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NEW Shows and More with BeamZ this Week

NEW Shows


St Stephens Green - Dublin's most popular City Park

Thursday, December 30th

St Stephen's Green is one of Ireland's oldest public parks, located in the center of Dublin. It is both beautiful and very historical. Join us, and let our local guide, Dave take you for a walk through it and enjoy the beautiful views while hearing all about the interesting stories of the place.

The London Blitz - London resists Nazi attacks 57 days and 57 nights

Friday, December 31st

The Blitz refers to the strategic bombing campaign conducted by the Nazis against London and other cities in England from September of 1940 through May of 1941, targeting populated areas, factories and dock yards. Join in and hear everything about the breathtaking stories of the infamous 57 days and 57 nights.

Datanla Waterfall in Da Lat City Wednesday, December 29th Datanla used to be called “Da Tam N’nha” by the native people. The Kho who had been living there told that: in the old time, fairies usually came there to take a bath. Come join us for an adventure through this beautiful place and learn everything about the mysteries of this incredible part of Da Lat with Spring and Hieu.

The Great Spanish Port of Vigo: Sea, Food and Sun

Wednesday, December 29th

Port of Vigo located in Vigo, Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain is the biggest fishing port in the world and one of the busiest in transportation. There are many things to be discovered there. From traditions, food, culture, to the beautiful views of the sea and the sun. Join in and let our locals, Sean and Tiernan take you for a walk through to show you everything!


Hanoi's Cocktail Stories

Thursday, December 30th

Hanoi is famous for ancient temples, citadels, authentic museums, French architectural buildings, colorful markets as well as many spectacular landscapes. If you are looking for some fun time while enjoying beautiful views, join us for a walk through the city and hear all about the local stories, and the famous traditional cocktails while you are at it!

Holiday Specials

New Year Crafts Market

Wednesday, December 29th

Although such markets are less popular in Russia than in Europe, they remain an essential part of celebrating Christmas and New Year in Russian cities. The most incredible aspect of it is discovering the different traditions within the Russian culture and exploring the beautiful city. Join in and let Anna take you for a walk through Sevcabel Port!

Sparkling Christmas in Budapest!

Wednesday, December 29th

Holiday season in Hungary is still blooming! From fairy lights to wooden ornaments, from spiced mulled wine to roasted chimney cake, Budapest is a wonderfully festive place to celebrate the Christmas holidays. Come with us and let our local guide, Andrea, show you the beautiful city during this magical time of the year!

A Very Peruvian New Year's Eve

Thursday, December 30th

At midnight, fireworks and smoke fill the sky as thousands of people take to the street. Everyone hugs and wishes each other a happy New Year, and after that, the feast begins. First, Peruvians eat 12 grapes; each grape represents one month and one wish that you make. Join us, and learn everything about the incredible Peruvian New Year’s tradition while enjoying the beautiful city.

Edinburgh Christmas at the Botanics

Thursday, December 30th

Look forward to some fun during the holiday season, as you discover sparkling tunnels of light, dancing waterside reflections and trees drenched in jewel-like colour. Join us for a walk through Edinburgh’s Botanics in a moment of reflection, while mesmerising flickering flames in the fire garden and gaze up at larger-than-life illuminations, with our local host, Sam!

Series on BeamZ - NEW Episodes

Paris Chronicles with Patrick

Wednesday, December 29th

Situated in the shadow of the oldest church in Paris, you’ll find several rows of wooden Christmas chalet stalls on the Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés. In total, there are around thirty chalets at the Parisian Christmas market, which has been held in the square for well over twenty years. Join us and Patrick to experience Paris during the holiday season!

Sneak Previews


Da Lat: Morning Walk Around Foggy City

Sunday, January 2nd

Da Lat is known for being the City of Flowers and honeymooners with lovely villas, fresh air, nature, and much more! Join us for a morning walk through the downtown area and explore the beautiful landmarks and culture of this incredible Vietnamese city!

Da Lat: Clay Sculpture Tunnel – The “Greatest” Destination

Tuesday, January 4th

Clay tunnel Da lat is also known as Sculpture Tunnel. This is one of the most famous architectural works of the city, and is one of the top tourist destinations that travelers cannot ignore when visiting Dalat. Join in and let Spring and Hieu show you the world’s longest tunnel made of clay!

Holiday Specials

Join Patrick in his Country Home for New Year

Saturday, January 1st

This year, even though it was full of ups and downs, we sure made the best of it! And here with us on BeamZ, Patrick played a great part in it, taking us to many different interesting places in France. Now it’s time to close up 2021, and what better way to chat with us live at Patrick’s country house? Join in and let’s reflect on this year and everything that is still to come!

Winter Fun on the Yelagin Island

Sunday, January 2nd

Yelagin Island is an ideal place to spend time if you want some nature in the city. It's a beautiful park with numerous alleys and grass fields to lay down, with tons of fun things to do and explore. Join us and let our local host, Anna, take you for a walk through the Island during the holiday season!

More Shows on BeamZ

Thursday, December 30th

Holiday Special - Russian Christmas and New Year Market: go for a stroll along the Christmassy Nevsky Avenue to enjoy the festive vibe of the big city and do some shopping at the Christmas Market.

St. Andrews ancient Town and University: walk through the ancient town of St Andrews with Martin, where the largest building in Medieval Scotland once held the bones of the Saint.

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