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NEW Shows and More with BeamZ this Week

NEW Shows Travel Bruges - Day & Night Thursday, February 17th The medieval overtones of Bruges' cobblestone streets lead to countless historical, architectural and artistic wonders. The city is a wonderful place to explore if you are looking for an adventure and beautiful sights. Come with us and explore it at daylight and at nightfall when the city night scene turns on with Mark!

Seven Dutch Beauties, Part 2: Amsterdam

Wednesday, February 16th

Amsterdam has had different City Halls in the past, one of them now being the Royal Palace on Dam Square, one of three palaces still in use by the Dutch royal family. Another one is now a beautiful hotel and the last one you will have to see for yourself! Join us for an adventure through the city and explore these incredible places with Ton!

Assisi: Italy’s great pilgrimage destination

Friday, February 18th

Assisi is an important Roman Catholic city and an important Christian pilgrimage destination. There are many historically significant landmarks in Assisi including the Basilica di San Francesco, the Basilica di Santa Chiara, and The Cathedral of San Rufino. Come with us and let Patrizia show you these beautiful places while filling you in on some Italian history!


Courbet's "Origine du Monde", still shocking?

Thursday, February 17th

This week, Patrick is exploring another interest of his with us, besides the beautiful landmarks of Paris. Let's enjoy some art with our host! He has taken us to a few museums to enjoy French art but now he wants to show us something different, the most scandalous art pieces in France! Join us this Thursday to explore the work of the famous painter, Gustave Courbet, and his polemic "L'Origine du monde" painting.

Chat and Chill with Sam live in Edinburgh

Wednesday, February 16th

Usually Sam takes us to see all the wonderful places and landmarks of Edinburgh. But this time it’s about something else. Let’s get to know more about Sam and about life in Scotland in a fun conversation with our host! It’s time to relax and chat about everything that is on our minds with fellow Beamers from around the world. Join in!

Series on BeamZ - NEW Episodes

Paris Chronicles with Patrick

Wednesday, February 16th

For those that love Paris, this is the series for you! Each week you'll get to enjoy a new spot of the city, maybe a famous landmark, a hidden gem, one of our host's favorite spots, etc. So join us to explore Paris in all its forms, not just as a tourist! We will be waiting for you for this week's show!

Landmarks of the Southwest - Season 2

Wednesday, February 16th

Join host Simana for a special show, the final show of Season 2 of the series. Let's stroll around the charming town of Nevrokop - the heart of a small region by the Bulgarian-Greek border with a beautiful scenery, exciting history and special traditions.

Sneak Previews

The open-air Village Museum of Bucharest

Friday, February 18th

The Village Museum is an incredible open-air ethnographic museum located in one of the capital's most beautiful and largest parks. Join in with our local guide, Mihai, and explore one of the most unique museums in Bucharest and Romania, and admire the recreated atmosphere of traditional Romanian villages and much more!

Russian Revolution Series, Episode 3: Grigori Rasputin

Saturday, February 19th

Sometimes, in history, the life of one single person decided the fate of an entire nation. This is the case of Grigori Rasputin. After failing to become a monk, he became a wanderer and eventually entered the court of Czar Nicholas II. Join in and get to know the incredible history of this man and how he transformed the Russian Empire, with Anna!

Bolivian Miniature Market: Alasitas

Sunday, February 20th

Bolivia's Alasitas festival is an incredible buying frenzy that mixes ancient traditions and beliefs with modern-day religion and culture. This just happens during one special month of the year and it is where all sorts of miniature objects are sold in La Paz. Join in on a cultural trip, get to know the local traditions, and enjoy the beautiful miniatures with Renan!


Discover Italy in America at Your Table: Dad's Creations

Saturday, February 19th

John and Patty are back yet again to give our culinary life some delicious American-Italian spice! In this one, the two chefs are going to share their secrets on how to make the incredible Pepper Steak and Spanish Rice. Join in and learn how to make them and surprise your friends and family at home with this amazing dish.

Best Shows on BeamZ for the next Two Days

Wednesday, February 16th

Loch Ness from Fort Augustus: admire the scenery of Scotland's most famous body of water, Loch Ness. And see if you can spot a very camera-shy inhabitant of the Loch, Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster.

Thursday, February 17th

Highlights Venice: Rialto Bridge and Grand Canal: let's explore the heart of Venice this time: the Rialto neighborhood - the commercial center of the Serenissima republic and the place where Venice was born.

Spooky Paris Show: travel back through Paris's 2000 years old history full of crimes, legends, and mysteries with our host Josquin.

From East to West: So Near and yet so far!: join local host Martin and go back to the divided Berlin. Revisit how the city worked in the past, on both sides.

Jewish Ghetto of Venice, the first of the world: let's travel back to the time to unveil the reason why Venice created the first Jewish ghetto in Europe. Join Lucia for a unique stroll around Venice hidden gem!

Inverness Castle, the beginning of a town: from a wooden Fort to a picturesque Castle sitting high above the river Ness. Discover the history of the Capital of the Highlands and its place with in Scotland's history.

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