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NEW Shows and More with BeamZ this Week

NEW Travel Shows

New City Best of Milan Downtown Wednesday, December 1st Milan is a metropolis in Italy known for being a global capital of fashion and design. But don’t forget the impressive amount of ancient history lying beneath those new buildings and statues. Come join us, and let Veronica show you all the faces of Milan while you enjoy the views of the beautiful city.

UNESCO World Heritage: Berlin's Museum Island

Wednesday, December 1st

If you are into Art and History, this one’s for you. Martin is taking us to the world famous “Museum Island”, a museum complex located on Spree Island, in the historic heart of Berlin. It is one of the most visited sights of Germany's capital and one of the most important museum sites in Europe. Join us, and let Martin show you the masterpieces and uncover the history behind them.

Can't make it on December 1st? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Inside St. Vladimir’s Cathedral, Red University and Splendid Opera House in Kyiv

Thursday, December 2nd

There is definitely plenty to be explored in Kyiv and the city is in itself a beautiful place to see. In this show, Olga is going to take you to some of the most incredible landmarks of the city that are sought-after by tourists from all around the world. Join in and discover these places while you enjoy the views of the city!

A Walk by the Mediterranean Sea - French Riviera

Friday, December 3rd

The French Riviera is known for its beaches, views, picture perfect water, and yachts. But that's not all. It also has charming towns and villages and a highly regarded art and culture scene. Come join us for a walk down the coastline and let Eniko show you this amazing place!

Saint-Malo: The Fortified City by Night

Friday, December 3rd

To start you relaxing weekend, join Patrick in Saint-Malo, a beautiful French walled city on the banks of the English Channel. This beautiful city has a lot to offer you, stories of pirates and corsairs, beautiful beaches and a charming intramural region. So I don't really think you can't go wrong by joining us there.

Oh, and I know some of you have been there with Patrick before but this is a special edition! Let's see this charming city at night this time ;)

NEW Special Christmas Show

Christmas in Rome Series

Wednesday, December 1st

Our beloved host Federica in her Christmas spirit is bringing us a new series, specially for this season! We will see Christmas lights decorations in the city center, the Christmas tree in St Peters’ square and some of the most incredible nativity scenes of the city. There will also be an incredible lasagna of history included in this series. I can’t wait to join the first episode!

Can't make it on December 1st? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Christmas Lights in Porto

Wednesday, December 1st

During the holidays, the beautiful city of Porto lights up and becomes the perfect place to go and enjoy Christmas. You will get to see a lot of happy faces, friends gathering together, charming Christmas lights, and much more! Join in and let Sara show you around.

Can't make it on December 1st? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Series on BeamZ - NEW Episodes

Landmarks of the Southwest - Bulgarian Travel Series

Wednesday, December 1st

Join us in Bansko, a small town at the feet of Pirin Mountains known as a Renaissance architecture center, the gateway to the UNESCO site of Pirin National Park and a modern tourist center. It is also the site of one of the best museum networks in Bulgaria. The latter hosts, among others, the birth home of Nikola Vaptsarov - a famous and beloved Bulgarian poet with an intriguing and tragic fate. Join us and host Simana to explore the charming city and Vaptsarov's legacy!

Can't make it on December 1st? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Treasures of Rome - Season 2

Wednesday, December 1st

On Sunday, join us and the lovely Federica to explore Galleria Sciarra, a hidden gem near Trevi fountain! This building and courtyard from the 1800 would make any Parisian or Londoner jealous of its beauty. You'll be amazed by its rich architecture and history, trust me. Let's escape the tourist crowds and discover together this little pieceful corner of art.

Can't make it on December 1st? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Lifestyle Section

Wednesdays with Ana

Wednesday, December 1st

If you haven't seen our shows with Ana before, I have to tell you, you're missing a lot! Our host Ana Weisberger is a certified life coach and has done a mini-series with us, which I watched fully and it was truly enlightening. And since people loved it so much, she's doing another show with us. This time she will cover self-love. In these social media days it has become even more important to talk about in my opinion. Having more self-love is a real game changer for your life. I'm anxious to see how Ana can help with that!

Can't make it on December 1st? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Sneak Previews

New Travel Show

The magic of Mont Saint Michel by Night

Saturday, December 4th

Maybe you've been here before with Patrick, but if you missed it, this is your chance to see a special show. We will see the beautiful Saint Michel by night.

The fairy-tale-like Mont Saint-Michel is truly everything you've ever heard of and more. This French medieval village is located on the Normandy border with Brittany and brings thousands of visitors every day in search of its spectacular scenery. Join and you can be a part of that group!

New Food Shows

Ukrainian Potato Pancakes

Saturday, December 4th

Have you ever heard of Ukrainian cuisine? If not, you should! You will be shocked by how good the traditional recipes in the country are. In this show, you will learn one of the most famous breakfast dishes that will simply melt in your mouth. Join us and let Olga show you how to make the delicious Deruny, Ukrainian Potato Pancakes.

Discover in Italy - Two Shows on the Same Day Christmas Treats Saturday, December 4th One of the best things about Christmas has got to be the delicious treats. And guess what? You are in luck, because John and Patty are here to teach you how to make some of the tastiest Italian-American holiday treats there are. Join us to learn how to make them and surprise your family with some in this festive season!

Not Your Usual Fare Saturday, December 4th This time, John and Patty are not going to show you just one recipe but several appetizers that will amaze you! How about learning how to make Shrimp Cocktails, Prosciutto-Wrapped Peaches and Italian Sliced Oranges? These are some dishes you don’t want to leave out of your list. Join in and make your own!

New Christmas Specials Discover the Most Fairy-Tale Christmas Market in Prague Saturday, December 4th There is no better place to experience the festive atmosphere of Prague in December. In the Old Town Square you will get to see beautiful decorations, handicraft markets, Christmas carols, delicious snacks, and delicious hot drinks. Come with us and let Michaela show you the local traditions while you enjoy the festiveness.

Holiday Special - Christmassy New Holland Island Sunday, December 5th New Holland is already full of surprises, and the island is in a festive mood. It is already beautiful on any day during the year but now more than ever. The lawn is covered with snow, the wonderful red balls are hanging from the branches, and the giant Nutcracker stands like a guard on the "Bottle Cafe". You don’t want to miss this. Join us and let Anna show you everything!

A Series of Magic X Mas in Paris : Eiffel Tower and its X Mas village Monday, December 6th December is a wonderful time to visit Paris. The weather is cold and crisp, but the city is in full swing, with busy cafés, beautiful lights, and decorations on the streets. Come join us and let Patrick show you the most incredible cultural programs of this time of the year while you enjoy the mesmerizing festive views of the city at night.