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Have a great weekend ON BeamZ - July 2nd

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Camille in Paris

Camille in Paris

Tuesday, July 6th After a three-month break by popular demand, our charming host Camille is back with her show. Walk along the Seine River in Paris while listening to Camille's beautiful voice as she sings Edith Piaf's biggest hits. Can't make it on July 6th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Join Camille! Reserve here!

Brand New Shows ON BeamZ Cycle Amsterdam!

Sunday, July 4th What is the best way to explore Amsterdam like a local? By bike, of course. Hop on Mark's bike and enjoy the city's lovely views and landmarks. Can't make it on July 4th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Cycle in Amsterdam! Reserve here!

Hidden Gems of the Louvre: Michelangelo's Sculptures

Monday, July 5th Patrick has a new mini-series for you, discover The Louvre's less seen but still amazing pieces. In this episode, explore Michelangelo's sculptures. Michelangelo was a great genius of the Italian Renaissance. In this show, see his sculptures in the Louvre and get to know all about the artist's practice called “non-finito” (or incomplete).

See Michelangelo's sculptures! Reserve here!

Paris: Pompidou Center

Wednesday, July 7th Over three million people a year visit this iconic Parisian museum, a pioneer in contemporary art and architecture. Check out its colorful tubes located outside the building that contrast against the gray landscape of the neighborhood. And of course, see one of the best collections of modern and contemporary art in the world.

Visit Pompidou Center! Reserve here!

Newest Episode of the Weekend Series ON BeamZ From Scotland with lots of love

Saturday, July 3rd This week Sam takes you to the picturesque East Linton village. Go back in time and visit Preston Mill an unusual and eye-catching 18th-century mill with a Dutch-style roof. A short walk away, take a peek at Phantassie Doocot, a restored 16th-century dovecot. Can't make it on July 3rd? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Visit East Linton! Reserve here!

The Treasures of Rome

Sunday, July 4th Feel like Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday as Federica takes you to the famous Spanish Steps and Piazza di Spagna in Rome. Enjoy the iconic architecture of the landmarks. Can't make it on July 4th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Visit The Piazza di Spagna! Reserve here!

Feeling at Home Around the World with Kelsey

Monday, July 5th This week, join Kelsey in Downtown Denver. She prepared a fun bucket list to go through with you, all the spots, foods and art that you have to see in the mile-high city. Can't make it on July 5th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Visit Downtown Denver! Reserve here!

From London - Live with Anna Scott

Thursday, July 1st Sit with Anna in the front row of an intimate nightclub show, as Anna sings and tells tales of the musician's life in London. From the Beatles to Aretha Franklin, Anna has the range to bring you to tears and cheers. Can't make it on July 1st? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Join Anna! Reserve here!

Real Reality TV ON BeamZ - Live in Los Angeles Cooper's Big Trip

Sunday, July 4th In this series, you join in a trip around the world in 500 days in a van with Cooper Bates, award-winning writer, and actor, and his family. Real family. Real travel. Every show is a different experience. In this episode, Cooper will show you around the Nyx, the van that will take Cooper, his family, and you everywhere. Let's see together if all is good for our around the world trip. Can't make it on July 4th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Join Cooper around the world! Reserve here!

Milian Art Show on BeamZ

Friday, July 2nd

Discover Watercolor Painting

A fun, entertaining watercolor painting show with Giulia D'andrea. You might even learn to paint and create your own pieces...

Can't make it on July 2nd? We've got your back, check other dates here.Learn to watercolorl! Reserve here!

For International Foodies

Friday, July 2nd

A Big Love to Vietnamese Cuisine: Savory Pancakes - learn to make this popular crispy Vietnamese pancake called “Banh Xeo” with our lovely host My Tran.Make Vietnamese Pancakes! Reserve here!Saturday, July 3rd

A Big Love to Vietnamese Cuisine: Banana ice cream with coconut milk. - yes you read that right, host My will do another show this weekend, this time learn to make this delicious sweet, in Vietnamese is called "Kem Chuối". Make Vietnamese Ice Cream! Reserve here!Saturday, July 3rd

Cooking in Capri: Zucchini and Eggplant Parmesan - join chefs Stefanie and Giuseppe and learn how to make this delicious traditional Italian dish.Make Zucchini and Eggplant Parmesan! Reserve here!Tuesday, July 6th

Paris bistro: Food & Wine chez Patrick - on this show, super host Patrick will fill you in on the basics of wine tasting as well as how to pair it with delicious cheeses.Cheese and Wine Tasting! Reserve here!Tuesday, July 6th

(Spoiler - Don’t miss a show with Jd. Recent fan quote - “Jd may be your biggest hidden gem in all of BeamZ”)

Chai Tea Master Class - join lovely host Jd in his kitchen for an immersion in Indian culture and learn how to make Chai, a typical tea. Make Chai with us! Reserve here!

Sneak Previews

Lisbon - Alfama - Everyone’s favorite neighborhood in Lisbon - premieres Thursday, July 8th.Visit Lisbon! Reserve here!

Alternative London - Our London travel host Natalie, takes you off the beaten track to find the more interesting parts of London - Premieres Friday, July 9th. Visit Camden Town! Reserve here!

Almost New Shows

Friday, July 2 - Russia - St. Petersburg: Peter and Paul Fortress - explore the landmark where the Russian Empire began and, later, ended.Visit St. Petersburg! Reserve here!