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Have Tons of Fun with BeamZ this Week

NEW Travel Shows

Old Moscow and the Bolshoi Theatre

Premiere - Saturday, October 9th

Wow, the Bolshoi Theatre… It has always been a dream of mine to visit this place to go to a show there. That's why I won't miss this show. Come with us and our lovely host, Anna, as we explore Moscow’s Theater Square. The Bolshoi, and Malay Theaters are there as well as the original art deco Metropol Hotel. There is even an underground river. I can’t wait to see the beauty of the Theatre and experience the mixture of Russian ballet, opera, drama theatre and architecture.

Can't make it on October 9th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Three Shows in South America

Bolivia's Witch Market

Premiere - Sunday, October 10th

I am intrigued just by thinking about it. I can’t even imagine what our local guide, Renan, is going to show us at this ancient Witch Market in Bolivia. That’s why I am so excited. Join us and explore a place in La Paz that has so many mysterious things to offer. Discover all the amazing things that are being traded there, from ancient traditional medicines, magical and ritualistic elements, and much more. There's a reason it's called the Witch Market.

Can't make it on October 10th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Bolivia's Moon valley at night

Premiere - Friday, October 8th and Saturday October 9th

This one is going to be a special trip. Join us and our local guide, Renan, and beam yourself to Bolivia’s Moon Valley, just outside of La Paz, where the mysterious rock formations shine with the moonlight. Given the shape of the formation this only happens once a year and only for two nights. Yeah, you don’t want to miss it.

Cloud Forest Hummingbirds in Ecuador

Premiere - Friday, October 8th

I’ve always enjoyed watching and hearing the birds. Where I live there are actually quite a lot of them. That’s why I am looking forward to this one. Mindo is a beautiful place in Ecuador and it is famously known as one of the best birdwatching locations in the country. I even heard that they love visitors! Join us, and let our host, Stefany, guide you through this relaxing walk. Don’t forget to plug in some good headphones for the full experience.

Can't make it on October 8th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Two shows - One Day only - New City

Victoria, British Columbia

Monday, October 11th

Come with us on this two show special and explore the two most beautiful parts of Victoria, Canada. Our local host, Patrick, will make sure that you'll get to see the best spots in town in just two shows on the same day! This city has many magnificent places to discover, such as the Inner Harbor and Thunderbird Park. Join in on the fun and chat with us and Patrick about everything.

NEW Food Show

Learn to make Jeera Aloo (Cumin Potatoes)

Premiere - Saturday, October 9th

Since JD's recipes are so loved, he has a new one planned for you. This Saturday, join him to make Jeera Aloo, a yummy side dish made with potatoes and cumin seeds. And the best thing, you can make it quickly and even pair it with almost anything!

Series on BeamZ - New Episodes

Paris Chronicles with Patrick

Wednesday, October 6th

Let's visit the beautiful and famous park right behind the Eiffel Tower, The Champ de Mars! Have you ever seen people doing picnics with a view of the Eiffel Tower? That's where they do it. But there's so much more than beauty to the park, let Patrick tell you all about its history during a breathtaking walk.

Can't make it on October 6th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

The Biggest Gainer: Fun, Fitness Reality TV Show Wednesday, October 6th Join in for another episode of our fitness series and see whose team will win, Andrew's or Vitaliy's! Oh, and if you missed our last mails, here's a quick catch-up. Two teams, led by our hosts Andrew and Vitaliy, "fight" each other to see who will have the best body transformations in just 10 weeks. Every week, there's a new episode so tune in. Can't make it on October 6th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Our Eyes on Japan - Backstreet Treasures Series Thursday, October 7th Hey foodie, this one's for you! Hosts Kit and Sarah are doing a series in Tokyo, in the neighborhood of Kappabashi. If you don't know this place is a true hidden gem for food lovers, there are tons of amazing food shops and restaurants. So join them to see it for yourself. Can't make it on October 7th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

More Show Premieres - Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week

Two Shows in Porto, Portugal

Ribeira - The Magical River Front of Porto

Wednesday, October 6th

Come with us and visit Ribeira, a colorful Porto neighborhood along the river. Host Sara will show us everything from merchant homes from the 1300’s built on top of the old city wall, the old medieval docks and the colorful 17th century townhomes on main square. I will be on this show enjoying the amazing things to explore in this unique historic place by the river.

From the Cathedral Hillfort down to Henry the Navigator in Porto Friday, October 8th This one is going to be an adventure. Join our local Portuguese host, Sara, and let her take you along for a walk through the Porto settlement from top to bottom. In each step, we have new things to discover. From an old fortress to a 2nd Century Romanesque Cathedral and ancient strongholds. Sara will even show you an amazing viewpoint from where you can gaze at the entire city from above.

London: Home of 007 and US Embassy Thursday, October 7th Let our host Nathalie take you to a hidden neighborhood in London, Vauxhall. Hop on her bike and enjoy a ride with views of the River Thames. There's a lot of great things to see, from the MI6 (home of the British Secret Services, you may have seen it in James Bond movies) to the unique US embassy (the architecture of it is breathtaking). Join us and have a great time, there's a ton of things to see.

Zadar Tour Part 1 Thursday, October 7th Join host Anita for one more tour in the beautiful city of Zadar next Thursday. If you haven't seen any of her shows, this is a great opportunity since it will be kind of a grand tour through some of the city's most iconic landmarks. Let Anita take you to the magnificent old city walls and gates, both placed under protection by UNESCO. And not only that, you'll also pass the city gates and get to explore much more.

Music Section

Live intimate concert with Anna Scott

Wednesday, October 6th

What better way to relax on Wednesday than with good live music right from the comfort of your house? Join us and Anna Scott for this week's show. We saved you a spot.

Anna covers all kinds of musical genres, and even does requests. If you're a music lover or even just want to hear some live music in the background, this show is for you.

Can't make it on October 6th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Sneak Previews

Saint Petersburg - The Series

Premiere - Sunday, October 10th

After much begging from her fans, Anna has launched her new weekly series on Saint Petersburg. We know that St Petersburg has beautiful palaces and incredible museums… and Anna plans to cover those. But what if I told you that they also have the coolest neighborhoods, with creative architecture, old mansions, interesting shops, and trendy cafes!Anna will show us new haunts and old favorites each week on this brand new series. Discover all the different sides of the old Russian capital.

New Delhi Street Art Walk Part-2

Premiere - Sunday, October 10th

If you watched part 1 or didn't, you'll love part 2. Join in for a walk with our local host, JD, and explore India’s first street art district that astonishingly houses over 56 beautiful murals. The best part is, you get to see all the amazing art and share your thoughts about them with JD and everyone who will be there with you.

The Prague Ghost Series

Premiere - Sunday, October 10th

October is Halloween’s month and the spooky spirit is all around us. Your favourite Prague’s host, Max Hutar, invites you to his brand new show, The Prague Ghost Series. Discover the dark side of the incredible city, while you listen to creepy ghost stories and explore uncovered corners.

Melrose in the Scottish Borders

Premiere - Sunday, October 10th

Visit Melrose with star host Sam, the city was once home to the Votadini Tribe during the Iron Age, there is a museum that holds precious ancient Roman history, and is even the place where King Robert the Bruce's heart was buried. Oh boy, this is going to be exciting. Join us and let Sam show you around while telling you everything about it.

More Shows on BeamZ

Wednesday, October 6th

Foro Italico and the Olympic stadium of Rome: discover this area off the beaten path where the modern Romans hang out in their everyday lives.

Edinburgh Castle and the Medieval Old Town: visit one of Europe's most iconic castles and also get to explore its surroundings.

Egyptian Treasure hunting of Rome: join host Federica to find the fragments of the ancient Egyptian temple of Isis in Rome.

Thursday, October 7th Discover what makes Zadar unique in the world: visit installations that work with nature to make truly unique pieces of art.

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