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Have a great weekend ON BeamZ: June 25th

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Here are the next shows starting June 25th.

New City

Must See of Ljubljana

Sunday, June 27th

Ljubljana, is often called “: The most Charming Capital in Europe”. BeamZ is happy to welcome new host Mateja. She will t bring Ljubljana to you, live., Just by the photo above, you can have a sneak peek of its beauty. Join us to explore more…

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New Shows ON BeamZ

London: Harry Potter Film Locations

Sunday, June 27th

For all the Harry Potter fans, our host Jasmin has a special show for you. Visit the movies locations in London and walk in the footsteps of the series characters.

Can't make it on June 27th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

See Harry Potter locations! Reserve here!

Getsemani: the Hip Neighborhood of Cartagena

Sunday, June 27th

Come back to Cartagena, Colombia with us. This time visit Getsemani, a Bohemian neighborhood full of life. Imagine art murals, colors and a charming architecture, you don't want to miss it.

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Majestic Montmorency Waterfalls Trip

Monday, June 28th

Get to see a waterfall higher than Niagara Falls with host Samuel. This show is not only breathtaking views, discover the many stories that surround this place, featuring battles and ghosts.

Can't make it on June 28th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

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Edinburgh from Calton Hill

Monday, June 28th

See Edinburgh differently in this show. Martin will take you through the city's hills that were formed by volcanic activity dating back 340 million years ago. Enjoy beautiful views of the city from the hills and more.

Can't make it on June 28th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

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Edinburgh The University Area

Friday, June 25th

Martin has one more new show waiting for you. Imagine walking in the very footsteps of Charles Darwin, he was one of the alumni of Edinburgh's University, besides many other important figures. Enjoy a tour through its beautiful campus guided by Martin, who was once a student there.

Can't make it on June 25th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

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One time specials - Brittany Weekend Friday, June 25th Saint-Malo Visit Saint-Malo, a beautiful French walled city, located in the Brittany region. Take a walk through the city and enjoy the view of its beaches, its charming architecture and more.

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Dinard and a Boat Cruise

On the same day, right after Saint-Malo you'll enjoy a lovely boat ride to Dinard. The city has a gorgeous seaside and has retained its Belle Époque spirit, as you'll see by its many late 19th century villas.

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Newest episodes of Series ON BeamZ

Feeling at Home Around the World with Kelsey

Saturday, June 26th

This weekend join Kelsey in Oaxaca City, Mexico. This charming and colorful city has a lot to offer. Walk around its Old Town, enjoy Mexican culture, appreciate the beautiful nature that surrounds the city and more.

Can't make it on June 26th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

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From Scotland with lots of love

Saturday, June 26th

This week, Sam takes you to Dunbar. This city is filled with history, it was one of the most important Scottish Fortresses during the Middle Ages. And, its castle, once sheltered Mary Queen of Scots when she fled Edinburgh.

Can't make it on June 26th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Visit Dunbar! Reserve here!

The Treasures of Rome

Sunday, June 27th

Did you know that there's a pyramid in Rome? This weekend, let Federica tell you all about it while walking through a less touristy part of the city, Testaccio neighborhood.

Can't make it on June 27th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

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Magical Prague: 8 Episodes with Max

Wednesday, June 30th

This Sunday, Max will exceptionally meet you 2hrs earlier in order to show you a very special garden. Join him in Wallenstein Garden, built up in the early 17th century, this little paradise on earth contains statues, fountains, even peacocks, and more.

Can't make it on June 27th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

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Paris Chronicles with Patrick - 12 episodes

Wednesday, June 30th

This week go back in time with Patrick, visit Paris's landmarks from the Middle Ages. Walk around Ile de la cité where the city was founded. There you'll get to see the famous Notre Dame.

Can't make it on June 30th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

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Real Reality TV ON BeamZ - Live

Cooper's Big Trip

Sunday, June 27th

Now in Los Angeles

In this series, you join in a trip around the world in 500 days with Cooper Bates, award-winning writer, and actor, and his family. Real family. Real travel. Every show

This Sunday will be about the LA street food culture. Enjoy a tour of some authentic LA Street Food - find out with Cooper, the good, the bad, and the ugly…

Can't make it on June 27th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

See LA with Cooper! Reserve here!

Mini-Series ON BeamZ

Like a King in Paris: Louvre Palace and Tuileries Gardens

Saturday, June 26th

In this week's episode, feel like royalty by going from the Tuileries Gardens to the famous Louvre Palace. Hosts Sean and Stan will take you to a lovely walk where you'll enjoy beautiful architecture, nature and more.

Can't make it on June 26th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

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Louvre: The Big Five

Monday, June 28th

Come see the French Crown Jewels with Patrick in The Galerie d'Apollon. Walk around its high vaulted ceilings with gold-painted decorations, and see the crowns, scepters, and jewels that were once worn by the Kings and Queens of France.

Can't make it on June 28th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Go inside the Louvre! Reserve here!

One Time Only Show

D-Day special

Saturday, June 26th

You may have seen Patrick's other Normandy landings shows, enjoy one more, now at Juno Beach. In this show, your host will take you to its main spots, such as the beautiful memorial center, the German bunkers, and more.

Visit Juno Beach! Reserve here!

For Beatles Lovers

Anna Sings the Beatles (and more!)

Monday, June 28th

BeamZ has an interactive, live, intimate concert with Anna Scott waiting for you. If you've missed going to shows, this is your chance. Come sing Hey Jude with us and have fun.

Can't make it on June 28th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

The Beatles show! Reserve here!

For Foodies

Saturday, June 26th

Be sure not to miss our first cook-off, Italy vs. USA. Reserve both shows from our chefs and see who makes the best Carbonara.

First, join Stefanie And Giuseppe, for lunch and see the true Italian recipe.

Then, John & Patty welcome you into their kitchen for dinner, here learn the Italian American version.

Friday, June 25th

A Big Love to Vietnamese Cuisine: Savory Pancakes - learn to make this popular crispy Vietnamese pancake called “Banh Xeo”.

Make Vietnamese Pancakes! Reserve here!

Almost New Shows

Monday, June 28th

Downtown Lisbon

Take a trip to Portugal with BeamZ. Join our lovely host Inês in Lisbon, discover the heart of the city and its main sights.

Can't make it on June 28th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Visit Lisbon, Portugal! Reserve here!

More BeamZ

Friday, June 25th

Canada: Lake Louise - Jewel of the Canadian Rockies - see one of the most photographed views of Canada.

Barcelona: the Battle of Architects - visit the famous Block of Discord in Barcelona.

Edinburgh: Walk in the footsteps of Jamie & Claire: Edinburgh Outlander Locations - if you’re a fan of the show, you’ll love this.

Vietnam: Hidden Hoi An: The Ancient Town - discover this picturesque city of Vietnam.

Visit Hoi An! Reserve here!

Saturday, June 26th

Holland:Rembrandt's Amsterdam - retrace the artist's steps through the city's old town.

Prague:The Jewish Quarter - discover the city’s beautiful synagogues and more.

Peru:Colonial Treasures of Downtown Lima - visit the capital’s main sights.

Visit Lima,Peru! Reserve here!

Sunday, June 27th

Paris:Medieval Era - visit landmarks in Paris’s center.

Stirling:Old Town and Castle - visit what was once the most important Castle in Scotland.

Florence:Santa Maria del Fiore - visit the city’s beautiful cathedral.

Rome:Campo de’ Fiori and its secret passage - discover the city’s lively square.

Linlithgow:Historic Scottish Castle - explore the birthplace of Mary, Queen of Scots.

London:Spooky Show - explore the spine-chilling side of London.

See Spooky London! Reserve here!

Monday, June 28th

Edinburgh:Grassmarket & City Walls - explore the location of Edinburgh's old markets now a lively bustling area for food.

Canada:A visit to the Birthplace of Quebec City - visit one of the oldest cities in North America.

Paris: Painting Masterpieces of the Louvre - discover the World's Largest Art Museum.

Moscow:Red Square - explore the Most Recognizable Symbol of Russia.

Visit Moscow! Reserve here!

Tuesday, June 29th

Scotland:Glasgow the beginning of a City - discover the city and its main sights.

Canada:A walk into history of Quebec City - explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Canada:Banff & the Majestic Canadian Rockies - discover the beauty of Canada's most famous national park.

Visit the Canadian Rockies! Reserve here!

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