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NEW Shows and More with BeamZ this Week

NEW Shows Travel Amsterdam Light Festival by Boat Friday, December 24th Canal cruises in Amsterdam are a great way to experience the landscape, history and culture. Even more so when the city is in a festive mood and light installations are set up all over. Hop on board and let Mark take you for a boat trip through the city and experience the beautiful lights up close!

Berlin: Road to Hell

Wednesday, December 22nd

This one is going to be an adventure through Germany’s darkest times. We all know about the horrific events that took place there in the past, but have you ever wondered how and exactly where everything came to place? Join us and take a trip into history and discover all about it, with our local guide, Martin!

Da Lat: The Art Of Bonsai And Koi Fish

Thursday, December 23rd

Dalat is an incredible mountain retreat in Vietnam, a sizeable city located in the Central Highlands region. There are many things to be explored there, markets, the art of bonsai and koi fish, as well as the adventure of surrounding rainforests, waterfalls and canyons. Join in and let our enthusiastic Vietnamese hosts show you around!

Holiday Specials

Christmas at Tiffany's

Thursday, December 23rd

Christmas is one of the most magical times to be in Berlin. It is more than just the season to celebrate Santa Claus. With its famous German Christmas markets and ice rinks lit up by twinkling fairy lights, the capital of Germany is a magical place to visit during the festive season. Join us and explore the city with Martin!

New Year in the Soviet Union

Thursday, December 23rd

There are so many reasons to visit Kyiv, from amazing architecture to interesting history and vibrant atmosphere. Each of them is already a good excuse to plan a trip to the capital of Ukraine, but if there is one day that stands out from the most, it’s new year’s eve. The city and the people light up and everyone enjoys the magical festive mood. Join us and let Olga take you with her!

A Very Peruvian Christmas

Thursday, December 23rd

While snow, Santa Claus, and freshly baked Christmas cookies feature prominently in American Christmas tradition, the Peruvian Christmas is focused around nativity scenes, a midnight feast, and fireworks paired to salsa music. They definitely know how to celebrate! Join us and experience everything with our local host, Vanessa!

Stunning Christmas Lights in Kyiv and the Story of one Song

Friday, December 24th

While the celebration of New Year has a party feel, Christmas in Kyiv is a whole other story. This is a more solemn holiday focusing on family and tradition. The city enters into the holiday mood and beautiful decorations and markets can be seen all over the city. Join us and experience this beautiful season in Kyiv and let Olga tell you the story of one of the weirdest Ukrainian songs.

Food Section

Gatte Ki Curry- A unique Rajasthani Indian Curry

Wednesday, December 22nd

A soothing and comforting North Indian recipe is simply heartwarming. This time, we are going to learn how to make one of the most famous Indian curries and Komal is taking us with her to see how everything is done step-by-step. Join in and discover the incredible flavours of this delicious dish while making some of your own!

Series on BeamZ - NEW Episodes

A Christmas in Rome

Wednesday, December 22nd

Next week Federica is taking you to a truly special place, St. Peter's Square in Vatican City, right in front of the Basilica! Join her to see its 113-year-old tree with 600 handcrafted ornaments and its Nativity scene with more than 30 life-sized figurines.

Treasures of Rome - Season 2

Wednesday, December 22nd

On Sunday, join us and lovely Federica to explore Galleria Sciarra, a hidden gem near Trevi fountain! This building and courtyard from the 1800 would make any Parisian or Londoner jealous of its beauty. You'll be amazed by its rich architecture and history, trust me. Let's escape the tourist crowds and discover together this little peaceful corner of art.

Highlights of Sofia - Bulgarian Travel Series

Thursday, December 23rd

Why did Bulgaria need not one but two Houses of Parliament, given the fact that the first one was built not so long ago, just at the verge of the 20th century? In this last episode of Season 1 of the Sofia travel series, stroll with host Simana along the boulevard known as the Yellow Pavings which connects the two homes of Bulgarian National Assembly and discover more about this connection.

Lifestyle Section

Wednesdays with Ana

Wednesday, December 22nd

If you haven't seen our shows with Ana before, I have to tell you, you're missing a lot! Our host Ana Weisberger is a certified life coach and has done a mini-series with us, which I watched fully and it was truly enlightening. And since people loved it so much, she's doing another show with us. This time she will cover self-love. In these social media days it has become even more important to talk about in my opinion. Having more self-love is a real game changer for your life. I'm anxious to see how Ana can help with that!

Sneak Previews


Milan: The Duke's Castle, and elegant Brera district

Sunday, December 26th

The Duke’s Castle has an imposing and iconographic aspect which makes it one of Milan's greatest landmarks and must-see places. The historic sight is now a mix of tradition and modern culture in one of the most picturesque parts of the city. Join in and let Veronica show you the castle and the incredible surroundings!

The Tallest Lady Buddha In Vietnam

Monday, December 27th

Anyone who spends more than a few hours in Vietnam will notice the many white statues of a divine woman usually holding an upside down vase. The biggest Kuan Yin statue in Vietnam and a must visit in Danang. Lucky for us, we have two locals who are taking us there to show us the statue and the beautiful temple. Come with us and enjoy the views while taking a dive into Vietnamese culture and beliefs.

Jeff Koons is in Florence

Tuesday, December 28th

In this one, Chiara is taking us to Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, where a major exhibition of the famous contemporary American artist, Jeff Koons, is being hosted. Known as a controversial but revolutionary figure, this exhibition focuses on the concept of "splendor" in the artist's universe. Come with us, and let her show you everything!

Music Section

Webinar on David Bowie's Time in West-Berlin

Monday, December 27th

International superstar David Bowie spent one of the most fruitful periods of his storied career (1976-1979) living in Berlin with other stars such as Iggy Pop. During this time, he experienced the divided city in a country that was going through profound transformations. Join us and learn everything about this time and how Bowie used to live back then.

Holiday Specials

Christmas Parties of the Royals and a Lot More

Tuesday, December 28th

Did you know that, in Russia, they use the Julian calendar for religious celebration days, which means that Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of January? And that New Year is a much bigger event than Christmas, and that they have two? Join in and find out everything about this incredible culture and enjoy the beautiful festive city with Anna!

Christmas for the Czar of Russia

Tuesday, December 28th

St. Petersburg is going to be especially incredible this season. The city is celebrating 350 years since the birth of its founding father and is going to be dressed up with beautiful imperial decorations. Join us for a walk through the most traditional part of town with our local guide, Anna, and enjoy this once in a lifetime moment!

My preferred Christmas village in Paris

Tuesday, December 28th

Christmas markets can be found all over Paris, from Les Halles, Notre-Dame to Les Tuileries. But one of the most beautiful traditional markets, and Patrick’s favorite, is the Village in front of the City Hall that brings everything together in a mesmerizing event. Come with us and enjoy the charming views and local traditions in the French Capital during the holiday season.

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