great BOC Feature : The guest. With BOC, as a host, you can now bring a guest live on your show screen. With no effort. This makes the shows feel so much more interactive. This feature has actively been used for the SPN shows and we have also seen Max, Olga and Anna use this feature but we wanted to ask the rest of you, to also take advantage of this amazing functionality. Invite a BZ host from another city. Or partner with a star who can bring you an extra audience and drop some star dust in beamers’ eyes. If you need to use this feature, please let me know so that I can activate it for that particular show. Attached are guidelines of BOC functionalities for both host and guest. Completed Projects: - Show Recordings: Previously, you have had to request for the show recordings from a BeamZ Admin. We are happy to announce that you can now view the recording of the shows that you have already done from your dashboard. You can access your recordings from the dashboard menu under the name - My Recordings. Please note, the recordings will ONLY be available if you end the show properly i.e. clicking on the "End" button. - Automation of Performance Reports: The wait is finally over! You have been receiving weekly reports from Bernardo, a week or so after you have done your shows but now you can get real-time access to your reports right after you have finished doing your show. You will now notice on your dashboard you have a new menu item at the bottom. Under Analytics there is Revenue. Once you click on Revenue, you only need to enter the date range you want, click on generate report and there you will have a performance report . Similar to the screenshot below:

PS. Payment of shows will now be as per the calendar days of the month. In the last payment run, we paid until the 1st of May. The next payment run will cover 2nd - 31st of May. Projects Underway: - The Photo Taking functionality is now in the final stages and the team is actively working to launch this very soon - We also note that the "End" button is not visible for some of you on the first view of your screen, you currently have to scroll across your phone to get to this button. This too, is being worked on by the team so that you have all the buttons on one screen. Scheduling of Shows: The tourism season is here with us and in-person tours have been keeping many quite busy, so we have a suggestion. Consider running virtual shows on the heels of your in-person tours. May be at the end of your in-person tours, run a 30 minute virtual show - possibly a show you had previously done and performed well, that way you do not have to create a new show. Host Referrals: Our beamers keep coming back to us because we keep featuring new shows, new locations again and again. So if you know people that could host a show on BeamZ, introduce them to us, every bit of help is welcome! We are sincerely grateful for your patience and support to BeamZ and we look forward to a more fruitful mutual partnership. As always, in case of any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me or Alex - Kind Regards, Stella

Sean virtual show 2.jpeg
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