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NEW Shows and more with BeamZ this week


Tuscany Series: Walking tours Friday, July 8th Tuscany is known for its landscapes, history, artistic legacy, and its influence on high culture. But did you know that it is regarded as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and of the foundations of the Italian language? Come with us for a walk through this picturesque Italian region and enjoy the beautiful views with Patrizia!

Inside a Vintage Amsterdam Houseboat Saturday, July 9th Amsterdam is a beautiful city, even more so from the water. That is why many have chosen to live in the channels on boats. Come join us with Mark for an unique inside view of a vintage houseboat that used to be an old cargo barge and that has now turned into a beautiful living space!

Odessa Tour Part 2. The National Opera and Ballet Theater Saturday, July 9th The Odesa National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet is the oldest theatre in Odessa, Ukraine. The Theatre and the Potemkin Stairs are the most famous edifices in the city and were first opened in 1810, but then later destroyed by fire in 1873, before being rebuilt a decade later. Join in and experience this incredible place and the beautiful views with Olga!

Medieval Karlstejn Castle Sunday, July 10th The majestic royal castle has been towering over the Berounka river since the 14th century. It was initially the king’s country residence, but later became an unconquerable treasury, guarding the greatest valuables of the Holy Roman Empire. Join in for an adventure and discover the historic Castle and its incredible history with Olga!

Marseille: The old harbour from the citadelle

Monday, July 11th

Dominated on one side by the Panier (Old Town) and on the other by Notre Dame de la Garde, the Old Port, or Vieux Port, has been the beating heart of Marseille for over 2000 years. And today the Old Port is still a favourite spot for both locals and tourists to stroll, drink, eat, argue, fall in love, buy (or sell) fish, listen to music, peddle sunglasses and generally hang out and enjoy life.

Explore Kenya, Africa

Kenya: National Art Gallery

Saturday, July 9th

We usually don't get to see much art from African countries, unfortunately, so this show is a great opportunity to see the beautiful art pieces from Kenya! Let's see paintings, sculptures and more.

Kenya: Nairobi Snake Park Sunday, July 10th Let's see some snakes (sorry for that terrible joke)! In the grounds of the National Museum, the Snake Park has some impressive snake species, including the puff adder, black mamba, Egyptian cobra, African rock python and Gaboon viper (with 4cm-long fangs, the longest in the world). And we will see other animals there as well, fishes, lizards, turtles and some crocodiles!

Kenya: Nairobi National Museum Sunday, July 10th Let’s see the rich culture and history that Kenya has offer by visiting its National Museum! There’s tons to see there, its galleries cover culture, nature and history so you’ll get an all around feeling of what the beautiful country of Kenya is all about. Let Karol show you around :)

Series - NEW Episodes The Treasures of Rome Saturday, July 9th Cross the Tiber river of Rome with me over the Bridge of the Angels, where Bernini’s marble angels play as an unforgettable approach to St Peter basilica in the Vatican. We will then walk along via della Conciliazione where you can admire a fabulous perspective over St Peter basilica and learn about the apostle Peter’s last moments of his life. Then we will end up in the spectacular St Peter square, surrounded by a “forest” of marble columns designed by Bernini, who prepared a really curious optical illusion for us while we are there!

Russians Against the War

Saturday, July 9th

Xenia Sobchak, a daughter of a corrupt politician and a friend of Vladimir Putin, managed to make a 180-degree turn in her career and became the face of Russian opposition to Putin, who had worked with her father before his assassination.

Spirit of Japan Tuesday, July 12th On this tour, we will visit a beautiful dahlia garden located in Machida City, Tokyo. They grow numerous varieties of dahlia in the 15,000-meter squared garden. There are about 4,000 dahlias with 500 varieties on display. Machida City built the gardens in 1960 with the local community in mind, not just as a green oasis with pretty flowers, but also as a place of employment for people with cognitive disabilities. Let's admire dahlia flowers that are taken care of with so much love.


Coming Soon Marseille: le panier : the most typical part of Marseille Tuesday, July 12th Dive into the heart of Marseille’s oldest district. To make the most of this legendary place, the best way is to wander around until you get lost in the narrow streets where a friendly and calm atmosphere prevails. How enjoyable! With small café terraces, street-art coloured facades, and small designer shops, you won’t know where to start; a real open-air museum! You need to be fit enough to go up and down the many stairs, but your efforts will be rewarded with the local’s Mediterranean spontaneity and stunning views of the Big Blue.

Baku: Exotica, wine and history!

Wednesday, July 13th

We'll start near the Defense Wall of the Old City, and I'll tell you how the wall has been protecting Baku since the 12th century. You'll see Maiden Tower World Heritage which used to be an observatory and defense tower. It is a place for rituals in honor of the Sun, Wind, and Fire. I'll tell you what it means for us and how we perform the rituals. Imagine walking with me the ancient streets of the Center, watching the real Baku, Inner city life, and seeing where is their best dolma (national food) or tea in town!

In the Air: Street Theatre Festival in Prague Wednesday, July 13th We all know Prague is beautiful, but what can make a trip to the city even more breathtaking? An art show in the main square! Let's join Olga in the Street Theater Festival, our main focus will be an air show, on the wall of the Old Town Hall, where acrobats will take place at a height of almost fifty meters!

Dublin Castle Wednesday, July 13th Dublin Castle is the heart of historic Dublin and is where the city gets its name from the Black Pool - 'Dubh Linn' - which was on the site of the present Castle gardens. The Castle houses the magnificent State Apartments, the Chapel Royal, a 13th century Tower and some of its Medieval structures.

Chicago's Neighborhoods - Chinatown Thursday, July 14th Chicago’s century-old Chinatown transports you straight to eastern Asia. As soon as you set foot in this historic neighborhood, you’re in for the best kind of sensory overload. Stroll through elaborately adorned streets filled with traditional specialty shops, ornate architecture, storefronts packed with colorful wares and souvenirs, and family-owned restaurants with dishes you’ll be craving!

Travel by the Seat of Your Pants Thursday, July 14th Join us for something different! Marc and Sheila are pros at virtual traveling, and they are joining us as hosts to guide us in all the show and platform options you have! Let's join them for a chat where they'll share secret tips to virtual traveling, the best spots, best hosts and everything.

The History of Glastonbury Festival Thursday, July 14th Glastonbury Festival is the second-largest open sky festival in the world and is a five-day festival of contemporary performing arts that takes place in Pilton, Somerset, England. In addition to contemporary music, the festival hosts dance, comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret, and other arts. Leading pop and rock artists have headlined, alongside thousands of others appearing on smaller stages and performance areas. Films and albums have been recorded at the festival, and it receives extensive television and newspaper coverage. Let's go!

BeamZ Best Shows on the Next Days Friday, July 8th Namaste Delhi - An introduction to the capital of India: Explore the centre of Delhi which is famously called the heart of the city, visit a museum inspired by Gandhi and young India and visit a market famous for women street sellers.

The oldest Synagogue in Europe: explore the Old-New Synagogue is the oldest synagogue in Europe still in use. Built in the 13th century it’s a testament to the long history of the Jewish people in Prague.

Inverness Highlights of the Old Town: following on from the Inverness Castle show, explore the Old Town of Inverness. The Old High Church has a long and a sometimes brutal history. Cross one on the pedestrian bridges over the River Ness. Discover Scotland's largest second hand bookshop. See the Oldest House in Inverness and Dunbar's Hospital built in 1668.

Discovering Southampton (UK): we will see historic buildings, sites and statues along with memorials and monuments. Southampton is also privileged as it is surrounded by parks and nature that we will see on our travels. Being a busy modern city we will also see how people live in this city and enjoy it.

Sunday, July 10th Odessa Travel Show Part 1. Ukraine's Pearl of the Black Sea: an Odessa local and a professional tour guide, Olga will take you on a live stroll around the city's beautiful historic quarter, share with you fascinating history and provide insights into local culture and lifestyle.

Tuesday, July 12th A Tour to The Nairobi National Park: Nairobi National Park has 114 km of pristine savanna where we can find wild animals, be on the look for lions, rhinos, giraffes and more!

London: Wonders of the West End - Piccadilly & Regent Street: yes, it's busy round here, so we won't hang around, we'll take some alley ways and detours, discover some hidden spots off Regent Street, visit the fashionable Carnaby Street, and learn the history of the "West of the West End". There are quite a few legendary theatres on our journey too, with fascinating tales to tell.

Krakow: Historic Jewish Quarter: join Zuzanna live in one of the best preserved old Jewish Quarters in Europe – Krakow’s district called ‘Kazimierz’. This fascinating walk between an original cemetery from 1500’s, the family home of Helena Rubinstein and a modern Jewish Community Center, will provide an overview of the 500 years of Jewish history in Krakow and an insight into the life of the local Jewish community nowadays.

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