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NEW Shows and More with BeamZ this Week

NEW Travel Shows Two Shows in Quito, Ecuador The Middle of the World Wednesday, December 8th Yes - the exact middle The world is measured by latitude and longitude, this defines where you are on the globe, but have you ever wondered what is placed exactly at the latitude line ZERO? The so-called Middle of the World is a beautiful place in the heart of Quito, where you can explore many exciting things. Join in and let Stefany show you this incredibly unique place in the capital of Ecuador.

Quito's Historic Center at Night

Friday, December 10th

This place is believed to be the best-preserved colonial centers and one of the most important across the whole of Latin America. It is fascinating how intact it is even after being hit by an earthquake more than a century ago. And the best thing about it, you can join us and Stefany to explore it at night, when the lights shine and the views become even more beautiful.

Berlin – From East to West: So Near and yet so far

Thursday, December 9th

Berlin is one of the most sought-after locations for tourism in Europe, and that’s not by any chance. It is filled with amazing cultural activities and beautiful landmarks. But in this one, we are going to explore another rich part of the city, it’s history. Join us and let our local host, Martin, take you from one side to the other while telling you about the times when the city was divided.

Khor Virap: the monastery at biblical mountain - Ararat

Wednesday, December 8th

Khor Virap proudly stands high on a hill overlooking the green pastures and rural plains that make up the foothills of Mount Ararat. At the feet of the mountain you will find the monastery that has been standing tall for centuries. Come join us on a trip to Armenia and explore this amazing place with our local host, Khach.

Bolivian Festival

Bolivia is well known for having amazing festivals that breathe their culture and traditions. Ancestrality and history always play a great role in these celebrations, which makes it so interesting to experience. Join us and our local guide, Renan, to see what goes down, and enjoy the beautiful city.

NEW Christmas Specials

A Series of Magic Christmas in Paris : Fairies of Auteuil

Thursday, December 9th

The holidays are approaching, and Paris is adorned with its most beautiful decorations. If there is one fair that is more festive than all the others in the city, it has to be the famous Féérie d’Auteuil. With its beautiful festive lights and charming markets this place lights up during Christmans time. Join in and enjoy it with us and Patrick!

The magic of Christmas in the French countryside

Friday, December 10th

In the countryside you will find Compiègnen, an important town in France's history that became a royal and imperial city in the 18th century. There are many things to be explored there, even more so during Christmas time, when all the medieval buildings and castles light up and enter the festive mood. Join us, and let Patrick show you this beautiful place and the local holiday traditions.

A Christmas in Rome

Wednesday, December 8th

This week, Federica is taking us somewhere truly special and maybe even familiar to some of you. Join us in Piazza Navona once again, but for a special event this time!

Rome is in its holiday spirit already and Christmas markets are happening all over town, and one of the best is located at the Piazza Navona, so that's why we are heading there this Wednesday. Join us for some holiday magic :)

Can't make it on December 8th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Edinburgh at Christmas

Thursday, December 9th

Edinburgh's Christmas is a spectacular, six-week season of festive entertainment in the heart of the city center. If it is already beautiful at night, just wait until you see it with all the shining lights and holiday decorations. Join in and let Sam take you to see Christmas markets and enjoy the city views!

Thursday Night is Comedy Night on BeamZ

It is now like BeamZ has its own Comedy Club.

These shows are live and interactive. It’s like being in the club, but the drinks are cheaper (but you have to serve yourself.)

Try these - I have and I will be there on Thursday (hope I ‘see’ you there.)

AfroNoodle Improvmania with Willie Macc and Danny Plom

Thursday, December 9th

Looking for fun times and some good laughs? Then this one’s for you. Join us and crack up with the jokes and stories Willie Macc and Danny Plom have prepared for you. And the best thing, you can interact and be a part of their live act! From relationships to financial life, they got it all covered. You don’t want to miss it.

Wine Improv Night with Audrey Stewart

Thursday, December 9th

This one is going to be wild! Audrey Steward is now live on BeamZ and is ready to make you tear up with her jokes and stories. And since there is wine involved, this one is going to be especially out of control! Join us for some fun times and grab yourself a drink too while you’re at it! Audrey will be looking forward to talking to you and sharing some good laughs!

Series on BeamZ - NEW Episodes

Paris Chronicles with Patrick

Wednesday, December 8th

If you’re searching for one of the most magical moments in Paris during Christmas time, then you need to look no further than the Hôtel de Ville Christmas Village. And of course, Patrick is taking you there. There are market stalls, a carousel, and even a rock-climbing event. Come join us for a fun time.

Landmarks of the Southwest - Bulgarian Travel Series

Wednesday, December 8th

If you are curious to see what Bulgarian Renaissance looks like sealed in timber, clay, stone and plaster, the houses of the Old Varosha Quarter of Blagoevgrad are the place for you. Let's stroll with host Simana along the winding streets and between the whitewashed houses and the beautiful church. You will discover how life was back then and why this region celebrated its Independence Day twice.

Can't make it on December 8th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

(Wednesdays Night) Treasures of Rome - Season 2

Wednesday, December 8th

Piazza Margana takes its name from the ancient Margani family, one of the most powerful in medieval Rome, who owned a house with a tower there since the 14th century. Entering this square gives the impression of being in a small village, with architectural styles ranging from the Middle Ages to the 1600s. Join us and explore the place with Federica to enjoy the atmosphere that conveys beautiful antiquity in a place that has remained unchanged over the centuries.

Can't make it on December 8th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Lifestyle Section

Wednesdays with Ana

Wednesday, December 8th

If you haven't seen our shows with Ana before, I have to tell you, you're missing a lot! Our host Ana Weisberger is a certified life coach and has done a mini-series with us, which I watched fully and it was truly enlightening. And since people loved it so much, she's doing another show with us. This time she will cover self-love. In these social media days it has become even more important to talk about in my opinion. Having more self-love is a real game changer for your life. I'm anxious to see how Ana can help with that!

Can't make it on December 8th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Sneak Previews

Travel Shows

360 Views from Xaxan Hill and Megalithic Dolmen Chan da Arquiña

Tuesday, December 14th

Are you down for some adventure? Come join us to explore the incredible Megalithic Dolmen Chan da Arquiña and climb up to the top to reach the stunning 360 Views of Xaxan Hill. Sean and Tiernan are ready to take you with them to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the mesmerizing views of Vigo Bay.