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NEW Shows


Palma de Mallorca Spain - Magical Places on a Magical Island

Wednesday, March 23rd

There are many amazing things to explore in Mallorca and this time we are headed to La Lonja, one of the best examples of medieval architecture on the island. Built in the 15th century, it is also one of the most harmonic buildings and with the greatest influence in the history of architecture, especially because of its rich and original interior. Join us and discover this beautiful location with Kelsey!

Venice's artisans and the smart recycling

Thursday, March 24th

In Venice, even rowlocks and oars are special, just like the gondolas on which they are used. The Venetian rowlock is called a 'forcola', and today there are only four 'forcolai' left in the city. The youngest of them is Piero Dri, who calls himself 'il forcolaio matto' (the mad rowlock maker). Join us and get to know the incredible crafts of this local Venetian with Igor!

Berlin's Wall Memorial Thursday, March 24th The Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer, as it is called in German, commemorates the division of Berlin by the Wall and the deaths that occurred there. The monument was created in 1998 by the country and holds a lot of deep history. Come with us and explore the Wall and everything around it with Martin!

Mysteries of the Etruscans revealed - Series

Thursday, March 24th

A new genetic analysis may have finally revealed the origin of the Etruscans — a mysterious people whose civilization thrived in Italy centuries before the founding of Rome. It turns out the enigmatic Etruscans were local to the area, with nearly identical genetics to their Latin-speaking neighbors. Join us and let Patrizia tell you all about this mysterious ancient civilization!


Bolivia: History of the pacific war - Bolivia vs Chile

Wednesday, March 23rd

The infamous War of the Pacific happened between 1879 and 1884, it was a major conflict arising from a long-standing border dispute which pitted Chile against Bolivia and Peru. Join in for some history time and get to know the breathtaking stories of this period in time in Bolivia with Renan!


Let's make Channa Masala with Indian Bread, Puri

Thursday, March 24th

Chana masala is a traditional North Indian curried dish made with white chickpeas, onions, tomatoes, spices and herbs. “Chana” is a Hindi word for “Chickpeas” and “Masala” refers to a “Spicy Gravy”. join us on this cooking adventure and learn how to make this delicious dish with Komal!

Support Ukraine


How to Buy a Bomb: Stop Putin's Tanks

Thursday, March 24th

The time is now. Let’s start taking action to help Ukraine and its people. You can be a part of the change. Join renowned author and radio host, Gregg Stebben, and discover ways you can be effective in Stopping Putin Now.

Stop Putin Now

Wednesday, March 23rd

Some of you know that Paulie has been ill, but he will be back on Wednesday’s show. Join Paulie and Olga again, or for the first time. Paulie will have his sights set on taking Nestle to task for supporting Putin’s war. Join him and find our what is happing in Ukraine and how you can help change what Nestle is doing.

*All the revenue will go to charities to support Ukrainian refugees.

Sneak Previews


Bolivia's colored volcanic lagoons

Friday, March 25th

The Laguna Colorada, or 'Red Lagoon', is a shallow salt lake, peppered with white borax islands. It definitely is something like an oasis. In addition to their intense colors, these lagoons are located in the middle of the highest deserts in the world and have imponent mountains that cover a large piece of land. Come with us and explore this unbelievable location with Renan!

A Majestic Cruise Through Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Saturday, March 26th

One of Australia's most remarkable natural gifts, the Great Barrier Reef is blessed with the breathtaking beauty of the world's largest coral reef. And you are in luck! You can get to see it from a boat. I can assure you, the sights are going to be unbelievable. Hop on board and join Alexander on a boat trip through the Barrier Reef!

Down The Mekong Delta: Peaceful Life Of The Floating Market

Saturday, March 26th

The Mekong Delta's floating markets of Cai Rang and Phong Dien have been trading for centuries and are one of the most incredible sights to see in the area. The market starts at 5 AM and lasts until noon and during this time everything that you can imagine is being traded. Hop on board and join Spring and Hieu for a cruise through the Mekong Delta and the floating market!

Sandymount - An Affluent Suburb by the sea in Dublin

Sunday, March 27th

Sandymount is a well-kept urban village with a very attractive mix of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian architecture – some would say Dublin at its best. With many smaller homes, it's much more approachable than the grand avenues of Mount Merrion and the like. Join us and explore this mesmerizing part of Dublin with Dave!

Farming Millions of Tulip Bulbs

Sunday, March 27th

This time, Mark is taking us just around the corner of his house to show us his neighbor’s impressive Tulip Bulbs Farm. They have been planting them for a long time and the field is covered with millions of beautiful tulips. Come with us and get to know the process from planting to harvesting to sorting while enjoying the picturesque views of the land.

Assisi Allied War Cemetery

Monday, March 28th

The Assisi Cemetery is located just outside the town of Rivotorto with the ancient town of Assisi in the hills behind it. This place spreads out serenely on the hill where over nine hundred white tombstones stand. Come with us and take a trip back into history to learn everything about this place while admiring the beauty of this Italian corner with Patrizia.


Paneer Paratha (Indian cottage cheese)

Friday, March 25th

Paneer paratha is a popular North Indian flatbread made with whole wheat flour dough and stuffed with savory, spiced, grated paneer (Indian cottage cheese) stuffing. It is very easy to make and also incredibly delicious and healthy. Join us on this fun cooking show with JD and learn how to make your own!

Best Shows on BeamZ for the next days

Wednesday, March 23rd

Margaret Island, The Jewel-box of Budapest - Part 1: explore this island between the banks of the Danube, learn everything about it and enjoy its beautiful atmosphere with Zsuzsi!

Margaret Island, The Jewel-Box of Budapest - Part 2: this time Zsuzsi is going to take us to a special place located there. Join in and explore the Japanese Garden and the Ruins of the Franciscan Monastery, while walking through the green oasis!

Thursday, March 24th

Orsay Museum, the best Impressionist museum in the world: join Josquin and discover the iconic pieces of all Impressionist masters, Renoir, Monnet, Degas, and more. Also be enthralled by the architecture of this amazing building which was a glorious train station before being turned into a museum.

The Orsay 2: Van Gogh and Gauguin’s masterpieces: this second part, join Josquin once again in the Orsay, and enjoy the work of two major artists of the late 1800s: Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin and their lifes.

KLM’s miniature houses Part 1: chasing the originals around Amsterdam: join our local host Lee Franklin in a hunt through Amsterdams streets to find KLM’s Delft Blue miniature houses. These houses have been cherished collectors' items among passengers for more than 60 years.

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