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Loads of Fun NEW Shows This Week

NEW Travel Shows

NEW City and Country La Paz, Bolivia is now ON BeamZ Enjoy these three shows in our newest city Walk on the Moon with BeamZ - Moon Valley Premiere - Sunday, September 5th I'm so excited, this is our first show ever in Bolivia, another country to explore in South America. Let's start of course in La Paz, the country's capital. Our new host Renan is looking forward to showing you his favorite places in the city. On Sunday, join him at Moon Valley. If you're wondering, it's called that due to its rocky formations that resemble the Moon's soil. So I guess we could say you can "walk on the moon" with us. I wouldn't say no to that if I were you. Can't make it on September 5th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Monticulo Viewpoint Premiere - Tuesday, September 7th After visiting the Moon Valley, how about enjoying breathtaking views of the city? Host Renan will take you to Monticulo Viewpoint, one of the oldest viewpoints in the city. A view of the city and the snow capped mountains as well…. Tourists, locals, and lovers all find this place ‘enchanting’, I'm sure you don't want to be left out, so join us on Tuesday. Can't make it on September 7th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Cable Cars in La Paz

Premiere - Thursday, September 9th

Well, since we're talking about views, let's go to another landmark of the city where you can enjoy gorgeous views. Renan will take us to the city's famous Cable Cars. Did you know that it's the highest cable car in the world? Oh, and that it's the longest one as well? Actually, Bolivians use it as public transport. Imagine taking a cable car every day, that sounds fun. Come on a ride with us.

Can't make it on September 9th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Two New Shows in Prague

The Prague Jewish Ghost Tour

Premiere - Saturday, September 4th

We know you have loved Max's shows, Prague Jewish Quarter and Prague Ghost Tour, so here comes the highly anticipated crossover, Prague Jewish Ghost Tour. Join our star host Max for a spooky show in the city at night and explore the Jewish Ghetto with its many chilling stories.

Can't make it on September 4th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Swanky and hip - Prague's Letná district

Premiere - Sunday, September 5th

For your other weekend show with Max, let him take you to the Letná neighborhood. You'll get to feel like a local walking through this hip, charming district. Enjoy the unusual mix of different building styles that this corner of the city has to offer, such as art nouveau and art deco. And the good news is that you don't have to be an architecture buff to enjoy this.

Can't make it on September 5th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Discover the springs of Ohrid lake Premiere - Saturday, September 4th We know a lot of you have enjoyed our shows in Macedonia with host Apostolis so here's another one. This time, your host wants to show you more of the beautiful Ohrid Lake. Explore one of the oldest and deepest lakes in Europe and its surroundings. Just by looking at the photo below, I know this show will be great, how could you have a bad time at a place like that? Can't make it on September 4th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

The myth of the Foundation of Rome - the beginnings of an Empire

Premiere - Friday, September 10th

What does a wolf and two babies have to do with the foundation of the city of Rome? Well, if you're curious about what in the world I'm talking about, join host Federica on Friday. She'll tell you all about the tale of Romulus and Remus (yes, a little spoiler for you) while walking through the sites where Rome took its first steps towards becoming the center of a massive empire.

Can't make it on September 10th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Glasgow Street Art: Part 1 Premiere - Friday, September 3rd Our star host Sam wants to show you her artistic side this Friday. Join her to check out and appreciate some street art in Glasgow, the biggest city in the country. Walk around the city and discover its fascinating murals that tell the story of this amazing city, its people and history. Can't make it on September 3rd? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Stunning Croatia - Discover what makes Zadar unique in the world

Premiere - Thursday, September 2nd

When do you ever see nature and art come together as one to create something beautiful? Almost never, huh? So join our new host Anita, and she will give you just that. She'll take you to two famous art installations in Zadar, Croatia, that work with nature to make unique and fascinating art. Let me give you a spoiler of one of the creations you'll see, Sea Organs (take a peek below), where the ocean plays music, I know you want to know how that works so let host Anita show you this and much more.

Can't make it on September 2nd? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Starting Wednesday - BeamZ Newest Reality Show

The Biggest Gainer

Premiere - Wednesday, September 1st

Can 600,000 TikTok fans be wrong (yes but not this time) - and they also had 750,000 views on YouTube yesterday alone - These two guys are fun to watch.

You may not think this show is for you - but I think you should give it a try ---- BeamZ and Schmidtness Fitness have teamed up for this first of a kind fitness competition show.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing this one. I'll tell you why. Imagine a live-streaming reality TV show (yes 100% real, no scripts, no edits) where two teams, led by our coaches Andrew and Vitaliy, will "fight" each other to see who will have the best body transformations in just 10 weeks. Oh, and you can even join in on the workouts, I will. Who will be the biggest gainer? Find out for yourself and cheer for your team.

Can't make it on September 1st? We've got your back, check other dates here.

NEW Food Shows Discover Hungary through Gastronomy! Premiere - Saturday, September 11th Will you join our new host Marta in Hungary? She welcomes you into her kitchen for some delicious recipes. Each week you'll get to learn typical Hungarian dishes with Marta while she tells you more about her culture. This Saturday you can start with a simple local dish, "Lecso", an easy and comforting type of vegetable dish. Can't make it on September 11th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Learn how to make Indian Turmeric milk Or Golden Milk at home Premiere - Monday, September 6th We know you all love JD's shows, so next Monday join him to learn a new recipe. This one is very special, it's a healing beverage. Golden Milk is a comforting drink made with milk, turmeric and warm spices. The turmeric makes it perfect for an everyday immunity booster or for when you're feeling under the weather. I started consuming turmeric every day and let me tell you, it made such a difference in my health.

Indian Vegetarian Cooking- Let's prepare tempting Shahi Paneer/Tofu Premiere - Wednesday, September 1st Learn to make an Indian vegetarian dish (although all of our other recipes have a version for our veggie beamers as well), Shahi Paneer. This is a really comforting and delicious dish, perfect for those days when you want to make something easy, that still tastes amazing and warms your soul. Can't make it on September 1st? We've got your back, check other dates here.

One Time Specials Peter the Great’s Palace - built as the Russian response to Versailles The Unforgettable Peterhof Residence - Part 1 Saturday, September 4th - with a 30-minute break between Part 1 and Part 2 Travel back to the XVIII century with Anna Levina and enjoy this unique tour in the summer residence of one of the most popular royal families of the ancient world: The Romanovs. Explore the Peterhof palace, and its huge park, with more than 160 fountains, 300 sculptures, and a lot of gold. There's a lot to see, so host Anna is doing a Part 2 as well on the same day. Sign up for Part 1 or Part 2 or, if you have time, for both. This is a one-time special so don’t miss it ….

Cap Frehl - France Friday, September 3rd On Friday, join star host Patrick for a magical day. Start by visiting the gorgeous peninsula of Cap Frehl. Just look at the photo below, how can you say no to that? Come and let yourself be taken by its beautiful crystal clear water, cliffs, wildlife, and more.

The Harbor of Dahouet - France Friday, September 3rd After visiting the beautiful Cap Frehl, continue your relaxing Friday with Patrick on the harbor of Dahouet, a small Breton harbor located in the commune of Pléneuf-Val-André. Walk around and enjoy the beautiful and picturesque views while your host fills you in on the place's history.

D-Day June 44: Gold Beach Monday, September 6th Operation Overlord, best known as D-Day landings, on Normandy beaches, was the largest military operation in history. And the sites that were once part of the war, have become tourist spots that today are a plateful for travelers interested in WWII history. So this Monday join Patrick at one of them, the famous Gold Beach.

NEW Episodes - Series On BeamZ Paris Chronicles with Patrick Wednesday, September 1st This Wednesday, let Patrick take you to the Saint-Sulpice church. This site was built over a Roman temple in 1631, and it's the second-largest church in Paris. Go inside and be amazed by its architecture, history, and art (Delacroix paintings await you). Oh, and how could I forget, if you're a fan of The Da Vinci Code, this was one of the locations of the movie (you would know I guess), so how about exploring the church like the characters in the movie?

​​Art Section Discover Watercolor Painting: Galaxies Wednesday, September 1st You may have seen a painting show with lovely host Giulia already or not but in any case next Friday since some of you asked, she's doing another theme, galaxies. Learn how to paint galaxies and beautiful skies and get some tips and tricks about supplies and techniques.

Paint with me! Wednesday, September 1st Well since a lot of you had so many questions for Giulia, she's going to do a live Q&A interview show, so you can get to know more about her and of course her painting. This is your chance to get a little behind the scenes of her painting shows. But don't worry, while she's answering your questions, she will paint some pretty pieces.

Sneak Previews (shows coming in a week) Tarot Readings by Christine Premiere - Friday, September 10th I am in on this one. I have always wanted to do this with someone who is really talented. I want to watch her with other people, and maybe I will be brave enough to ask her to do a reading for me. (maybe you will go first…) This is Beamz’s first tarot show, with the amazing Clover Tarot. You can either ask anything you want or, if you’re shy, you can just watch while other people consult with her. I am going to be in the audience when this show starts.

Travel shows Murillo Square - La Paz Premiere - Wednesday, September 8th Join Renan while you take a lovely walk through the heart of Bolivia’s capital, the Murillo Square. Explore the Presidential Palace, the Cathedral of the city, and the Congress of the Republic, and feel the Latino vibe of the beautiful city of La Paz.

Barranco, the Bohemian district of Lima Premiere - Friday, September 10th Join our host, Vanessa Vasquez, in this brand-new tour of the hypest neighborhood of Lima… home to artists, poets, and musicians, the Barranco district will take your breath away and show you the Peru you didn’t even know exists. Explore the colorful walls, a lot of street art, and the beautiful stone beach.

Charity Tour of Prague's Olsany Cemetery Premiere - Saturday, September 11th Join Beamz star-host, Max, in this brand-new Prague show… Take a walk on the most famous cemetery of Czech capital and discover the story behind hundreds of years of history. Old graves, burial chapels, and ancient sculptures, all in one show… and the best of it? This show helps a good cause! 50% of the guide's proceeds go to reconstructing endangered heritage. So click on the button and book now!

St. Andrews, Scotland - ancient Town and University Premiere - Sunday, September 12th If you haven't seen a part of St Andrews with host Martin before, this is your chance, he's going back to this charming city to show you more of it. This time, let him take you on a walk through the town's oldest buildings and discover its ancient history. Oh, and fun fact, you will even get to visit the place where Prince William met Kate Middleton.

Titicaca and the Man-Made Floating Islands Premiere - Monday, September 13th Lake Titicaca is located on the border between Peru and Bolivia in the Andes Mountains, and is one of the largest lakes in South America and the highest navigable watercourse in the world. It’s also considered the birthplace of the Incas, housing several ruins. Yes, it’s a truly fascinating and beautiful lake. Join host Michael and meet the Uros, a community that lives on its man-made islands. Have a lovely boat ride with us, enjoy breathtaking views and learn about a new culture.

Food Show Sneak Besan Chilla Indian Healthy Breakfast Pancake Premiere - Saturday, September 11th Do you like pancakes? Well, most people do, so how about learning how to make Indian pancakes (they're savory)? And what's even better, they are a healthy option for when you're craving pancakes, but you don't want all those calories. So let our known beamer chef JD show you how to make them.

More Shows ON BeamZ

Wednesday, September 1st Day Trips from Amsterdam: walk and cycle nearby towns and villages, this Wednesday visit Monnickendam, a charming harbour.

How to Create the Life of Your Dreams: Part 4: on this episode host Ana will talk about affirmations and manifesting. When aiming for tiny or big goals, these make all the difference. Come and find out.

Thursday, September 2nd Paris: The Jewish Quarter: walk around the neighborhood of Marais, a Bohemian and bustling district, which mixes art galleries, hotels, restaurants, designer stores, bars, and cafés.

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