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NEW Shows and more with BeamZ this week

NEW Shows Travel The Kennett River Koala Walk in Australia Wednesday, February 23rd The best way to spot koalas at Kennet River is to take a walk along the Grey River Road. This road is surrounded by a huge eucalyptus forest and incredible natural views. But I am going to let Alexander show you how to spot these beautiful animals himself. Join us for an adventure through Australia and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and wildlife!

Seven Dutch Beauties, Part 4: Rotterdam

Wednesday, February 23rd

Rotterdam is a city of many faces: a tough port city, a trendy nightlife city, a sophisticated shopping city, and a hip artistic city. Above all, Rotterdam is the architecture city of Holland that catches the eye of every visitor. Join us and explore all the different aspects of one of the biggest cities in the Netherlands with our local guide Ton!

Ghent - Day & Night

Wednesday, February 23rd

Ghent is well known for its large public squares and marketplaces that showcase the life of the medieval city. It is also surrounded by beautiful waterways and incredible landmarks. If you are looking for a both touristic and historical adventure, join us and explore this amazing Belgian city with Mark day and night!

The Liberties - Dublin's oldest neighborhood

Thursday, February 24th

The Liberties is one of the oldest parts of Dublin, earning its nickname because it lay outside the old medieval walls. The surviving old city walls can still be seen at the junction of Cornmarket and Lamb Alley and behind St Audoen's Church. Come with us and take a peek into the past and see how this part of the city has transformed itself into what it is today with Dave!

Sighisoara, the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler (aka Dracula)

Thursday, February 24th

Sighisoara is one of Transylvania’s most incredible medieval locations. Adorned with a hilltop citadel, secret passageways and a 14th century clock tower, this is the place if you are looking for an adventure through time. Join us and Mihai, and let him fill you in on all the mysterious secrets this place holds!

The Stunning Nha Trang Aquarium:World's most beautiful bays

Friday, February 25th

Tri Nguyen Aquarium, also called Hon Mieu Aquarium, is located on the beautiful island of Hon Mieu. One of the most unique features of the aquarium is that the huge fish tank was built based on the construction of an ancient fossil ship with 60 meters in length and 30 meters in height. And that’s not all. Join in and explore everything with Spring and Hieu!

London: Wonders of the West End - Covent Garden

Friday, February 25th

Covent Garden is a world-class shopping and dining destination attracting food-lovers and fashionistas alike. Buzzing with the excitement of the opera and theatreland, the area boasts some of the best shopping and dining destinations in London. Come with us and discover what makes this place so special, with Gerard!

Series on BeamZ - NEW Episodes

Prague Baroque Series

Thursday, February 24th

This Thursday visit Prague Loreto with Max. The Loreto is the House of the Virgin and there are many franchises of this Italian pilgrimage site built across Europe. But the Prague one is especially remarkable because of the treasury it managed to put together throughout the entire baroque period. Crucifixes, chalices, monstrances and other liturgical artifacts are some of the finest testaments of an era that was determined to celebrate God in the most lavish, but strangely also in its most sober way.

Sneak Previews


London: Wonders of the West End - Shakespeare's South Bank

Saturday, February 26th

Shakespeare's Globe is a reconstruction of the Globe Theater, an Elizabethan playhouse for which William Shakespeare wrote his plays, in the London Borough of Southwark, on the south bank of the River Thames. This place is an incredible mix of history, culture, art and much more. Join in and let Gerard show you around!

Bolivian Carnival - limited edition

Saturday, February 26th

Bolivian Carnival celebrations in the highlands in Oruro is an incredible experience. The beautiful location and traditions turn this time of the year into a magic holiday with street parties, food, drink stalls, rituals, and a dance parade made up of around 16,000 performers. If you are into Carnival, you don’t want to miss this. Join us and let Renan show you everything!

Nha Trang, Greatest Bays in the World: "The Husband Cliff"

Saturday, February 26th

The Husband Cliff on the Island in Nha Trang is one of the most beautiful showpieces in this beach city. Once you are there, you will separate yourself from the hustling and bustling atmosphere of urban daily life. There is no exaggeration to say that this place is a rendezvous for nature lovers all over the world. Join us and let Spring and Hieu show you everything!

A Berlin Icon: Potsdamer Strasse

Sunday, February 27th

Potsdamer Strasse in Berlin is for Berliners and tourists alike always a special Experience. Its striking architecture is a combination of restaurants, shopping centers, theaters, cinemas and so much more. Come with us and let Martin take you with him to explore one of Berlin’s oldest and longest streets!

Seven Dutch Beauties, Part 5: Leiden

Sunday, February 27th

Apart from Amsterdam, Leiden's inner city has the greatest number of waterways and bridges in the country. The inner city is an attraction all by itself. With as many as 88 canals lined by hundreds of gentlemen's houses, national monuments and churches, it is definitely a beautiful place to explore. Join in and let Ton show you around!

Masterclass on Indian Sarees

Sunday, February 27th

Saree is a type of clothing for women. It is mostly used as a daily clothing in the modern Republic of India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka as well as formal clothing in Pakistan. They usually are really beautiful, and there are lots of types! Join us and let Komal introduce you to this incredible Indian Clothing tradition!

Nha Trang, The Greatest Bay in the World: Ancient Hindu culture

Monday, February 28th

Nha Trang is a small city on the south central coastline of Vietnam and is a sacred Hindu site dating back to the 7th century. If you are looking for some adventure time through Ancient Hindu Culture, this is it. Join us with Spring and Hieu to explore Buddhist temples and shrines built centuries ago to celebrate the gods, and much more!

Folk entrance of the Andean people of Bolivia

Monday, February 28th

In Bolivia, the ceremonies and customs of native people come to life when people unite together in a folkloric parade. Until this day the Jisk’Anata is held, a festival of native people’s autochthonous dance and music, which is connected to the rainy season and the farming season. Join in for a cultural trip and experience everything with Renan!

Tuesday of Challa (Tuesday of blessing): A Bolivian Ceremony

Tuesday, March 1st

Challa is a very picturesque ceremony with an abundance of colors, objects, drinks and food. It is an event where everyone has fun, brimming with happiness to the sounds of local rhythms while they worship, pray, thank and feed the Pachamama. Get to know all about this amazing culture and see everything for yourself with Renan!


Vegan Indian Breakfast combo: Poha and Ginger tea

Friday, February 25th

Poha (pohe) is a quick Indian breakfast made with flattened rice, onions, spices, herbs & peanuts. This delicious & nutritious dish is eaten in all parts of the country and even in the world! And it goes perfectly with Indian Ginger Tea. Join in and let Komal show you how to make the perfect breakfast combo to start your day!