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How to Structure a BeamZ Live Show if you're a Tour Guide?

Here are some simple tips on how to structure a BeamZ live show if you’re a tour guide… Maybe there are some that you may have not thought of!

For starters, in show business, you’ll need a strong start, a strong middle and a strong ending. Here’s what we mean.

A strong visual at the beginning and end

Do not miss your first impression. Anl in-person tour is subservient to geography, while an online show is not. So for a tour guide, this means the show needn’t start at the entrance of the landmark, like near the ticket office and the parking lot.

With your online audience, you have the freedom to move around without a group, so you can start at a spot that provides an immediate visually-striking first impression! The same goes for the ending.

Keep them entertained to the end

Do not take for granted that your viewers will keep up watching your show to the end -- they can switch off at any time.

So hit them with a great first impression, that’ll engage them, and to incentivize them to stay through the end, save something good for last – and repeat it throughout the tour.

If you can create uncertainty over the outcome of your show, use that too! Keep your Beamers uncertain and curious of how your show is going to end.

Keep ‘em coming back for more

Be sure to promote your next episode to give your Beamers a reason to want to join you and not miss a single episode. Do this only once you have your audience well engaged.

At times you might also refer temptingly to your previous episode – too bad for those who missed it, and those who did see it will feel special.

Lastly, follow up!

Feel free to share some photos or special tidbits from your last show in our Facebook group afterwards, as your audience tends to come back if they build a loyalty and connection with you.

Sean virtual show 2.jpeg
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