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NEW Shows and More with BeamZ this Week

NEW Shows Travel Discover with a Travel Blogger: Barcelona Thursday, February 3rd As far as cities go, Barcelona is one of the world's most beautiful cities. By the sea yet encircled by wooded mountains, with gorgeous architecture, beautiful churches, and a pedestrian thoroughfare that is one of the prettiest you will ever see. Join us for some travel blogging and explore this beautiful part of Spain with Simana!

Australia's Great Ocean Road: The 12 Apostles

Thursday, February 3rd

Witness the rugged splendor of the famous 12 Apostles, magnificent rock stacks that rise up majestically from the Southern Ocean on Victoria's dramatic coastline in Australia. The limestone pillars were once connected to the mainland cliffs. Waves and wind carved them into caves, then arches, and eventually battered them down into 150-foot tall columns. Come with us for an adventure and explore the beauty of Australian nature with Alex!

Dublin: River Liffey and Temple Bar

Thursday, February 3rd

A stroll along the Liffey River in the heart of Dublin is bound to take you to the places steeped in Irish history. Enjoy a relaxing walk with spectacular views of the river and get to know one of the most touristic places of Dublin, Temple Bar. Join in and let Dave show you everything!

Series on BeamZ

NEW Series

Prague Baroque Series

Thursday, February 3rd

Since a lot of you loved the Prague Gothic Series, Max has another architecture focused series for you! Join us and explore the Baroque side of Prague! You'll be enchanted by the beauty and history of the landmarks that we'll get to visit. For the first episode, let's go to the huge Strahov Monastery and explore it with Max!

Can't make it on February 3rd? We've got your back, check other dates here.

NEW Episode

Amsterdam Day Trips to Remember

Thursday, February 3rd

Utrecht is not just old, it is ancient. The ruins of a Roman fortification hides beneath the city center, and medieval buildings are found on every street. But even so the architecture mixes modern with old, turning the city into a beautiful place to experience. Come with us and explore this amazing place filled with interesting history with Mark!

Sneak Previews

Venice’s Cannaregio district by Gondola

Friday, February 4th

Cannaregio is one of six neighborhoods that make up Venice and a great place to explore if you want to appreciate true local life and amazing touristic sights at the same time. Best thing about it? You can do all of this on a Gondola! Hop on board and join us for an amazing adventure through Venice with Igor!

The Great Gondola Hunt: searching for Banksy along Venice’s canals

Saturday, February 5th

The mysterious artist Banksy has apparently left his mark on a crumbling wall in Venice, that can only be seen from a few places, one of them only reachable by gondola. Join us in our search for Banksy along Venice’s canals and enjoy the beautiful views while you are at it with Igor!

Holocaust’s Biggest Massacre, Babi Yar: Part 2

Saturday, February 5th

Babi Yar is a ravine in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and a site of massacres carried out by Nazi forces during its campaign against the Soviet Union. Nowadays it is an important place of remembrance and a beautiful sight to see that always touches the hearts of people who come by. Join in and let Olga show you around while telling you all the stories of what happened there in the past.

Great Women of Paris: Josephine Baker

Saturday, February 5th

Of course, Patrick had to come back with something new to make up his lost time with us! Join him for the first episode of his new series, Great Women of Paris! Each week we'll get to dive into the lives of Women that made a huge impact in Paris! To start, Patrick is in a party mood, so who better than Josephine Baker to "join" him. On Saturday, get to know more about this famous dancer's time in Paris.

Princess Wow's Hats & Costume Party

Friday, February 4th

Our host, Princess Wow, is an enthusiastic person that literally works to put smiles on people's faces! So I'm really looking forward for this new show of her. Come with us for costume party! Let's discover together Mindy's crazy and cool outfits and enjoy a fun time!

Best shows on BeamZ in the Next Two Days

Wednesday, February 2nd

Cannes - the Glamorous City of the French Riviera: join Eniko for a stroll and see the cobbled streets of the old town, some yachts in the old port, enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean coastline and more.

Orsay Museum, the best Impressionist museum in the world: enjoy the biggest collection of impressionist paintings and the museum's unique architecture and history with Josquin.

Spooky Paris Show: travel back through Paris' 2000 years old history full of crimes, legends, and mysteries with Josquin. Be prepared to be spooked!

Thursday, February 3rd

Best of Milan downtown: discover the highlights of Milan downtown with local Veronica and enjoy the city's beautiful architecture and rich history.

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