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Lots of Great New Shows for you

NEW Shows

Two New Shows in New York City

Central Park - The Highlights

Premiere - Thursday, August 12th

Join us on a stroll around the most famous park in the world and explore its iconic locations with our fun hosts Aaron and Patrick. You'll feel like a character in a movie when visiting Bethesda Fountain, Alice in Wonderland Statue and more.

Can't make it on August 12th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Greenwich Village

Premiere - Friday, August 13th

If you can't join Aaron and Patrick on Thursday, or were left wanting more, I have good news for you. They're doing another show at The Big Apple. Join them in Greenwich Village, this is not Central Park but it is as well filled with trees. But of course the neighborhood has its own perks, walk around and enjoy its bars, museums, unis and its own famous park, Washington Park.

Can't make it on August 13th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

NEW Episodes --- Series ON BeamZ

The Treasures of Rome

Sunday, August 8th

Have you ever heard about that myth where a wolf saves and feeds two human babies? I know, a weird question. But that's the topic of Federica's episode on Sunday. What I'm actually talking about is how that wolf and those two babies, Romulus and Remus have to do with the foundation of Rome in 753 BCE.

Can't make it on August 8th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Cooper’s Big Trip

Sunday, August 8th

How is our favorite family on BeamZ doing on their big trip? They’ve departed the historical Nicodemus and are now on their way for more adventures. But they realized that keeping a schedule on the road is not as easy as they thought. So let me just say, join them in their next episode and I can't say exactly where they'll be, which is part of the fun, but what I can affirm to you is that you'll have a great time, Cooper is always thinking about showing you the best of times.

A little spoiler, if they can stick to the schedule, you'll have a blast at the USA's biggest water park, Noah’s Ark.

Can't make it on August 8th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Paris' Great Americans

Tuesday, August 10th

On this week's episode Patrick will tell you about a French man who fought for the United States, odd huh? Well, I'm talking about Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette of course. The French aristocrat and military officer who fought in the American Revolutionary War, commanding American troops in several battles, including the siege of Yorktown.

Can't make it on August 10th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

NEW Episodes - Mini-Series ON BeamZ

Berlin's Jewish Heritage in 4 Episodes

Friday, August 6th

Embark with Martin on a journey through the history of the Jewish community in the city throughout the centuries. On this week's episode, get to explore some late 18th and 19th century landmarks and hear the many unique stories that surround them.

Can't make it on August 6th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

How to Create the Life of Your Dreams: Part 4

Friday, August 13th

This week, our host Ana is talking about something that has been on the trending topics of every social media that I know of for the past few months, affirmations and manifesting. When aiming for tiny and big goals, these make all the difference. Well, I can say that because I've tried both, and it's amazing, I'm not exaggerating, so join us and try it for yourself.

Can't make it on August 13th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

More New Show Premieres This Week

See The Sunset In Another Country

Sunset at Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

Premiere - Tuesday, August 10th

Maybe you went to Ohrid with BeamZ and host Apostolis, maybe not. Well, in any way you can't miss this show. Join him at Lake Ohrid for a breathtaking sunset, just look at the photo, I don't even need to say anything else. But, I will, to make it even better, his sister will be joining him and she'll show some local traditions.

Can't make it on August 10th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Quebec: Sunset over the Saint-Laurent River

Premiere - Sunday, August 8th

Another new series is coming to BeamZ, Samuel is spoiling you with a weekly series at one of the most charming cities in the world. Each week you'll get to see a colorful sunset with a view of Saint-Laurent River from a different place in Quebec.

Can't make it on August 8th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Hidden Gems of Prague: Wallenstein Garden Premiere - Saturday, August 7th Now that Max has done a good amount of shows of Prague's main landmarks, join him for this show in a less touristy spot of the city. On Saturday, visit Wallenstein Garden, built in the early 17th century, and explore statues, fountains, animals and even an artificial cave. Can't make it on August 7th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

The Flamboyant Nevsky Avenue Part II Premiere - Sunday, August 8th Some of you asked to see more of this famous avenue of St Petersburg, so, host Anna complied, join her again (or for the first time) to see more of its iconic landmarks. Walk in the heart of the city and explore its typical and charming architecture, and be surprised by the stories behind them. Can't make it on August 8th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Hagia Sophia: the Home of Three Religions

Premiere - Saturday, August 7th

BeamZ is happy to bring you to a new city, Istanbul in Turkey. On the first show in the city you'll get to visit Hagia Sophia with host Salih. This ancient place of worship was built in AD 537 and it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Can't make it on August 7th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Next week a New City ON BeamZ - Cuzco, Peru The Ancient Capital of the Incas Premiere - Friday, August 13th How many chances in a lifetime will you get to see the capital of the oldest civilization in South America? Join archeologist host Mike and take this walk through more than 3000 years of history. Oh and even better, you'll be guided by a local, so he'll show you some secret ancient spots.

NEW Shows - Food Section 2 Chefs in the Kitchen: Homemade pasta Saturday, August 7th Our praised chefs John and Patty have a special show for your weekend. They'll go "to the rescue" of couple Stephanie and David who recently renovated their kitchen and would love to make some fresh pasta to celebrate their new space. But one problem came to mind, they don't know where to start. So our chefs will Beamz over to this sweet couple's home to show them how to make this tasty recipe. Can't make it on August 7th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Learn to Make Indian Fragrant Jeera Rice

Friday, August 6th

Our beloved host JD Singh is excited to bring you a new show. Join him on Friday and learn how to make the famous Jeera Rice. If you're wondering, Jeera means Cumin in Hindi, so that's the main ingredient, besides, of course, rice. I've tried it and it's delicious, join us and make your own version.

Can't make it on August 8th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

A Big Love for Vietnamese Cuisine

Saturday, August 7th

This show is for all of you beamers that enjoy Asian food. On Sunday, join in on the fun and learn to make Lemongrass chicken with annatto oil from scratch, learn the secrets of this delicious dish with a real Vietnamese host, My Tran.

Can't make it on August 7th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Music Section

Live intimate concert with Anna Scott

New show every week - Saturday, August 7th

What better way to spend your Saturday than with good live music right from the comfort of your house? Join us and Anna Scott for this week's show. We saved you a spot.

Anna covers all kinds of musical genres, and even does requests. If you're a music lover or even just want to hear some live music in the background, this show is for you.

Can't make it on August 7th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Sneak Previews

Amsterdam: Boutiques, Markets & Foodie Tips

Premiere - Friday, August 13th

This is the show for all of you that enjoy mixing traveling and food. You may have seen Amsterdam with lovely host Lee before, this time let her show you around the city's darling little shops while enjoying the beautiful views. And, of course, get to check out some classic dutch dishes.

Spilled Blood Cathedral - A Jewel of Saint Petersburg

Saturday, August 14th

You can't visit Saint Petersburg without seeing the must-see Spilled Blood Cathedral, its most iconic landmark. If you're wondering why it has this name, join host Anna Levina and she will tell you.

London Village Vibes

Saturday, August 14th

Join Nathalie in Stoke Newington, a charming and quiet village-like neighborhood in the busy City of London. Enjoy a great ranging from deer to Banksy graffiti, so come on and join us, there's something for everyone in this show.

Machu Picchu, Peru: inside the Citadel & House of the Incas

Sunday, August 15th

If you've seen Machu Picchu with us and host Mike, now join us for Part Two, where he'll take you deeper into the Inca culture. This time, enjoy the breathtaking high views of the city and be impressed by the Citadel and its surroundings.

Walk to India's First Public Street Art District, Part 1

Sunday, August 15th

If you know host Jd then you know he usually does food shows. But he has an artistic side as well. So join him in a lovely walk through India's first Street art district, Lodhi Art in New Delhi. Housing over 56 murals (and counting) this is only Part 1 I guess you can tell why.

Saint Petersburg: Peter and Paul Cathedral Sunday, August 15th Join host Anna at Peter and Paul Cathedral, the oldest church of Saint Petersburg, Russia. And see the burial sites of the Romanov dynasty, from Peter the Great till Nicholas II and his family.

Sax in the City - Live music show in Amsterdam Sunday, August 15th Amsterdam, a boat ride and live music, what could be better than this? On BeamZ you can have just that. Host Mark Law and Chris Corstens, a professional jazz musician, will take you on a boat ride in Amsterdam. Join in this unique experience, see the beautiful views of the city while listening to lovely songs played by Corstens.

More Shows ON BeamZ

Friday, August 6th

Edinburgh History: Part 1: take a peek at one of the biggest castles in the world, Edinburgh Castle.

Discover Struga in Macedonia - the city of art and poetry: walk through a street with a "ceiling" of umbrellas.