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NEW Shows and more with BeamZ this week

NEW Shows Travel Chiang Mai Street Art & Downtown Walk Wednesday, June 29th Have you ever been to a 3D Art Museum? Join Hieu & Spring for a fun tour in Thailand. In this show, let your creativity flourish as we interact with paintings on the walls and floors! This tour will be a feast for your eyes.

Assisi: The Secret Network 1943-1944 Wednesday, June 29th Join Patrizia to explore a little town called Assisi, known for the history on the Second World War. Located in Italy, the streets on this city tell the incredible story of how all Jews who sought refuge there were saved. Join us to learn more!

Chicago Special Events - ACTIVATE Thursday, June 30th Let's go to a pop-up street music festival! Located in the alleys of Chicago, Activate is a special event that bring together thousands of people. Let's enjoy some live music and engage in other attractions with Mike! Come join us!

Art Snap a Doodle with Pallavi! Thursday, June 30th You don't have to be an artists to start doodling! Join Pallavi on this show where your creativity comes in first hand! All you need is a pen and paper and you can get started! Join us.

Series - NEW Episodes Series: Trier's Street Art and Public Art Thursday, June 30th Let's discover the ever-changing street art scene in Trier during a walk. Each walk will be different because we will see different parts of town. The art will include legal, as well as illegal graffiti and Street Art, interesting sculptures, or fountains. We will see works from internationally known artists like Mantra & Love, as well as works from very talented local artists.

The Happy Class with Scott Fitzgerald Wednesday, June 29th Feeling overwhelmed? Join our show with Scott where we will learn ways to live a happier life. Together we will share our experiences and tools to have a more fulfilling life. You don't want to miss it!


Great Shows on the Next Days Wednesday, June 29th Walk in history: An Introduction to Old Delhi: live the history as Komal introduces you to the oldest part of Delhi, experience the streets of Delhi in a very different way, learn about the history of Mughals and explore Asia's biggest wholesale market along.

Chicago’s Greatest Hits - Michigan Avenue Streetwall: explore this unique assemblage of buildings known that make Chicago's skyline, pretty much every building in the collection has landmark protections and many were designed by iconic architects, like Daniel Burnham, Holabird & Roche, and Adler & Sullivan.

Amsterdam: The Golden Age: Mark will walk from the East to the West Indies Company HQ's and tell the story of them along the way. Amsterdam's grand buildings are a result of this wealth and influence, its magnificence as well as the terrible exploitation that it was based upon.

Thursday, June 30th Medieval monastery in Armenia: come along with me to explore one of the 13th century Armenian monastic complexes situated on the edge of one of the most beautiful gorges in Armenia. There will be information about Armenian monastery complexes and geography and we will have an astonishing view over the Kasakh gorge.

One of a Kind - the Armenian Alphabet Alley: we are going to have a nice tour in the Armenian Alphabet Alley situated at the slopes of Mt. Aragats. The mount is the highest point in Armenia and it’s a great place to have beautiful stones carved in the shapes of the Armenian letters. We will get to wander around and become familiar with Armenian letters and language. And if you want to know why the alley is put up there join me on the tour.

William Shakespeare - Myths and Mysteries: stroll around some of the iconic central London sites, and chat about the life of William Shakespeare. We'll go wherever we feel, sometimes I'll let you decide! There is so much we don't know, and so much that has been made up years after. We'll try to discover the truth about his life and times.

The Royal Mile, Edinburgh: come and explore the history and mystery of Edinburgh’s Old Town with Sam. Hear about the characters and events that have shaped the city's past. From Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse explore some of the Royal Miles hidden gems and see some old favorites too.

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