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NEW Shows and more with BeamZ this week

NEW SHOWS Food No Border Cooking: Chefs Sasto and Klopotenko Sunday, July 31st We have a new cooking show! And what is even more exciting? We will have two celebrity chefs as hosts, Ievgen Klopotenko in Kyiv and Joe Sasto in San Francisco. They will cook the same meal at the same time, live!Ievgen Klopotenko (@klopotenko on Instagram) is the most famous chef in Ukraine, co-owner of 100 Rokiv Tomu Vpered restaurant in Kyiv, and one of the 50 Next, a global list of 50 people who are shaping the future of gastronomy. Since the war started, Ievgen's Kyiv restaurant become a frontline canteen to feed anyone who needs.

With a 2 & 3 Michelin stars background, Chef Joe Sasto (@chef.joe.sasto on Instagram) is also the creator of Luna Focacceria, located in San Francisco and the Puffed Pasta Snack called Tantos. Joe finished in the top 3 of Bravo's "Top Chef - Season 15." And was invited back to compete in “Top Chef Season 17 - All Stars. This will be a one-time show, so don't miss it!

Travel Former Shipbuilding Center on Hisingen Island, Sweden Friday, July 29th This is our first time in Sweden! Victoria is taking us on a beautiful walk along the port of Hisingen in Gothenburg. Besides admiring the view, we will see boats (of course), sculptures and even a gigantic crane! We will be waiting for you :)

Odessa Tour Series, Part 3: Sunday Evening at Odessa’s Coast Saturday, July 30th Let's join Olga for another tour in Odessa! This time, we are heading to the beach! We will be heading to the Black Sea beach. You’ll find out why the Black Sea is called so, how locals tend to spend time on the beach when life is normal and how the war has affected the “going to the beach” local ritual.

Uganda's Street Jam Tour Saturday, July 30th This weekend Karol wants to show us Uganda like a local! Instead of visiting a touristy spot, we will join her at a music festival. It will be Karol's first time going too, so let's keep her company :) We will listen and dance to popular Ugandan songs and discover its most famous artists!

Charming Evening in České Budějovice, Czech Republic Saturday, July 30th Let's visit České Budějovice in Czech Republic with our Polish host Zuzana. This is yet another lovely Central European city with a charming old town, a laid-back vibe, and numerous monuments and attractions that will give us a great tour!

Glory of Old Ashkelon through Archeological Finds

Saturday, July 30th

Let's go back in history with Anna! On Saturday let's go to Israel to the archeological exhibition at Ashkelon Academic College. We will begin our tour admiring the beautiful college campus and then seeing artifacts like dishes and coins from thousands of years ago!

Amsterdam's Weekly Highlights Monday, July 1st Mark is treating us with a new series! There's no better time to explore Amsterdam than in the summer. We will start at the famous Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum. Let's admire the beautiful architecture, the flowery gardens that surround it, and much more!

Pierrefonds, France: beautiful middle age castle Tuesday, August 2nd Let's explore the fairy tale like castle, Pierrefonds Castle. Built in the late 14th century, it was dismantled in the 17th century. It was completely abandoned and was in ruins until rebuilt in 1858 and turned into a castle worthy of the Middle Ages. Architect Viollet-le-Duc created a majestic castle with ramparts, loopholes, a wall walk with machicolations, a keep, towers, and mysterious gargoyles, as well as footbridges, porticoes, and galleries. Let's explore this beauty with Patrick!

Series - NEW Episodes My Tel Aviv Stories Saturday, July 30th Let’s explore the alleys and area around the Jaffa port to try to imagine what it was like to be there amidst the hustle and bustle of merchants and pilgrims from all over the world. Join Anna!

Treasures of Rome Saturday, July 30th Let's explore together the quieter side of Trastevere, where some of the most hidden stories are kept. From rich medieval families that thought the artisans to read and write, to athletes that made history and gave their names to the streets.. you'll fall in love with Trastevere.. once again!

From Scotland with lots of love Saturday, July 30th You've loved your holiday trips to Scotland? Or you've never been to Scotland? Or you're of Scottish descent? This live show brings you a mad, colorful, mosaic of the best places of Edinburgh - from the coastline to medieval castles to welcoming quaint villages. Let's see where Sam takes us on Saturday!

Israel & Me: Aliyah Adventures Sunday, July 31st Falafel, shawarma, hummus, tahini, pita, laffa… I’m already drooling! Let me take you to my favorite street food place in Ashkelon. You know how much I love off-beaten spots with as few tourists as possible. So, it’s going to be one of those places that locals love and take their families to. And let's walk in the Old City of Ashkelon.

Spirit of Japan Tuesday, August 2nd Yokohama Chinatown is Japan's largest Chinatown, located in a port town of Yokohama. The buildings and signs glitter and dazzle in brilliant colors and you soon realize Chinatown is a completely different world! Let’s explore the narrow and colorful streets of Chinatown with a wide array of Chinese dishes, many of which have been Japanized to a certain degree.

Food Let's prepare the delicious lentils - Daal Makhani Monday, August 1st When we talk about India, one of the things which India is really famous for is its flavorful and diverse food. On this tour, our host, Komal will teach us to make Daal or Lentils one of the most famous and consumed Indian main courses!


Russians Against the War

Friday, July 29th

What do non-brainwashed Russians do to help the Ukrainians? Yes, there are such people. It might be hard to believe but even now despite all the propaganda and the screws being tightened, many Russians try to help Ukrainians. Join us to learn how they still manage to do it.

Coming Soon Art History of Painting in 15 épisodes #8 Balthus, Therese Révant with Patrick Wednesday, August 3rd On the next show of our art series with Patrick, we will dive into another great painter's works. This time we will explore someone a bit scandalous, Balthus. Let's see some of his art pieces and his history and understand why he is considered by some to be problematic.

History A walk back in the History of Spain Wednesday, August 3rd You may have explored some of Spain with our host Lillian and she plans to show you lots of other places in Spain, but before that why not learn a bit about the country's history. When visiting new places I find that part of traveling is not looking at pretty new places but also discovering how different cultures came to be and what happened in their history!

Top Travel Picks for the Next Days Friday, July 29th Armenia's only Ancient Greek Jewel - the temple of Garni: let's join Khach to see the temple with beautiful mountains in the background and nice cliffs on three sides of the temple. Let's also learn Armenian history and pagan beliefs.

Baku: Exotica, wine, and history!: let Nurana tell you the history, the deep culture, legends and show you the main monuments and art. We start with the Defense wall in the Inner city. We’ll walk through historic buildings and the monumental Maiden Tower, House with a chain and caravanserai, and more.

Discovering Southampton (UK): Southampton is a city full of history buried under trauma from naval tragedies and war. Throughout our tours, we will help you discover these stories to understand how the #1 cruise capital in Europe became the city that it is today. Join Lillian to explore it!

Sunday, July 31st Saarburg's 60-foot waterfall: Juliane will take you to her own little Venice in Germany. You will visit the small town of Saarburg which is also called little Venice by the locals. Highlights will be the waterfall in the middle of town and the area around the market.