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NEW Shows and more with BeamZ this week

NEW Shows


Assisi's Secret Upper District

Wednesday, March 30th

Assisi is a town located in the central Italian region of Umbria and one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the country. It is an enchanting place to visit that shows how powerful thoughts can become physical, and how a philosophy that started with a few can shape an entire town for many centuries. Join in and explore this picturesque part of Italy with Patrizia!

Baku's Incredible Cultural Center - Zaha Hadid Architects

Thursday, March 31st

The incredible Cultural Center in Baku, Azerbaijan, has not only been shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival Awards, but has also been selected as a finalist for the Inside 2013 interior design awards. The spectacular new cultural center impresses everyone who comes by and renowned architects from all over the world. Join in and explore this place in Baku with Nurana!

The Bridges of London - From Waterloo to Southwark

Thursday, March 31st

Waterloo is Britain's largest and busiest station. Whether city commuters, holiday makers, Epsom race goers or armed forces, Waterloo has always been a place with a lot of people. Join us and explore the bridges of London from Waterloo to the other cultural hotspot of the city, Southwark, with Gerard!

BeamZ Series - NEW Episodes Mysteries of the Etruscans revealed Thursday, March 31st Let's join Patrizia in Corciano, Italy, at the Etruscan Museum! This small but beautiful and modern museum is a perfect start to get to know Etruscan Art. We know the Etruscan civilization mainly through their funerary art and there we will also see a display of their beautiful and moving sculptures.

Support Ukraine

NEW Shows Coming Soon

Stop Putin Now with Gregg Stebben

Thursday, March 31st

Join us in Gregg's newest show! The first guest will be Yaroslav Nedodaiev, a Ukrainian photographer and video maker who currently lives in Dubai. Gregg and Yaroslav will discuss the war in Ukraine, how it's affecting Ukrainian lives and what we can do to help shorten the war.

Let’s Learn Ukrainian!

Friday, April 1st

Did you know that Ukrainian is considered the second most melodious language in the world? And it is not even too complicated to learn. Best part about it is that you read all the letters the way they sound in the alphabet. No tricky words or extraordinary complications. Join us in support of Ukraine and start speaking this beautiful language with Olga!

Stop Putin Now

Wednesday, March 30th

Join Paulie and Olga again, or for the first time, to be updated on this week's happenings in the Ukraine conflict. As always, this is a unique chance to speak and listen to a Ukrainian live about the war.

How to Buy a Bomb: Stop Putin's Tanks

Thursday, March 31st

The time is now. Let’s start taking action to help Ukraine and its people. You can be a part of the change. Join renowned author and radio host, Gregg Stebben, and discover ways you can be effective in Stopping Putin Now.

Food Section

It's time for Spinach Pakora Kadhi - A yummy tangy flavored Curry

Wednesday, March 30th

Pakora Kadhi is a classic curry dish from Northern Indian cuisine made with fresh spinach, onions, spices, paneer and herbs. It is definitely a local favorite and impresses everyone who tries it. Join us and our enthusiastic chef, Komal, and learn how to make your own while chatting about Indian cuisine, culture and much more!

Fashion Section

Masterclass on Indian Sarees

Thursday, March 31st

Saree is a type of clothing for women. It is mostly used as a daily clothing in the modern Republic of India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka as well as formal clothing in Pakistan. They usually are really beautiful, and there are lots of types! Join us and let Komal introduce you to this incredible Indian Clothing tradition!

Sneak Previews


Palermo, Sicily in Italy: Old Town Highlights

Friday, April 1st

The city is noted for its history, culture, architecture and gastronomy, playing an important role throughout much of its existence. It is over 2,700 years old and is the most conquered city in the world. Join us for some adventure time with Kelsey and explore the historic town of Palermo in Sicily!

Budapest's great farmers market hall

Friday, April 1st

The Great Market Hall in Budapest was built in 1897, and is the most beautiful and largest of all markets in the country. If you are looking for an authentic cultural experience in this part of the world, this show is for you! Dive into a cultural experience in Budapest with Andrea and discover all the amazing things this market has to offer!

Secret Venice: Charming north of Venice

Friday, April 1st

Explore secret parts of visitors most tourists don't get to see! In the north of Venice you will find Cannaregio. This place is filled with incredible stories and astonishing sights. If you are a fan of both tourism and exploration, you don’t want to miss this. Join us and explore one of Venice’s most beautiful areas and enjoy a trip to the secret parts of the city with Lucia.

Chocolate, Chocolate and...Chocolate in Italy

Friday, April 1st

Euro chocolate festival of Perugia is the biggest chocolate celebration in Europe. This sweetest event attracts thousands of visitors to the beautiful city and is an event purely dedicated to chocolate par excellence. Who doesn't love chocolate? Come with us and discover this amazing festival with Patrizia!

Brittany Special: Dinard

Friday, April 1st

Enjoy a lovely day in Dinard! What more could you ask for? This city is a true pearl of the Emerald Coast, because of its breathtaking nature with clear crystal water and its Belle Époque spirit, as you'll see by its many late 19th century villas. Just by looking at the picture on top I know I won't miss seeing this breathtaking place with Patrick, will you join us?

Venice Treasure: Dorsoduro Part 2

Tuesday, April 5th

Dorsoduro, part of the six main sestieri in central Venice, is known as one of the most authentic areas in the city, with less tourists but with a lot of things to be explored. This part of Venice has a mix of busy areas and others more quiet and calm where you can discover the real Venetian air. Join in and explore this off the beaten track with Lucia!

Best Shows on BeamZ for the Next Days

Wednesday, March 30th

Cannes - the Glamorous City of the French Riviera: join host Eniko on the French Riviera for a stroll in the town of the rich and famous. Let us see the cobbled streets of the old town, some yachts in the old port, take in the Mediterranean coastline, and walk the movie-star-infested Croisette.

Welcome to Melbourne! Australia's Culture Capital: join Alexander on an exciting journey and explore Australia's arts, culture, and sports capital. Discover the city's center and learn more about how Melbourne became known as Australia's Girl Next Door.