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NEW Shows and more with BeamZ this week

NEW SHOWS Travel Discover Winchester - England's old capital Wednesday, August 10th If history is your thing, Winchester is the place to be. Aside from being a beautiful town that once was England’s capital, the city is full to the brim with historic treasures, it really is both a historian's and a tourist’s paradise. Join us and explore this incredible location and its history with Lillian!

​​Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum from Home Wednesday, August 10th Meet us and Mark at the famous Amsterdam Rijksmuseum. No visit to Amsterdam would be complete without this museum. Let's admire the beautiful architecture, the flowery gardens that surround it, and of course a LOT of breathtaking art!

Politics and Power in Westminster, London Thursday, August 11th Let's join our new host Gary in beautiful London! In his first show, he is taking us to some of the main royal and political sights in the city. We will see the Westminster Abbey and its 1000 years of history, Parliament Square and the Palace of Westminster and much more! And in Dr. Samuel Johnson's words "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life!" so let's meet Gary for a lively tour :)

Georgian Dublin, Merrion Square and Oscar Wilde Wednesday, August 10th Let's go to Dublin with local Dave and take a walk along Georgian Dublin, we will visit one of Dublin's five Georgian Squares Merrion Square which dates back to 1762. This tour will feature Oscar Wilde and the house he grew up in and his Monument in Merrion Square Park, hear the riches to rags story of the Wilde family and much more.

Chicago Architecture 101 (Part 2) - Classical Revival Thursday, August 11th If you have seen Part 1 of our series with Mike you know this second part will be good, and if you haven't, it's ok, join us this time! This is the topic of our next episode: "In 1893, Chicago hosted a big event: the World’s Columbian Exposition. The Court of Honor at this World’s Fair was designed in a classical revival style inspired by ancient Greece and Rome. The Fair was an epic success with more than 27 million visitors and had ripple effects across the country afterward, including renewed interest in classical architecture."

Spain: Jardi de Montfort & the Flower Tunnel Friday, August 12th Explore Valencia’s best kept green secret: Jardi de Montfort & the Flower Tunnel, full of gorgeous SNAP opportunities and relaxing views. Valencia's "Tunnel of Love," complete with lovely benches and romantic flowers. Hidden pathways, full of SNAP-tastic views and romatic gardens. Rose gardens and lush greenery, leaving visitors full of romance and relaxation. Join Kelsey for a stunning visit to the Jardi de Montfort!

Series - NEW Episode Series: Vineyard Walks in Moselle, Saar& Ruwer Friday, August 12th Who doesn't like a glass of wine? Join Juliane for her incredible series of vineyard walks in Moselle. Not only will we explore the region walking but learn about the process of winemaking. Enjoy the beautiful scenery with us! Join us.

Paris Chronicles with Patrick Wednesday, August 10th Discover Paris with your favorite host Patrick! Every week he'll take you to a new place, filled with different stories, and show you some only known to locals gems. Don't miss this week's episode, it will be a surprise.

Tuscany Series: Walking tours Thursday, August 11th Siena is likely Italy's loveliest medieval city, and a trip worth making, so join Patrizia to explore it! Siena's heart is its central piazza known as Il Campo, if you are a James Bond fan, you have seen it in Quantum of Solace. So let's check it and also walk towards Porta Camollia.


Psychic Reading: Gemstones & Cards

Wednesday, August 10th

This show is for our mystic beamers, or just about everyone, actually, who's fond of discovering new things. Our new host K80lyn will take you through a psychic reading with cards and gemstones, what for? To help bring you the advice that the universe has in store for you. I'm very curious about this one so I'm definitely going to try it.


Coming Soon


Seals and Penguins in One Swedish Park

Friday, August 12th

How about seeing penguins, seals and a lot of nature on Friday? If that sounds good to you, join Victoria in Gothenburg, Sweden for this show. We will walk in Slottsskogen park a green oasis in the middle of the city and enjoy the many things to see there!

Uganda's Hill of Peace Saturday, August 13th Host Karol will dive more into her country's history on this next show and show us how her people went through so much and persevered. In the 1970s and 1980s, Uganda went through years and years of wars. During those decades, there was a lot of suffering, hunger, diseases, and death more than ever since in the country. So let's see how they battled all of that while we appreciate the sunset on a hill, we may even spot some monkeys!

Honfleur, a jewel in Normandy Monday, August 15th Ports don’t come any prettier than Honfleur on the Seine estuary. Colorful half-timbered houses, along with art galleries and restaurants. Packed with things to see and do, it’s not for nothing that Honfleur is one of the most popular places to visit in France. So how about visiting it with Patrick?

Special Series Indian Wedding Series- Day 1: God's ceremony Sunday, August 14th This series is going to be REALLY unique and exciting! One of our hosts, Komal, is getting married 🎉 So she is taking us to every step. She will be showing us all the Indian culture, customs, and the entire wedding process through this wedding series which would make you fall in love with Indian weddings and culture.

Our first show will be at the God's Ceremony, where all the family members gather and thank God for all the blessings and happiness. It is full of fun, dancing and singing in a temple. So let's join for a great time!

Food Discover Italy in America at Your Table: Chicken and Sausage Saturday, August 13th Why not bring a piece of Italy to your house? On this show, John & Patty will show you how to make Roman Style Chicken and Sausage & Stuffed Bread. You’ll definitely want to make these for your family and friends. Come cook with us!

Discover Italy in America at Your Table - Chicken Piccata Saturday, August 13th It's time to cook! Join John & Patty to make another delicious recipe. This time we will make Chicken Piccata and Lemon Basil Fettuccine. Learn the ingredients and the step by steps to make this delicious dish!

Art History of Painting in 15 épisodes #7 Schielle Sitsende frau Friday, August 12th On the next show of our art series with Patrick, we will dive into another great painter's works. This time we will explore someone a bit scandalous, Egon Shiele. Let's see some of his art pieces and his history and understand why he is considered by some to be polemic.

Our Picks for the Next Days Wednesday, August 10th Sunset On Egypt's River Nile: join Lesley and sail on the famous river Nile, the longest river in the world with some of the most incredible history. Enjoy the wildlife that lives along the banks of the Nile while watching the sun go down.

Two Love Stories Between Two Bridges in Kyiv: if you love strolling in parks and listening to great love stories this show is for you! Join Olga and walk between the Bridge of Love and the New Bridge with Glass Panels you’ll hear two romantic love stories.

Thursday, August 11th