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NEW Shows and More with BeamZ this Week

NEW Travel Shows

NYC Tour of Wall Street & Financial District

Premiere: Thursday, October 28th

Starting with the New York Stock Exchange at the historic corner of Broad and Wall Streets, Marcus will lead us through Wall Street. He includes some of the great stories that happened here with JP Morgan, the crash of 1929, and the cast of titans and robber barons. When you think of classic things to do in the Big Apple, this place is one of the first to come to mind. Join in and let Marcus show you around and tell you everything about it!

Our Eyes On Japan - Garden Tour No.2

Premiere: Wednesday, October 27th

Traditional Japanese gardens are famous the world over. These gardens highlight the beauty of nature, avoiding artificial, man-made components wherever possible. Come with us on the second episode of the Japan Garden Series, and let our hosts take you for a walk through Kyu Furukawa on a calming experience and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the place.

Can't make it on October 27th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Namaste Delhi

Premiere: Wednesday, October 27th

Delhi, the capital of India, instantly reminds me of diverse culture and beautiful traditions. It has a history that goes back many centuries and showcases ancient ways of life and a rapidly modernizing country. There sure is much to explore there. In this one, our hosts will take you to the very heart of the city itself and show us around. Don’t miss out - join us for a fun walk through Delhi to explore stunning cultural landmarks and beautiful traditional markets.

Martin's Edinburgh

Premiere: Thursday, October 28th

Cowgate is a street in Edinburgh, just a few steps away from Edinburgh Castle, within the city's World Heritage Site. In this corner of Scotland, there is much to be discovered. Come with us and let Martin take you to the lower level of Edinburgh's Old Town and show you the impressive castle and its surroundings.

Visit the Coastal Fishing Village of Cangas do Morrazo, Galicia, Spain

Premiere: Friday, October 29th

Spain has many beautiful towns and one that really stands out is Cangas do Morrazo, with its astonishing beaches and incredible foods. Besides being charming it also has a lot of interesting history to it. Come with us and discover the local fishing spots, amazing views, and much more, with our local guides, Sean and Tiernan.

Two New Shows in France

Pompidou Museum: Part 3!

Premiere: Thursday, October 28th

Join Patrick one more time at the Pompidou Center. This is one of the most important museums in Paris, and I can guarantee you don't want to miss seeing more of it. There's a lot to see since it holds one of the biggest collections of modern and contemporary work in the world (that's why Patrick needed 4 shows to show you everything). And it also has such a unique architecture, as you can already see below. So join Patrick for the first time at the museum or to see more of it!


Premiere: Friday, October 29th

Join our beloved host Patrick for a stroll at the charming town of Lamballe, a small French town, also referred to as the city of art. It holds a rich history and has amazing landscapes. The best thing is, only a few people know about this hidden gem of France, so you can be one of the lucky people to catch a glimpse of it. Walk around with Patrick in its narrow streets and explore the half-timbered houses, exhibition spaces, gardens, horses and much more.

Halloween Specials

Trick or Treat in Tokyo

Premiere: Thursday, October 28th

I’m excited, Halloween is nearing and with it more amazing shows that will be amazing. In this one, Kit and Sarah are going to show you a side of Halloween you probably don’t know much about. In Japan, this holiday is also widely celebrated, and with it come their own spooky stories about ghosts from the ancient days. Join us and hear all about them while enjoying some thrilling oriental Halloween.

Halloween the Bolivian way

Premiere: Friday, October 29th

As you probably know, Halloween is also called the Day of the Dead, but what if I told you that there is a place where this holiday is celebrated, where death doesn’t exist? For the Andean culture, death is understood as something much different, more in a way of a transition and life is something eternal. Join in and let Renan tell you everything about it while showing you how Halloween is commemorated in Bolivia.

NEW Food Shows

Let's Cook Indian Butter Chicken

Premiere: Thursday, October 28th

Cooking is a form of art, even more so when I see Komal preparing her delicious meals. How about learning how to make the tastiest Indian butter chicken? The good thing about it is that our host has every step laid out for you and it is actually pretty simple to make! Come join us and learn how to prepare this incredible meal, and you’ll be ready to impress your guests with some amazing food in no

Series on BeamZ - NEW Episodes

Paris Chronicles with Patrick

Wednesday, October 27th

Join Patrick for a special Halloween show in Paris! Discover the dark side of the city with your host. Travel back through years of Parisian history full of ghosts, legends, and mysteries. This is going to be a spine-chilling show, and I'm so excited for it.

Can't make it on October 27th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Mini-Series on BeamZ - NEW Episodes

Nest of Spies: Berlin and the Cold War

Thursday, October 28th

The ‘Cold War’ was anything but cold. Do you remember when the Berlin Wall fell? I think it was one of the most important moments of world history. So join host Martin for the next episode of his series where he will take you to explore the famous Berlin Wall. On this show we'll discover why it was raised and witness how even after falling it still affects the life of Berliners even in the present day.

Can't make it on October 28th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Food Section

Autumn Cooking live from the Island of Capri

Wednesday, October 27th

I am always excited when these two come together to teach us some new recipes. Straight from the beautiful island of Capri, Stefanie and Giuseppe will teach you how to make delicious Italian meals that will surprise you. They are always so happy to teach us and to answer our questions. Join us in this one and learn how to make delicious Eggplant Parmigiana while interacting with our hosts.

Can't make it on October 27th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Music Section Live intimate concert with Anna Scott Thursday, October 28th What better way to relax on Wednesday than with good live music right from the comfort of your house? Join us and Anna Scott for this week's show. We saved you a spot. Anna covers all kinds of musical genres, and even does requests. If you're a music lover or even just want to hear some live music in the background, this show is for you.

Sneak Previews

Halloween Specials

Curse of Egyptian Sphinxes

Premiere: Saturday, October 30th

Did you know that Egypt isn’t the only place with Sphinxes? In Basil, the island of St. Petersburg, they have their own 3000 year old mesmerizing Sphinxes that were brought to the city centuries ago. But these monuments are also known for causing mysterious and sometimes dark changes to the place and to the people that live near them. Join us on this show with Anna, and let her show you the place while telling you everything about the spooky stories and things that have happened there since they brought the Sphinxes.

The Dark side of Rome Premiere: Sunday, October 31st Trick or Treat is coming! Did you know that Halloween is celebrated in many interesting places around the globe? And every culture brings its own twist to it. Rome is no different. In this one, Federica is going to show you how it's done over there during a night walk. She assured us that there are many dark secrets to be uncovered in the Eternal City. Join us and take a tour through Rome while hearing everything about the creepy ancient stories.

Ghost of Michael’s Castle - in St. Petersburg Premiere: Sunday, October 31st Castles have always come with a bit of haunting, don’t you think? It seems that historically they are a place of ghosts and mysterious secrets. And this one is going to be special, because mystery and legends of ghosts are something this place has more than most. Join in and let Anna show you the premises while telling you all about the spooky stories that trail back from the ancient times of the Emperor.

The Lima City Horror Stories Premiere: Sunday, October 31st Are you ready for some spine-chilling horror stories about the most mysterious places in Lima? Every city, even Lima, has its dark side to it. I can assure you, these stories are going to be creepy. Come join us and our local host, Vanessa, who knows everything about them. Like a true local, she is going to take you in for a deep dive into the stories about ghosts, crimes, apparitions, and much more, that not many people know about.

Food Shows - Diwali Festival Specials Soya bean Chunks Rice Pulao Premiere: Saturday, October 30th How about something equally tasty and healthy? I always feel amazing when I eat something that is simply delicious and I know that it is doing good at the same time. In this one, JD is going to show you how to make Soya Chunks Pulao, a vegan meal that is a family favorite in India. Join in and let him show you how it's done!

Learn to Make Bread Pakora

Premiere: Sunday, October 31st

JD told me that this is simply something that is impossible to resist. When someone offers you Bread Pakora, you just don’t want to stop eating. It is too delicious. Come with us and let our enthusiastic Indian chef show you how to make this famous traditional snack. You will be able to prepare it at home with every meal at any time.

Great Shows in the Next Two Days

Wednesday, October 27th

Orange garden: the most romantic park of Rome: enjoy breathtaking views of the city and beautiful gardens.

The Terrace of Rome: Janiculum hill: go up to one of the highest hills of Rome and see some of the most spectacular views over the skyline of the Eternal city.

Edinburgh Castle and the Medieval Old Town: discover one of Scotland's most iconic castles and the places that surround it.

Alexander Down Under: Australian Slang: learn why Aussies speak the way they do and how to sound like an Aussie.

Thursday, October 28th Nin - Croatia's Oldest Royal City: take a grand tour through one of Europe's most beautiful destinations.

St. Nicholas Church in Nin: join host Anita in this relaxing walk to the lovely and historically significant church of St. Nicholas from the 11th century.

Amsterdam's Cat Cabinet: visit this unique and luxurious mansion from the 1600s, home to a collection of cat art and of course real cats.

Amsterdam: Highlights and Hangouts: take a grand tour through the city and explore its best sites with host Mark.

Welcome to Melbourne! Australia's Culture Capital: explore Australia's culture capital, sports capital and... food capital!

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