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NEW Shows and more with BeamZ this week

NEW SHOWS Travel Paris: The Luxembourg garden and the Pantheon Wednesday, August 17th Built by a beauty-loving Queen during the height of the European Renaissance, the Luxembourg Gardens still retains a decidedly royal and grandiose feel and is one of the loveliest places in Paris to visit. And Patrick will take us there! The best part, is we will also be going to the famous and breathtaking Pantheon.

The Big, Big, London Theatreland Tour! Wednesday, August 17th If you love London this tour is for you! Gerard will be taking us to as many of its beautiful and famous theaters in an hour, and he is the perfect tour guide for that since he has been an actor for 25 years...and has performed in some of these venues, lifted scenery or ripped tickets in others.

Bolivia's Dino Park Wednesday, August 17th Let's join Renan to see REAL dinosaur footprints and life-sized Dinosaur models! Close to the city of Sucre in Bolivia, we will see around 12,000 footprints of 4 groups of dinosaurs and a lot of "dinosaurs". Join us!

Sucre, Bolivia's White City Wednesday, August 17th Come visit Sucre, Bolivia’s true capital city, and it is one of my all-time favorite cities in South America. The food, beautiful architecture, museums, and cultural and outdoor adventure activities make Sucre a must-see!

Politics and Power in Westminster, London Thursday, August 11th Let's join our new host Gary in beautiful London! In his first show, he is taking us to some of the main royal and political sights in the city. We will see the Westminster Abbey and its 1000 years of history, Parliament Square and the Palace of Westminster and much more! And in Dr. Samuel Johnson's words "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life!" so let's meet Gary for a lively tour :)

Inside St. Vladimir’s Cathedral, Red University and Splendid Opera House in Kyiv Thursday, August 18th How about seeing three famous sights of Kyiv in one tour? Olga will take us on this journey. Our first stop will be at St Vladimir’s Cathedral, a jewelry box full of art. Next, we will see the red building of Taras Shevchenko and we will find out why it has such deep red color and to finish it all, the stunning National Opera House Of Ukraine.

Paris: Chantilly - the most elegant chateau of French nobility

Thursday, August 18th

The Domaine de Chantilly extends across 19,000 acres within one of the largest forests in the surrounding areas of Paris, composed of the Chateau and its Musée Condé, the park and gardens, and more!

The Chateau has beautiful architecture and houses the Musée Condé, with an exceptional collection of paintings - over 800 masterpieces by artists such as Botticelli, Raphaël, Poussin and Delacroix. The park offers a French garden designed by the creator of Versailles, André Le Nôtre, the Anglo-Chinese garden of the late 1700s, and the English garden of the early 1800s. So let's explore all that we can with Patrick!

Series - NEW Episodes Tuscany Series: Walking tours Thursday, August 18th Patrizia is taking us to Certaldo, the type of hilltop town that one traditionally associates with Tuscany: peaceful, timeless, and inviting. Let's explore this charming town filled with local curiosities and historic buildings, a tale of conquering families, poets, and quiet streets for beautiful photo opportunities.

My Tel Aviv Stories Thursday, August 18th Let’s explore some nooks and crannies of Old Jaffa to catch up with what we haven’t seen yet. Let’s get lost in the maze of Jaffa alleys. It’s going to be an atmospheric evening walk. Will you join us and Anna?

Coming Soon Travel It's festival time-Janamshtmi celebration at a Hindu Temple Friday, August 19th Let's join host Anna to live Delhi life like a local! We will join her to celebrate the birth of Krishna in India with Komal at a Hindu temple. Janamshtmi is one of the most popular festivals in North India which is celebrated with huge enthusiasm and great zeal. Come celebrate!

Uganda's Art Gallery of Peace Saturday, August 20th Come join Karol in Uganda to see how the brave people of Uganda healed their war wounds with art. Northern Uganda has gone through a series of wars lasting almost 30 decades and these resulted in a loss of their culture, so they resorted to art to spread their culture to the younger generations. Let's uncover this history and see the pieces.

Schengen: where border-free travel was born Monday, August 22nd Juliane will take us to Schengen, a village situated in Luxembourg, Germany. It is here that the Schengen Agreement and the Schengen Implementation Convention were signed. In the village, several places recall the Agreement, including the European Centre of Schengen with its museum. Schengen has become the eponym of free movement in Europe since the signature of the Schengen Agreement.

The World's Most Beautiful Garden #3 Monday, August 22nd Powerscourt is one of the world’s great gardens and is located 20km south of Dublin City Centre. Set against the backdrop of the great Sugarloaf Mountain, Powerscourt is stunning in every season. From the ornate Italian Gardens to the formal walks of the Rose and Kitchen Gardens, there are many hidden treasures to explore. With over 200 varieties of trees, shrubs, and flowers this 47 acres has something for everyone.

Ceol Agus Craic - A night of Music and Fun in Temple Bar Tuesday, August 23rd Let's go for a night out with Dave in Dublin! We will be visiting some of the well-known bars in Dublin's party Central of Temple Bar for a night of Ceol Agus Craic. We will listen to live Irish Traditional, folk, ballad and popular music and party along with the tourists in Dublin's famous nightlife hub.

Dublin's Haunted Castle Tuesday, August 23rd Malahide Castle, set on 250 acres of parkland in the pretty seaside town of Malahide, was both a fortress and a private home for nearly 800 years and is an interesting mix of architectural styles. the castle is one of Ireland’s most haunted castles with stories of 5 different ghosts, so let's get spooky with Dave!

Art Top Brit Artist Edward Burne-Jones & The Perseus Cyle Monday, August 22nd Let's join Lillian for an art and history tour of the UK! We will dive deep into the life and works of the famous artist Burne-Jones, considered one of the best artists of the 19th century in England, we will see a unique collection from the Southampton Art Gallery of his paintings!

Norman Art & Architecture in Southern Italy Tuesday, August 23rd Lillian is gracing us with another show and this time she is going to chat with us about one of her favorite topics! Let's explore discover impressive art styles of the Middle Ages, learn about the Normans and their lesser-known ventures in the Mediterranean and understand the cultural mix of people in medieval Italy.

Our Travel Picks for the Next Days

Wednesday, August 17th

Italian Venice in Baku: Little Venice is a small town in Baku which was built in 1960. Little Venice is possibly the most romantic part of the city. Back in the 60s, the mayor of Baku Alish Lambaranski who was inspired by his trip to Venice in Italy decided to create a similar experience in Baku.

Thursday, August 18th Chicago Architecture 101 (Part 3) - Art Deco: let's join Mike, learn about the influences leading to the Art Deco movement, discover beautiful Art Deco landmark skyscrapers, and hear about the Echo Deco architectural trend.

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