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NEW Shows and More with BeamZ this Week

NEW Travel Shows Ballsbridge - Dublin's Most Exclusive Address Wednesday, February 9th Ballsbridge is Dublin's most exclusive address. Streets such as Shrewsbury Road and Ailesbury Road boast the highest real estate prices in Ireland. It is also home to some of the most important political buildings and famous shops and restaurants. And besides all that, it is also a beautiful place to see. Join us and explore Dublin's Most affluent neighborhood with Dave!

Series on Beamz - NEW Episodes

Highlights of Sofia, Bulgaria - Exclusives

Wednesday, February 9th

The National Museum Of Military History is an amazing military museum in Bulgaria that has preserved over a million cultural goods, witnesses of the Bulgarian and European military history. It is over 100 years old and holds some of the most amazing military stories there are. Join us and explore the incredible ins and outs of the museum with Simana!

Prague Baroque Series

Wednesday, February 9th

Tomorrow, join Max at the breathtaking Clementinum, one of the largest building complexes in Europe, built from the mid-16th century to the mid-18th century. We will focus on its most beautiful hall, the Baroque Library, with its beautiful frescoes and historically valuable globes. I'm amazed just by looking at the picture below, so I definitely want to see more of it, join us!

Lifestyle Section

Wednesdays with Ana

Wednesday, February 9th

If you haven't seen our shows with Ana before, I have to tell you, you're missing a lot! Our host Ana Weisberger is a certified life coach and has done a mini-series with us, which I watched fully and it was truly enlightening. And since people loved it so much, she's doing another show with us. This time she will cover self-love. In these social media days it has become even more important to talk about in my opinion. Having more self-love is a real game changer for your life. I'm anxious to see how Ana can help with that!

Sneak Previews

Costa Rica: A City Tour of San Jose

Saturday, February 12th

Costa Rica's capital, San José, is an incredible city located in the Central Valley. It has lots of amazing tourist attractions like world-class museums, parks, theaters, and historic buildings. But the Capital is mostly known for its astonishing natural beauty. Join in and explore this amazing place with Alejandro and take a peek into Costa Rican culture!

St.Valentine's Day Special - Love Stories of Saint Petersburg

Saturday, February 12th

The Fontanka River is the largest and most prominent branch of the Neva. Lined from end to end with palaces, castles and royal gardens. It is definitely one of the most romantic places in Saint Petersburg, and that’s why Anna is taking us there to celebrate Valentine’s Day with some of the most beautiful love stories you ever heard! Join us and hear all about it while taking a walk along the beautiful river.

Assisi, Italy: The home-town to Saint Francis

Saturday, February 12th

Assisi is a charming town, full of enchanting corners and small shops offering traditional local wares. There are also many restaurants and cafes on the streets, surrounded with beautiful flowers and people walking around. This little corner in Italy is full of life and things to explore. Join in and discover all about it with Patrizia!

Black History in South America

Saturday, February 12th

Like other countries in South America, slaves were also brought to Bolivia in the 16th century, and this practice continued until 1851. By that point many Afro-Bolivians fled and headed towards the Yungas, a semi tropical region near the border with Peru, and formed villages such as Mururata. Join in for a historic experience and let Renan tell you all about these heartbreaking stories.

Rodeira: a Walk along Spain's Golden Beach

Sunday, February 13th

Join us on a relaxing walk with Sean & Tiernan along the golden beach of Rodeira in Cangas do Morrazo and explore the amazing paradise-like views and clear waters of this incredible town in Spain. While you are at it, take a closer look into the local life and the lovely city-vibe that makes this one of the most beautiful places in Galicia.

Seven Dutch Beauties, Part 1: Gouda

Monday, February 14th

Gouda is an incredible town in the Netherlands that is famously known for the world-class cheese that is made there. But the city attractions go far beyond that! Full of hidden gems, little bars, and pretty alleyways, aside from food, Gouda is an amazing place to explore. Come with us and let Ton show you around!

Perugia: 2500 Years of History, Etruscan Walls and Chocolate

Monday, February 14th

Perugia, capital of the region of Umbria, is worth visiting not only for the beauty of its hilltop setting, but also for its fine old buildings, incredible views and deep history. If you are looking to discover a new place, Italian culture and some inspiration, you just found it! Come with us and let Patrizia fill you in on the 2500 years of history Perugia holds while showing you the mesmerizing city.

Walk Along the Shores of Croatia's Vrana Lake

Monday, February 14th

Lake Vrana in Dalmatia is the largest lake in Croatia. It is a beautiful nature park with incredible views and things to explore. It is also one of the best birdwatching spots in the country. Visiting the lakes to view the birds won't disappoint you no matter what time of year. Come join us for this adventure and explore Lake Vrana with Anita!

Special Valentine: Romantic Stroll in Paris

Monday, February 14th

Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world. It is known for the Louvre Museum, the Notre-Dame cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, and many other incredible places that breathe passion. Join us on a lovely tour through the city to visit the most romantic spots there are with Patrick and enjoy the mesmerizing Parisian atmosphere.

Best Shows on The Next Two Days

Wednesday, February 9th

Edinburgh Castle and the Medieval Old Town: explore one of Scotland's most iconic landmarks and explore the city that grew around it.

Thursday, February 10th

Santiago de Compostela's Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site: walk with us through the old town of the city and go down some of the streets and squares where many Pilgrims have walked over the centuries and arrive at the magnificent Cathedral of Santiago!

Highlights of Venice: San Marco Square: explore Venice with our local host, Lucia and visit its most famous square. Enjoy its main landmarks and its beautiful views!

Edinburgh's Medieval High Street: explore Edinburgh's Medieval past with Sam as you stroll down its historic High Street. Discover its main highlights and some personal favorites of our host!

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