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NEW Shows and more with BeamZ this week

NEW SHOWS Travel Seals and Penguins in One Swedish Park Friday, August 12th How about seeing penguins, seals and a lot of nature on Friday? If that sounds good to you, join Victoria in Gothenburg, Sweden for this show. We will walk in Slottsskogen park a green oasis in the middle of the city and enjoy the many things to see there!

Manhattan's Historical Jewish Lower East Side Friday, August 12th To start your weekend how about going to New York with Marcus? He will be taking us to the Lower East Side, which used to be the epicenter of the American Jewish experience for a few generations. Now is Chinatown but if you look around, it is not hard to find bits of the past! So let's explore it together.

Edam Cheese Market Saturday, August 13th Visit Edam with Mark for the once-a-year night time cheese market! There has been a cheese market in the beautiful town of Edam since 1526. The traditions have been kept alive and the farmers bring their cheese to the market by boat of horse drawn cart. There it is sampled and assessed by traders and, if it passes the taste test, it is weighed and then they haggle over the price and the cheese is sold with a clap of the hands!

Uganda's Hill of Peace Saturday, August 13th Host Karol will dive more into her country's history on this next show and show us how her people went through so much and persevered. In the 1970s and 1980s, Uganda went through years and years of wars.

During those decades, there was a lot of suffering, hunger, diseases, and death more than ever since in the country. So let's see how they battled all of that while we appreciate the sunset on a hill, we may even spot some monkeys!

Honfleur, a jewel in Normandy Monday, August 15th Ports don’t come any prettier than Honfleur on the Seine estuary. Colorful half-timbered houses, along with art galleries and restaurants. Packed with things to see and do, it’s not for nothing that Honfleur is one of the most popular places to visit in France. So how about visiting it with Patrick?

Odessa's Jewish Heritage Tour: Part 2 Tuesday, August 16th Let's join Olga and stroll around Odessa’s old town to continue our uncovering of the Jewish community's history. This time she will take us to a few more sights. Let's see the city synagogues and praying houses, the building of the Jewish intellectuals, Jewish schools, and the building of the Odessa Palestine Committee. So yes, there's a lot to see!

Haarlem by Bike!

Tuesday, August 16th

Haarlem is one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands and it's definitely worth visiting with Mark! Its medieval character, narrow streets, and little shops create a phenomenal atmosphere, especially by bike, just like a local!

The Grand Old Town of Gdansk, Poland Tuesday, August 16th Gdansk is a beautiful city located on the Baltic Sea. It is often overlooked by many travelers to Poland, in favor of the more popular spots like Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw. It holds some famous sights such as the Royal Way, the famous promenade street of Polish kings, along with historic cathedrals, medieval ports and oodles of cool cafes. So let our host Zuzanna show you this hidden gem!

Special Series

Indian Wedding Series- Day 1: God's ceremony Sunday, August 14th If you have never been to a real Indian Wedding, this is your chance. Komal is bringing BeamZ right into her wedding. We are so excited for her and for all of you to get to have the fun of this experience 🎉 She will be showing us all the Indian culture, customs, and the entire wedding process through this wedding series which would make you fall in love with Indian weddings and culture.

Our first show will be at the God's Ceremony, where all the family members gather and thank God for all the blessings and happiness. It is full of fun, dancing and singing in a temple. So let's join for a great time!

Food Discover Italy in America at Your Table: Chicken and Sausage Saturday, August 13th Why not bring a piece of Italy to your house? On this show, John & Patty will show you how to make Roman Style Chicken and Sausage & Stuffed Bread. You’ll definitely want to make these for your family and friends. Come cook with us!

Discover Italy in America at Your Table - Chicken Piccata Saturday, August 13th It's time to cook! Join John & Patty to make another delicious recipe. This time we will make Chicken Piccata and Lemon Basil Fettuccine. Learn the ingredients and the step by steps to make this delicious dish!

Art History of Painting in 15 épisodes #7 Schielle Sitsende frau Friday, August 12th On the next show of our art series with Patrick, we will dive into another great painter's works. This time we will explore someone a bit scandalous, Egon Shiele. Let's see some of his art pieces and his history and understand why he is considered by some to be polemic.

Series - NEW Episode Series: Vineyard Walks in Moselle, Saar& Ruwer Friday, August 12th Who doesn't like a glass of wine? Join Juliane for her incredible series of vineyard walks in Moselle. Not only will we explore the region walking but learn about the process of winemaking. Enjoy the beautiful scenery with us! Join us.

My Tel Aviv Stories Saturday, August 13th Let’s walk together along the promenade of the Mediterranean Sea, watch the breathtaking views while Anna shares some fascinating stories about Tel Aviv and Israel!

From Scotland with lots of love Saturday, August 13th Get ready to look up and discover over 40 magnificent giraffe sculptures all across Edinburgh with Sam! In partnership with Wild in Art, the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) will display a herd of eight-foot-tall giraffe models across the city to raise much-needed funds for wildlife conservation. Let's discover more about this project and admire each unique piece of art while we walk from one to another!

Spirit of Japan Tuesday, August 16th Meigetsuin is a Zen temple founded in 1160 in Kamakura and the temple beautifully showcases all four distinct seasons of Japan. The name Meigetsu-in translates to “Temple of the Clear Moon”. We're going to explore Meigetsuin's lush temple grounds and search for several rabbit-related ornaments scattered throughout the garden (rabbits are synonymous with the moon in Japan).


Russians Against the War

Monday, August 15th

Learn how many talented Russians had to leave their country because of their political position against the war and Putin. Some of them had been prosecuted long before the war started yet, they kept staying in the county doing what they believed was right. February, 24 was the last straw.

Coming Soon Paris: The Luxembourg garden and the Pantheon Wednesday, August 17th Built by a beauty-loving Queen during the height of the European Renaissance, the Luxembourg Gardens still retains a decidedly royal and grandiose feel and is one of the loveliest places in Paris to visit. And Patrick will take us there! The best part, is we will also be going to the famous and breathtaking Pantheon.

Paris: Chantilly - the most elegant chateau of French nobility Thursday, August 18th The Domaine de Chantilly extends across 19,000 acres within one of the largest forests in the surrounding areas of Paris, composed of the Chateau and its Musée Condé, the park and gardens, and more! The Chateau has beautiful architecture and houses the Musée Condé, with an exceptional collection of paintings - over 800 masterpieces by artists such as Botticelli, Raphaël, Poussin and Delacroix. The park offers a French garden designed by the creator of Versailles, André Le Nôtre, the Anglo-Chinese garden of the late 1700s, and the English garden of the early 1800s. So let's explore all that we can with Patrick!

BeamZ Picks for the Next Days Friday, August 12th Creepy Stories of Kyiv Witches: let's walk along Bald Mountain and see the old witches' cemetery and a place where they gather for their sabbath. You'll hear humorous and exciting legends and tales of Kyiv witches. Olga will share with you the old recipes on how to get rid of a headache or bring back your ex...