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NEW Shows and more with BeamZ this week

NEW SHOWS Travel Exploring Luxor Temple, Egypt Friday, August 5th And to continue our trip in the Ancient Egypt, let's visit the breathtaking Luxor Temple! The Luxor Temple stands out among others as it is not dedicated to a certain god or cult but to the constant Renewal of Kingship. The temple is one of the biggest open-air museums in Egypt, making for a remarkable sight!

Costa Rica: City Tour of San Jose Saturday, August 6th Costa Rica's capital, San José, is an incredible city located in the Central Valley. It has lots of amazing tourist attractions like world-class museums, parks, theaters, and historic buildings. But the Capital is mostly known for its astonishing natural beauty. Join in and explore this amazing place with Alejandro and take a peek into Costa Rican culture!

The Montmartre of Kyiv Friday, August 5th Our beloved host Patrick is not in his usual Paris next Wednesday, so of course, he wants to take you guys to his trip! He will be in Bukhara, Ouzbekistan. Be prepared for unique views and let's see what he can show us!

Amsterdam's Pride Parade 🏳️‍🌈 Saturday, August 6th Join us in one of the biggest pride parades in the world! This show will be like a big party and it will leave you feeling happy. We will see the tons of decorations on boats and the canals, a lot of people, and more!

Rural Egypt On Horseback Saturday, August 6th Will you join Lesley for something different? She wants to take us horse riding! I do love horse riding so even just going about anywhere would do for me, but she has planned something special. We will go on horseback through the village in West Bank Luxor. We will discover their culture, daily lives and of course enjoy the view!

Uganda Beach Hangout

Saturday, August 6th

Who doesn't enjoy relaxing at the beach? So why not take a breather and join host Karol in Uganda for a beach trip! We will also meet some locals (her friends), enjoy beautiful views and even dance a little (if you want to)!

Germany's oldest cathedral and oldest Gothic church Sunday, August 7th Let's join Juliane to see two beautiful and crucial German sights on Sunday. You can tell why they are significant by the title ;) The High Cathedral of St. Peter in Trier is not only the oldest church in Germany but also the oldest building still serving its original purpose as a cathedral to the present day. And the Church of Our Lady is according to UNESCO, "the earliest church built in French High Gothic style outside France."

London - From the Natural History Museum to The Royal Albert Hall Monday, August 8th I remember walking on Exhibition Road and admiring the beautiful architecture of all these iconic London sights, so seeing that Gerard is taking us there gets me excited to revisit this feeling. We will see several major museums and academic buildings, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Science Museum, and the Natural History Museum so a lot will be covered!

From Tower Bridge to the London Eye Monday, August 8th Gerard is taking us to South Kensignton and after that Lillian is taking us to South Bank! We will see the even more classic sights of London on this tour. Join us to admire the London eye, the tower bridge and of course the river Thames!

Beloved recreation Baku Boulevard, Azerbaijan Monday, August 8th If you want a breathtaking tour this is the one! We will get to see panoramic views of Baku while we walk on the Boulevard, that goes along the shore of Caspian Sea. The boulevard contains an amusement park, yacht club and musical fountain, and various statues and monuments. Let's stroll around with Nurana and enjoy everything!

St. Michael's Golden-Domed Cathedral and Funicular Ride Monday, August 8th Let's take a grand tour of Kyiv with Olga! Our first stop will be at the breathtaking St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery in the Upper city. After that, we will hop in the unique Kyiv Funicular to get to the Low City. We will admire both parts of the city and end this beautiful tour at the Dnieper river embankment.

Jewish Odessa Tour - Part 1, The City of Dreams Monday, August 8th Let's join Olga and stroll around Odessa’s old town to uncover the history of the Jewish community from the city’s founding till the late eighteen hundreds. You’ll marvel at the Brodsky and the Main Coral Synagogues, and follow in the footsteps of the Ephrussi family described in the “Hare with Amber Eyes” novel.

Uganda National Museum Monday, August 8th How about discovering another culture with Karol? She is taking us to the Uganda Museum (founded in 1908) in Kampala with exhibits of traditional culture, archaeology, history, science, and natural history!

Chicago Icons Inside & Out - Sears (Willis) Tower & Skydeck Tuesday, August 9th If you want to see an amazing view of Chicago this tour is for you! Mike is taking us to the Sears (Willis) Tower and of course its Skydeck. This building not only provide great views but has also great importance to the city and is an architectural beauty!

Patrick's Travel Diaries: Episode 1 - Uzbekistan Monday, August 8th Our beloved host Patrick is not in his usual Paris next Wednesday, so of course, he wants to take you guys to his trip! He will be in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. Be prepared for unique views and let's see what he can show us!

Tiwanaku, Bolivia Tuesday, August 9th Explore the most important archaeological site in Bolivia. Let's explore the ruins of the capital of a powerful empire that dominated a large area of ​​the southern Andes and reached its apogee between 500 and 900 AD. Let our host Renan show you all!

Food Let's cook the healthiest Indian pancake: Besan Cheela Monday, August 8th Let’s join our beloved host Komal for a perfect breakfast recipe! Chilla or cheela is the Indian version of a pancake. Made with various cereal or lentil flours, they can be savory or sweet. Besan Chilla is a savory version made of chickpeas flour, vegetables and mild spices. I’m excited to try it!

History Olga of Kyiv: The Amazing Kievan Rus Princess Sunday, August 7th I admit, before writing here for you, I hadn't heard about Olga of Kyiv. But, while I did my research I found her to be quite famous in other places and VERY fascinating. Trust me you want to know her story! And we are in great hands to understand more about this Viking princess because our host Lillian has studied her for her MA and Ph.D. Through this show, you will learn things about the Vikings you didn't know before such as their colonies in the east, the role of women in their society, the struggles of medieval queenship, and why Olga was such a remarkable figure.

Series - NEW Episodes From Scotland with lots of love Saturday, August 6th You've loved your holiday trips to Scotland? Or you've never been to Scotland? Or you're of Scottish descent? This live show brings you a mad, colorful, mosaic of the best places of Edinburgh - from the coastline to medieval castles.

Israel & Me: Aliyah Adventures Saturday, August 6th For the next episode of our series with Anna, our Ukrainian guide who just moved to Israel, we will dive into music! "Let me share with you some Israeli music that I like. It’s diverse like this country. It’s gonna be fun ;) "

Amsterdam's Weekly Highlights Monday, August 8th Spui used to be water, but like so many places in Amsterdam, it has been reclaimed into the land. The ancient Begijnhof is on the one side and perhaps we can go inside, sometimes they say yes with the camera and sometimes no! There is plenty all around the square to chat about and see as well.

Series: Trier's Street Art and Public Art Tuesday, August 9th Let's discover the ever-changing Street Art scene in Trier during those walks. Each walk will be different because we will see different parts of town. The art will include legal, as well as illegal graffiti and Street Art, interesting sculptures or fountains. We will see works from internationally known artists like Mantra&Love, as well as works from very talented local artists.

Spirit of Japan Tuesday, August 9th

Japan is a place where traditional and modern cultures mix to create something incomparable. This series will introduce you to the heart and soul of Japan through unique cultural experiences. Join Eriko in exploring Tokyo and beyond as she shares a fascinating blend of old and new cultures. Visit iconic spots in the metropolis, discover off the beaten path places, and learn hidden meanings behind the traditional arts.


Russians Against the War

Monday, August 8th

Learn how many talented Russians had to leave their country because of their political position against the war and Putin. Some of them had been prosecuted long before the war started yet, they kept staying in the county doing what they believed was right. February, 24 was the last straw.

Coming Soon Travel Discover Winchester - England's old capital Wednesday, August 10th If history is your thing, Winchester is the place to be. Aside from being a beautiful town that once was England’s capital, the city is full to the brim with historic treasures, it really is both a historian's and a tourist’s paradise. Join us and explore this incredible location and its history with Lillian!

Georgian Dublin, Merrion Square and Oscar Wilde Wednesday, August 10th Let's go to Dublin with local Dave and take a walk along Georgian Dublin, we will visit one of Dublin's five Georgian Squares Merrion Square which dates back to 1762. This tour will feature Oscar Wilde and the house he grew up in and his Monument in Merrion Square Park, hear the riches to rags story of the Wilde family and much more.

Chicago Architecture 101 (Part 2) - Classical Revival Thursday, August 11th If you have seen Part 1 of our series with Mike you know this second part will be good, and if you haven't, it's ok, join us this time! This is the topic of our next episode: "In 1893, Chicago hosted a big event: the World’s Columbian Exposition. The Court of Honor at this World’s Fair was designed in a classical revival style inspired by ancient Greece and Rome. The Fair was an epic success with more than 27 million visitors and had ripple effects across the country afterward, including renewed interest in classical architecture."

Spain: Jardi de Montfort & the Flower Tunnel Friday, August 12th Explore Valencia’s best kept green secret: Jardi de Montfort & the Flower Tunnel, full of gorgeous SNAP opportunities and relaxing views. Valencia's "Tunnel of Love," complete with lovely benches and romantic flowers. Hidden pathways, full of SNAP-tastic views and romatic gardens. Rose gardens and lush greenery, leaving visitors full of romance and relaxation. Join Kelsey for a stunning visit to the Jardi de Montfort!

Top Picks for the Next Days Saturday, August 6th Baku: Architecture, Culture and Lifestyle: discover Baku, a truly contemporary city crisscrossed by history. Let's discover Nizami Street. This is a place that has many things to offer. Come with us and let Nurana show you this beautiful city while telling you all about its history.

A tribute to the victims of the holocaust in Kyiv - Babiy Yar: Babi Yar is a ravine in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and a site of massacres carried out by Nazi forces during its campaign against the Soviet Union. Nowadays it is an important place of remembrance and a beautiful sight to see that always touches the hearts of people who come by. Join in and let Olga show you around while telling you all the stories of what happened there in the past.

Odessa Travel Show Part 1 - Ukraine's Pearl of the Black Sea: an Odessa local and a professional tour guide, Olga will take you on a live stroll around the city's beautiful historic quarter, share with you fascinating history and provide insights into local culture and lifestyle.

Sunday, August 7th Assisi's secret Upper District: let's discover the less touristy part of Assisi with Patrizia. This show will bring you to the upper part of the world-famous pilgrimage city of Assisi. But no Saint Francis or Saint Clare but Roman remains, a very picturesque corner and the San Rufino Cathedral are on our program today.

Ancient Kyiv - 1000 Years of History: on this fascinating walking tour, you will discover the unique landmarks of one of the oldest cities on the planet. Together we’ll travel in time and you’ll see the Golden Gates, St. Sophia Cathedral and more!

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage: this 40 min tour is dedicated to Ukrainian cultural heritage. It is planned in the form of my telling and photo and video slide show from my laptop. This tour will help you embrace the Ukrainian cultural background: traditions, poetry, folklore music, dance, and art.

Monday, August 8th Sunset On Egypt's River Nile: we will sail on the famous river Nile, the longest river in the world with some of the most incredible history. We will take a look at some of the wildlife that lives along the banks of the Nile while watching the sun go down.