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Have Tons of Fun with BeamZ this Week

NEW Travel Shows

Zadar Sunset Tour

Premiere: Thursday, October 14th

Alfred Hitchcock has said that Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, so that got me very intrigued to join in on this show. And there's more to this show. Anita will take you to a lovely walk through Zadar’s waterfront, you'll get to see barkajoli (typical Croatian boats), the city walls (protected by UNESCO) and even art installations that work with nature to create unique pieces. This tour has a little bit of everything, nature, history, art and of course beauty… so join us and enjoy the ride!

Can't make it on October 14th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Titicaca's Sunset

Premiere: Friday, October 15th

How about seeing another beautiful sunset with us? And what's so great about this one? We will see it from the highest navigable lake in the world! Join host Renan in this amazing tour at Titicaca’s Lake and discover the most breathtaking sunset of Bolivia. You will also discover the best spot to see the lake, hear about its history and explore it like a true local.

Can't make it on October 15th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

A walk in the Ohrid bazaar

Premiere: Wednesday, October 13th

Apostolis is ready to take us yet again to another amazing place in Ohrid. He has shown you the lake, the sunset, and the beautiful landmarks, but what about everyday life? Join in for a fun, relaxing walk through Ohrid’s Bazaar and you’ll find that it is just as mesmerizing as the other locations. The Bazaar is an exotic mixture of culture, religions, and unique shops. And that’s not all, he will also take you to the central square so that you don’t miss the breathtaking view of the lake in this one either.

Can't make it on October 13th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

One Time Only

Himalayan Mountain Town

Premiere: Friday, October 15th

Ahh, the Himalayan Mountains and its beautiful lakes. Seems like I can breathe the fresh air just from thinking about it. In this show, our host Komal will take you to a special place, it is going to be a surprise. But I can give you a sneak peek. Come join us to find out!

Two Shows in Lima, Peru

Barranco’s Street Art Tour

Premiere: Saturday, October 16th

Lima is an amazing city, there is always so much to see and discover there. In this show, Vanessa will take you to the famous Barranco, where street art and graffiti have been flourishing for years and turning this part of the city into a beautiful art piece of itself.

Explore The Huaca Mateo Salado Pyramid in Peru

Premiere: Saturday, October 16th

Explore the 1500 year old adobe pyramid of Lima. In ancient times, pre-Incan civilizations had also built temples with similar forms and structures in the heart of Peru. Come with us on this adventure and let our local host, Vanessa, guide you through the temple in the archaeological route of the city, while telling you all about it.

Prague's Cubic Neighborhood Premiere: Saturday, October 16th I know you have heard about Picasso and Braque, but did you know that the cubism in their art influenced one of the greatest Czech modernist architects to build some of the most groundbreaking houses and buildings in the country at the time? Join us and our local host, Max, and discover the mix between mystical and rational architecture that has become one of the landmarks of the city. Can't make it on October 16th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

NEW Food Show

Chocolate Chai Tea Latte

Premiere: Saturday, October 16th

I love coffee and hot chocolate, or both mixed together. Do you? But I must say that I’ve never tried it with tea, that’s why I'm so interested in this one. Our talented Indian chef, JD, told us that it is delicious. And the best part about it is that it is good for your health. Come with us to learn how to make Chai Tea Latte and chat with our host while making your own.

NEW Coaching Show Wednesdays with Ana Premiere: Wednesday, October 13th If you haven't seen our shows with Ana before, I have to tell you, you're missing a lot! Our host Ana Weisberger is a certified life coach and has done a mini-series with us, which I watched fully and it was truly enlightening. And since people loved it so much, she's doing another show with us. This time she will cover self-love. In these social media days it has become even more important to talk about in my opinion. Having more self-love is a real game changer for your life. I'm anxious to see how Ana can help with that! Can't make it on October 13th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Series on BeamZ - New Episodes Paris Chronicles with Patrick Wednesday, October 13th This week, join Patrick at the famous Pont Neuf, the oldest bridge across the river Seine in Paris. As you may imagine, there's so much history to this beautiful landmark, and your host wants to tell you more about it. So join us and discover more of Paris' history on this walk with breathtaking views. Can't make it on October 13th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

The Biggest Gainer: Fun, Fitness Reality TV Show Wednesday, October 13th Join in for another episode of our fitness series and see whose team will win, Andrew's or Vitaliy's! Oh, and if you missed our last mails, here's a quick catch-up. Two teams, led by our hosts Andrew and Vitaliy, "fight" each other to see who will have the best body transformations in just 10 weeks. Every week, there's a new episode, so tune in. Can't make it on October 13th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Lifestyle Section Guided Meditation For Deep Relaxation Wednesday, October 13th Stress has always been a part of life, but nowadays, the amount of it seems to have risen drastically. But there is hope! Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health. Join us on this fun and calming experience and let our Australian host, Alexander, guide and teach you some techniques that will make you start or end your day on a very positive note. Can't make it on October 13th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Music Section

Live intimate concert with Anna Scott

Wednesday, October 13th

Straight from London, join our lovely musician and host Anna Scott for an interactive, live and intimate concert. Anna will entertain you with both talk of the songs she sings and, of course, her wonderful voice. If you've missed going to shows, this is your chance. Come sing and dance with us!

Can't make it on October 13th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Sneak Premieres

Haunted London Series

Premiere: Sunday, October 17th

I am excited, this one is new and is going to be spine-chilling. As you know, Nathalie has shown us some parts of London and told us the haunted stories of some of the darkest parts of the city. In this series, she is going to take us to the spookiest places in London every other Sunday. Join us for the first one and explore the locations of cursed mummies and learn all about the sinister tales that most people don’t know about.

Poha India's popular Healthy Breakfast

Premiere: Sunday, October 17th

Nowadays, it seems like we are always in a rush, and sometimes we don’t have the time to cook ourselves a great meal. That’s why I love it when JD shows us how to make delicious Indian recipes that don’t take too much cooking and are also good for our health. In this one he is going to show us how to cook “Poha”, a popular Indian meal that besides being tasty is very nutritious and ideal for any time of the day. Come with us to find out how!

Giza Pyramids & The Sphinx

Premiere: Monday, October 18th

This is going to be amazing! The Egyptian Pyramids and the Sphinx have to be one of the most famous and mysterious things in the world. And now you can go visit them from your home! Join us and let our local guide, Khaled, show you two of the most incredible landmarks there are while telling you all about its stories. Oh, and you can ask him about everything, he’s a specialist. So don’t miss out!

Autumn Cooking live from the Island of Capri

Premiere: Monday, October 18th

I am always excited when these two come together to teach us some new recipes. Straight from the beautiful island of Capri, Stefanie and Giuseppe will teach you how to make delicious Italian meals that will surprise you. They are always so happy to teach us and to answer our questions. Join us in this one and learn how to make delicious pumpkin risotto while interacting with our hosts.