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NEW Shows and more with BeamZ this week

NEW Shows Travel Morzine: A wonderful mountain The idyllic alpine town of Morzine is a bustling ski resort, which attracts thousands of visitors every year. But it is not just beautiful in the winter when it's covered with snow. Morzine has retained its quintessential French charm over the years and is an incredible sight to see during summertime. Come with us and explore the Mountain with Patrick!

Chicago’s Neighborhoods - Printers Row Thursday, July 7th Chicago became a center for architectural experimentation and innovation, home to many buildings that are world-famous. Come with us and get to know a neighborhood called printers row and beautiful lofts that are now almost 100 years old. Ah, and Mike is even going to fill us in on how Oprah was connected to this area. Don’t miss out!

Support Ukraine Bucha and Irpin: Massacre in Ukraine Thursday, July Bucha and Irpin are cities that have suffered overwhelmingly since the start of the war and are now unrecognizable. If you have been following the news you probably already know. In this show Olga is going to take us with her inside of a 3D project that showcases this unbelievable reality. Join in and get to see everything!

History Jewish Life in Krakow Now: Q&A with Olga Adamowska Thursday, July 7th The first recorded presence of Jews residing in Krakow dates from the early 13th century. More than 55 thousand Krakow residents identified themselves as Jews in the Polish census of 1931, but many things have changed since then. Join in on this exclusive Q&A session with Zuzanna and Olga to get to know all about it!

Series - NEW Episodes Series: Trier's Street Art and Public Art Thursday, July 7th Let's discover the ever-changing street art scene in Trier during a walk. Each walk will be different because we will see different parts of town. The art will include legal, as well as illegal graffiti and Street Art, interesting sculptures, or fountains. We will see works from internationally known artists like Mantra&Love, as well as works from very talented local artists.

Lifestyle The Happy Class with Scott Fitzgerald Wednesday, July 6th Feeling overwhelmed? Join our show with Scott where we will learn ways to live a happier life. Together we will share our experiences and tools to have a more fulfilling life. You don't want to miss it!


Coming Soon Tuscany Series: Walking tours Friday, July 8th Tuscany is known for its landscapes, history, artistic legacy, and its influence on high culture. But did you know that it is regarded as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and of the foundations of the Italian language? Come with us for a walk through this picturesque Italian region and enjoy the beautiful views with Patrizia!

Inside a Vintage Amsterdam Houseboat Saturday, July 9th Amsterdam is a beautiful city, even more so from the water. That is why many have chosen to live in the channels on boats. Come join us with Mark for an unique inside view of a vintage houseboat that used to be an old cargo barge and that has now turned into a beautiful living space!

Odessa Tour Part 2. The National Opera and Ballet Theater Saturday, July 9th The Odesa National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet is the oldest theatre in Odessa, Ukraine. The Theatre and the Potemkin Stairs are the most famous edifices in the city and were first opened in 1810, but then later destroyed by fire in 1873, before being rebuilt a decade later. Join in and experience this incredible place and the beautiful views with Olga!

Medieval Karlstejn Castle Sunday, July 10th The majestic royal castle has been towering over the Berounka river since the 14th century. It was initially the king’s country residence, but later became an unconquerable treasury, guarding the greatest valuables of the Holy Roman Empire. Join in for an adventure and discover the historic Castle and its incredible history with Olga!

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