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NEW Shows and More with BeamZ this Week

NEW Shows

HGTV Comes to BeamZ Improvmania with Willie Macc Thursday, November 18th Willie Macc and his brother are the stars of the new HGTV series, Flip it to the Maccs, (starts airing in 2022). We are excited to have Willie launch his BeamZ show this week. He’s got it all, stand up and improv, from parenting jokes, to veganism, to dating apps. And he will cover all the latest about filming the new series. Join in to experience Willie live and ask questions like how they pick the houses for the show.

Fun in Portugal - Clérigos - Bohemian Cultue in Porto

Thursday, November 18th

Clérigos is home to The Tower that is the undisputed landmark of Porto and a reference in the city's history. Clérigos Tower opened its doors in 1763 and is one of the most sought-after attractions. And there is more! This part of the city is known for being the most lively neighborhood in town. Come with us, and let Sara, show you this beautiful part of the city while taking you for a both historic and touristic experience.

Two Love Stories Between Two Bridges

Thursday, November 18th

I am a sucker for a good love story. And Olga has one for us. In this show, Olga is going to tell you the story of a time when walls were being built instead of bridges, and many came to be separated. The show will feature the setting for the story which is a beautiful park in Kyiv. Join Olga (and me) in for a a fun time and wonderful love story.

Series on BeamZ - NEW Episodes

Landmarks of the Southwest - Bulgarian Travel Series

Wednesday, November 17th

Join our host Simana in the small mountain village of Gabrene, huddled in the very corner where the boundaries of Bulgaria with Greece and North Macedonia meet. Its people have decided to collect and exhibit their livelihood traditions at the local Community Center. And your host is taking you to this unique "fair". Come with us to explore this village and its costumes.

Can't make it on November 17th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Paris Chronicles with Patrick

Wednesday, November 17th

This episode of Paris Chronicles is going to be unique, and I can tell you why. Patrick is going to take us to Samaritaine, the temple of Parisian lifestyle, an iconic department store that is reopening after 16 years. If you are into lifestyle, Paris, and fashion, you don’t want to miss this. Join in and experience a side of Paris that hasn’t been explored for over a decade!

Can't make it on November 17th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Mini-Series on BeamZ - NEW Episodes

Nest of Spies: Berlin and the Cold War

Wednesday, November 17th

Join our local German host, Martin in Berlin. He is going to take us to different historically important places every episode, from Checkpoint Charlie to the East Side Gallery. We get a glimpse of how life was behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ while hearing everything about the stories of spies, escapes, tank stand-offs, and much more. Join in and visit all these amazing places while chatting with our host.

Can't make it on November 17th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Food Section

Learn to Make Samosas

Thursday, November 18th

Travel to India without leaving your home and prepare your kitchen to join our host JD Singh to make the famous Samosas, one the most popular dishes in India. It's easy, delicious and vegan! Book now, you really don't wanna miss learning to make this snack!

Sneak Previews

Jewish Heritage of Porto

Sunday, November 21st

The arrival of the first Jews in Porto trace back to the foundation of the city and their culture has influenced the place for centuries. Join us and our host, Sara, to learn everything about the incredible history of the Jewish community of Porto as well as the evolution of the Jewish quarters of Porto throughout times.

New City

Grafton Street - Dublin's most fashionable Street

Monday, November 22nd

Grafton Street has become internationally known for its street entertainment, particularly busking. Musicians, poets and mime artists commonly perform to the shopping crowds in Dublin’s most fashionable street. There sure is a lot going on there! Join in with our local guide, Dave, and take a deep dive into one of the most incredible parts of Ireland.

BeamZ is taking you to Christmas from around the World


Our very first Christmas show is this Sunday

Christmas in Spain - The Lights of Vigo, Galicia's biggest city

Sunday, November 21st

The preparations have already begun in Vigo. The city is shining with over 11 million lights that will impress everyone who sees. Come with us and our local hosts, Sean and Tiernan, to experience the mesmerizing city and the decorations in one of the most incredible parts of Spain.


Patrick has a ten part Christmas series Starting Monday, November 22 – Illumination Champs Elysées and Arc de triumph

I'm so excited about this series, I just love Christmas decorations. And what could make Paris more special than this time of year?


Christmas in Rome Series

Federica is doing a four part series starting December!

Saint Petersburg The cold north just means more Christmas to me ;) Anna has a five-part series on Christmas in Russia – starting on November 29th - on Saint Petersburg New Holland Island.

Brussels On November 26, Mark will be doing his show from the stunning Brussels Christmas Market. The decorations alone make it a must-see show.

Upcoming Shows

Use our Calendar section to find great upcoming shows from around the world.

Upcoming Shows

Use our Calendar section to find great upcoming shows from around the world.

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