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Halloween Specials

Curse of The Egyptian Sphinxes

Saturday, October 30th

Did you know that there are Egyptian Sphinxes in Russia? In St. Petersburg, there are 3000 year old beautiful Sphinxes that were brought to the city centuries ago. But since they arrived in the city, some dark things have happened around the area, suspicious deaths, hallucinations and more. Join host Anna, and let her show you the place while telling you everything about the spooky stories and things that have happened there since they brought the Sphinxes.Uncover The Curse of The Sphinxes! Reserve here!Costume Party with Aussie Ghost Stories & Games

Saturday, October 30th

This is a one-time thing. As you know, Halloween is only celebrated once a year and in this show, Alexander is going to take you with him for a trip to Australia to show you how it's done over there. This one is going to be fun, Lis is even going to be painting Alex’s face and they will tell you all about the ghost stories of the Aussie Lands while bringing you in for some exciting games.

Costume Party in Australia! Reserve here!The Dark side of Rome

Sunday, October 31st

Now let's see how Halloween is celebrated in one more corner of the world. Let's join our beloved host Federica in Rome. Are you ready to see the spooky side of the city? She assured us that there are many dark secrets to be uncovered in the Eternal City. Join us and take a tour through Rome while hearing everything about the creepy ancient stories.

Explore The Creepy Side of Rome! Reserve here!Ghost of Michael’s Castle - in St. Petersburg

Sunday, October 31st

Castles have always come with a bit of haunting, don’t you think? It seems that historically they are a place of ghosts and mysterious secrets. And this one is going to be special, because mystery and legends of ghosts are something this place has more than most. Join in and let Anna show you the premises while telling you all about the spooky stories that trail back from the ancient times of the Emperor.

Get Spooked in St. Petersburg! Reserve here!Lima's Horror Stories

Sunday, October 31st

Are you ready for some spine-chilling horror stories about the most mysterious places in Lima? Every city, even Lima, has its dark side to it. I can assure you, these stories are going to be creepy. Come join us and our local host, Vanessa, who knows everything about them. Like a true local, she is going to take you in for a deep dive into the stories about ghosts, crimes, apparitions, and much more, that not many people know about.

Uncover Lima's Horror Stories! Reserve here!The Prague Ghost Series

Sunday, October 31st

This Sunday, you're in for one more spooky show with host Max. How about visiting the enchanted Prague Castle? Let our host tell you more.

"For eleven centuries, generation after generation was building up the fortress of Prague Castle not just from the outside, but also from within - woe to those who want to enter to steal or destroy. It doesn't matter if you are a cynical marauder, a zealous iconoclast or a tyrranical nazi usurper. This castle will mobilise its powers, and soon you will die. Or you will suffer and die even without doing the castle harm, as there is a thin line between enchantment and curse. This Halloween show brings the final clues to the secret fifth episode, which will finally be revealed on the following Sunday."

That sounds quite spooky, are you in for this episode?

Can't make it on October 31st? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Explore Spooky Prague! Reserve here!Haunted London Series

Sunday, October 31st

Nathalie is great at spooky shows so I never miss one episode of her series. There are quite a lot of creepy spots in London so we still have tons to uncover. On Sunday, we're going to explore the story of Sweeney Todd. If you somehow never heard of this characters here's a summary, he's barber from Fleet Street (London), Todd murders his customers with a straight razor and turns their bodies over to Mrs. Lovett, his partner in crime, who bakes their flesh into meat pies. Sounds pretty crazy, huh? So let's join Nathalie and explore this story in the city of London in the present day.

Can't make it on October 31st? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Sweeney Todd in London! Reserve here!

NEW Travel Shows Let's celebrate Diwali- The Festival of Lights Monday, November 1st Indian festivals and celebrations bring people from over seven different regions together and are known to be a spectacle. Diwali is one of those celebrations and is filled with cultural, spiritual, and passionate experiences. Join in and let our local host, Komal, show you around to make you feel the festiveness first hand!

Celebrate Diwali With Us! Reserve here!

Martin's Edinburgh Pt. 2 Tuesday, November 2nd In this part of Martin’s Edinburgh show, you will not only get to see the beautiful Castle of Edinburgh, but also the most famous street of the city. Princes Street is synonymous with Edinburgh and its architecture is often overlooked by city residents, but to those who come from other places it is something truly mesmerizing. Come with us on this historic journey and discover why this street is so famous and how it has influenced life in Edinburgh over the centuries.

Explore Edinburgh! Reserve here!

NEW Food Shows

Soya Bean Chunks Rice Pulao

Saturday, October 30th

How about something equally tasty and healthy? I always feel amazing when I eat something that is simply delicious and I know that it is doing good at the same time. In this one, JD is going to show you how to make Soya Chunks Pulao, a vegan meal that is a family favorite in India. Join in and let him show you how it's done!

Make Soya Bean Chunks Rice Pulao! Reserve here!Learn to Make Bread Pakora

Sunday, October 31st

JD told me that this is simply something that is impossible to resist. When someone offers you Bread Pakora, you just don’t want to stop eating. It is too delicious. Come with us and let our enthusiastic Indian chef show you how to make this famous traditional snack. You will be able to prepare it at home with every meal at any time.

Make Bread Pakora! Reserve here!

Series on BeamZ - NEW Episodes

Saint Petersburg Revamped

Saturday, October 30th

This weekend, join Anna in another piece of St. Petersburg, Loft-project Etazhi, a modern cultural hub. In 2007, a team of hardworking and creative people turned a closed bread factory into a big and vibrant culture and art cluster. Explore it with Anna and meet the artists and others who make this the innovation center for art in Saint Petersburg. Please join Anna on Saturday!

Can't make it on October 30th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Explore Loft-project Etazhi! Reserve here!Treasures of Rome - Season 2

Sunday, October 31st

This is perfect for my Sunday. I am joining Federica in a charming neighborhood that is usually overlooked by tourists. So, let her take you to Trastevere, considered the most Bohemian neighborhood in the Italian capital, a very pleasant and lively place, full of restaurants, bars, shops and charming streets. So there are lots to do there, but Federica will show us its best spots, trust me!

Explore Trastevere! Reserve here!Spirit of Japan

Tuesday, November 2nd

Japanese people have long appreciated the presence of life in all aspects of nature. And Tokyo's Nezu Shrine is the best place to feel it. Eriko will guide you through rows of red gates and beautiful wooden structures set in lush greenery, sharing how this philosophy influences daily life. I've always wanted to visit a Japanese temple so I'm definitely joining Eriko in this show.

Visit Tokyo's Nezu Shrine! Reserve here!

Mini-Series on BeamZ - NEW Episodes

Day Trips from Amsterdam

Saturday, October 30th

In this episode of Day trips from Amsterdam, Mark is going to take you to the historic city of Monnickendam, which lies on the banks of the Markermeer (Lake Marken). If you love old Dutch cities and lakes like I do, you will feel right at home. Join in and experience its lovely center with its countless monuments and be amazed by the beauty of the place.

Can't make it on October 30th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Visit Monnickendam! Reserve here!Nest of Spies: Berlin and the Cold War

Tuesday, November 2nd

Did you know that the song “Heroes” by David Bowie was haunted by the Cold War themes of fear and isolation that hung over the city in the past? The famous song tells the story of two lovers who meet at the wall and try, hopelessly, to find a way to be together. Join us and let our local host, Martin tell you all about the fascinating stories of the times when Berlin was divided during the cold war. And while you are at it, check out how it looks today, I can assure you, how it has transformed over the years is impressive.

Can't make it on November 2nd? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Discover How West Berlin Was! Reserve here!

More Premieres (Featured in the Last Newsletter)

Visit The Village of Cangas do Morrazo, Galicia, Spain

Friday, October 29th

When I visited Spain I went to the region of Galicia, and I can say that it's truly charming and beautiful. One of the villages that stand out is Cangas do Morrazo, with its astonishing beaches and incredible foods. Besides being picturesque it also has a lot of interesting history to it. Come with us and discover the local fishing spots, amazing views, and much more, with our local guides, Sean and Tiernan.

Visit Cangas do Morrazo! Reserve here!Lamballe, France

Friday, October 29th

How about visiting a hidden gem of France this Friday with Patrick. Come with us on a tour through the charming town of Lamballe, also referred to as the city of art. It holds a rich history and has amazing landscapes. Walk around with Patrick in its narrow streets and explore the half-timbered houses, exhibition spaces, gardens, horses and much more.

Visit Lamballe! Reserve here!

Food Section

Discover Thai Cuisine

Saturday, October 30th

Join our lovely host Wis Pantry in her kitchen, in Thailand. Discover Thai culture while she shows you around the main ingredients and utensils used for this week's dish. On Saturday, learn how to make one more delicious Thai dish with Wis. And don't worry, she'll be there for you if you have any questions.

Discover Thai Cuisine! Reserve here!

Lifestyle Section

Psychic Reading: Gemstones & Cards

Friday, October 29th

This show is for our mystic beamers, or just about everyone, actually, who's fond of discovering new things. Our new host K80lyn will take you through a psychic reading with cards and gemstones, what for? To help bring you the advice that the universe has in store for you. I'm very curious about this one, so I'm definitely going to try it.

Can't make it on October 29th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Live Psychic Reading! Reserve here!Live Open Tarot Readings by Clover Tarot

Friday, October 29th

Have you ever had a tarot reading? I can say I did, and it's not as scary as it sounds, at least I was scared before doing it. It's actually great for getting some advice on your life through someone else's perspective, and of course higher energies and a lot of fun. So join us for our first ever tarot reading, host Christine is really good at what she does, trust me. And of course, if you're a gossip person, how about watching other people's readings.

Can't make it on October 29th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Live Tarot Reading! Reserve here!Reiki Healing

Monday, November 1st

This form of healing comes from Japan with roots over 1000 years old. Learn more about it with this show from Christine. You may know our lovely host Christine from her Tarot show - right above-. So join her for one more enlightening show. This time she will do a guided Reiki meditation, I can feel this is going to be very uplifting. And I've never tried this, so I'm definitely curious, I'll go, will you join me?

Can't make it on November 1st? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Live Reiki Healing! Reserve here!

Sneak Premieres

Untold Colonial Stories of Lima

Thursday, November 4th

We all know the incredible touristic stories of Lima, that bring people from all over the world to visit. But like every other place, Lima also has stories that are usually buried and hidden from most people. In this series, Vanessa will bring you with her for an eye-opening tour through history and the city's beautiful landmarks. Come with us and discover all about the untold stories from the past while enjoying the beauty of the city.

Explore Lima! Reserve here!Guided Manifestation Meditation & Discussion

Thursday, November 4th

Many things that might trouble us during our lives are actually things that can be solved from the inside. This takes time, knowledge, and patience. The good news is that there are ways to find what we are looking for with guidance, which makes these steps much more pleasing and easier. Join in and let our specialist on the matter, Christine, show you how it's done!

Live Guided Meditation! Reserve here!Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot in Westminster

Friday, November 5th

“Remember, remember, the fifth of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot! If you can't give us one, we'll take two; The better for us and the worse for you!” This poem serves to remind us of Guy Fawkes Day, also called Bonfire Night, celebrated on November 5. This story is incredibly mysterious and has many plots to it that will spark your interest. Come with us and let Nathalie tell you all about it while she fills you in on some details most people don’t know about.

Discover the History of Guy Fawkes! Reserve here!Two Food Shows

Discover Italy in America at Your Table: Polenta Family Style!

Saturday, November 6th

Our two enthusiastic Italian-American chefs, John and Patty, are together again to show you some of the most delicious recipes they have mastered over the years. In this one, you will learn how to make the incredible “Polenta on the Board'' with delicious creamy Lemon Orzo Soup. If you are a food lover like me, you don’t want to miss this!

Make Polenta! Reserve here!Discover Italy in America at Your Table: Escarole & Beans

Saturday, November 6th

You don’t need to travel to Italy to experience their culture and the amazing food. You can actually experience all of this in your home, at your table! This time, John and Patty are going to introduce you to their delicious Escarole & Beans with Porchetta, an amazing dish traditionally served in Italy that is going to blow your mind, or even better, your tastebuds. Come with us and learn how to make it while chatting with our fun hosts!

Make Escarole and Beans! Reserve here!

More Great Shows on BeamZ

Friday, October 29th

Zadar Tour Part 1: take a grand tour through the city and enjoy its best landmarks.

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