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NEW Travel Shows

Giza Pyramids & The Sphinx

Premiere: Monday, October 18th

I'm so excited! Three Giza pyramids and the Sphinx (my favorite). I am looking forward to feeling like I am right there, live with Khaled.. Join me and Khaled shows us these breathtaking landmarks while telling us all about the myths and history. Oh, and you can ask him about everything (I for once have so many questions about it), he’s been studying the Pyramids for 20 years. So don’t miss out!

One Time Special

Rouen in Normandy

Premiere: Monday, October 18th

There are many beautiful cities in France, and Rouen is definitely one of them. The historic capital of Normandy is a famous old city commonly known as the “city with a hundred bells chiming in the air”. With numerous cathedrals, this beautiful city exudes the charms of traditional French culture. Come join us, and let Patrick show you around.

New Mini-Series

Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum: the Greatest Dutch Masterpieces

Premiere: Tuesday, October 19th

This new mini-series is going to be a little different than the others, our three hosts from Amsterdam, Lee, Mark, and Ton have joined forces to give you amazing tours at the famous Rijksmuseum. Get the chance to see some of the most famous paintings in the world in 5 episodes. And not only that, it is a series for a reason, the museum holds over one million objects. Yes, there's a lot to see, so come on and join us!

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Oban, Scotland

Premiere: Tuesday, October 19th

Join BeamZ superhost, Sam Thompson, on the west shore of Scotland. The name of this remote town in Scotland derives from the Gaelic language and means 'little bay', but when it comes to having an unforgettable weekend break, Oban is definitely a place that is big on things to see and do. Surrounded by miles of stunning shores and beautiful countryside, the seaside town is a great place to explore. And you are in luck, Sam is going to take you there to show you everything and to tell you the amazing stories of the place. Join us!

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Bollywood Party

Premiere: Monday, October 18th

Have you ever seen an Indian party? The music, dances, colorful clothings... I have always wanted to go to one, so when I saw this chance to get a sneak peek into one, I was very much excited. Host Komal is inviting us for an even more special party, with the stars of the Bollywood industry! So dress up and come with us for a great time and fun chats with our hosts.

Let's find the best pastry in Paris!

Premiere: Tuesday, October 19th

I bet you know that Paris has amazing bakeries and pastries, but is there one that tops them all? In this show, our local host Camille, will take you on an exploration through the city to find the best one. Come with us to discover new bakeries each week and let Camille tell you all about them while tasting the best things the places have to offer. Your opinion is going to count!

More NEW Food Shows

Chocolate Chai Tea Latte

Premiere: Saturday, October 16th

Our chef and host JD has taught us how to make his delicious Chai Tea but now since a lot of you loved it, he wants to show you a twist on the recipe, Chai Tea with chocolate. Who doesn't love chocolate? This will be perfect for those cold days when you want something warm but not your usual cup of coffee or hot chocolate! Oh, and the best part about it is that it is good for your health. Come with us to learn how to make Chocolate Chai Tea Latte and chat with our host while making your own.

Poha India's popular Healthy Breakfast Premiere: Sunday, October 17th Another good show from the wonderful JD, master of Indian cooking with a big dash of Indian culture in every show. Nowadays it seems like we are always in a rush and sometimes we don’t have the time to cook ourselves a great meal. That’s why I love it when JD shows us how to make delicious Indian recipes that don’t take too much cooking and are also good for our health. In this one he is going to show us how to cook “Poha”, a popular Indian meal that besides being tasty is very nutritious and ideal for any time of the day. Come with us to find out how!

Autumn Cooking live from the Island of Capri Premiere: Monday, October 18th Aaah the time has come for all those autumn themed recipes. Yes, all I can think of are pumpkin themed dishes and drinks (but there's so much more than this), so yummy! Straight from the magical island of Capri, Stefanie and Giuseppe will teach you how to make delicious autumn themed Italian meals. They are always so happy to teach us and to answer our questions. Join us in the first show and learn how to make delicious Pumpkin Risotto (of course there had to be pumpkin) while interacting with our hosts. Can't make it on October 18th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Series on BeamZ - New Episodes Treasures of Rome - SEASON 2 - The Italian Supreme Court Sunday, October 17th In this episode of the Treasures of Rome, join us to explore the city's Supreme Court, also known as the Palazzaccio. This beautiful and massive building was designed by a famous architect over 100 years ago and has lots of scandalous stories to it. Join in and let host Federica show and tell you everything about it. Can't make it on October 17th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Discover Saint Petersburg Revamped

Sunday, October 17th

Lovely host Anna is taking you to an old Russian mansion this Sunday, but not just any mansion, one that has been turned into a center for art, food, and shopping! This weekend, join her in the heart of the historic downtown neighborhood for a tour filled with history and fun. Anna will take you on a walk through the beautiful 1800’mansion and bring life into a vibrant part of Saint Petersburg

Can't make it on October 17th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

The Prague Ghost Series Sunday, October 17th This Sunday, join Max in the Little Side neighborhood of Prague, but let your host tell you more about this week's episode... "The lovely valley between Prague Castle and the Petřín hill is the location of the picturesque Little Side district of Prague (Malá Strana). Living right under the royal residence brings prosperity... but also temptation. Be it the headless priest haunting the long Úvoz road, the innkeepers' daughter who walks the corridors of the Liechtenstein palace at night for centuries, or the horrible apparition of the skeleton with a nail stuck in his head, the more you hear, you will realize these fairy tale facades of townspeople's houses and aristocrat's palaces are truly just facades, and once you wipe of the makeup and take out the fake teeth, you are looking at a wretched cadaver of a person who wanted too much." Oof, that sounds scary! But I'm very intrigued. Will you join us for this show? Can't make it on October 17th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Sacred, Mystical and Spiritual Places in Paris

Tuesday, October 19th

This next episode with star host Patrick is truly special. He's taking you to the breathtaking Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, a Byzantine construction that was the first Russian Orthodox place of worship in France. And a fun fact, Pablo Picasso was married in this church. There's a lot more to unwrap about this place's history, so join Patrick to find out and get a chance to see more of its beauty.

Can't make it on October 19th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Paris' Great Americans

Tuesday, October 19th

Paris has always drawn Americans - some for longer periods of time than others. Patrick will show you their homes, their cafés and even where they attended some wild Parisian parties. This week's episode is all about art. Let's hear more about the life of Mary Cassatt, a famous American impressionist painter, and how she made history in Paris with her paintings. Join Patrick for a walk in the city and get to know more about Cassatt's Parisian life.

Can't make it on October 19th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Spirit of Japan

Tuesday, October 19th

Our lovely host Eriko has a few words to say about where she's taking us on Tuesday!

"It's impossible for Japanese girls to go through a day without saying the word "Kawaii" which means cute! Harajuku is the epicenter of Japanese Kawaii culture, filled with frilly dresses, colorful sweets, and cute animal cafés. Let's explore the unique fashion paradise and witness everything adorable!"

I just love all of Eriko's shows! Japanese culture is so rich, it's always so interesting to discover a new thing on each episode.

Can't make it on October 19th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Miniseries on BeamZ - New Episodes

Day Trips from Amsterdam - the medieval city of Haarlem

Saturday, October 16th

In this show, Mark will take you to a beautiful place near Amsterdam. With its ancient buildings, cobbled streets, and winding waterways, the medieval city of Haarlem is one of the most photogenic destinations in the Netherlands and there are many things to be explored there. Come with us, and discover the rich history, epoch-spanning architecture, and thriving cultural scene that this city has to offer.

Can't make it on October 10th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

More Premieres (featured in the last newsletter)

Titicaca's Sunset

Premiere: Friday, October 15th

I have always loved watching the sunset when I travel. There's something magical about watching the sun go down in a different place than you're used to. And on this show we can have the chance of seeing it from the highest navigable lake in the world! Join us and host Renan in this amazing tour at Titicaca’s Lake and discover the most breathtaking sunset of Bolivia while hearing about its history.

Can't make it on October 15th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

One Time Only

Himalayan Mountain Town

Premiere: Friday, October 15th

Ahh, the Himalayan Mountains and its beautiful lakes. Seems like I can breathe the fresh air just from thinking about it. In this show, our host Komal will take you to a special place, it is going to be a surprise. But I can give you a sneak peek. Come join us to find out!

Two Shows in Lima, Peru Barranco’s Graffiti and Street art tour

Premiere: Saturday, October 16th

On this show join our lovely local host Vanessa in an amazing spot most tourists miss in Lima. She will take you to the neighborhood of Barranco, where street art and graffiti have been flourishing for years and turning this part of the city into a beautiful art piece of itself. Join us and explore this colorful place and its many murals.

Explore The Huaca Mateo Salado Pyramid in Peru

Premiere: Saturday, October 16th

Imagine an Inca-temple in the middle of a busy city like Lima, this is where host Vanessa is taking you on Saturday. Explore a 1500 year old adobe pyramid and more. Come with us on this adventure and let our host guide you through the temple in the archeological route of the city, while telling you all about it.

Prague's Cubic Architecture

Premiere: Saturday, October 16th

I know you have heard about Picasso and Braque, but did you know that the cubism in their art influenced one of the greatest Czech modernist architects to build some of the most groundbreaking houses and buildings in the country at the time? Join us and our local host, Max, and discover the mix between mystical and rational architecture that has become one of the landmarks of the city.

NEW Mini-Series

Haunted London Series

Premiere: Sunday, October 17th

If you haven't seen a spooky show with Nathalie in London, this is your chance, she's launching a mini-series. She is going to take us to the spookiest places in London every other Sunday. Join us for the first one and discover cursed mummies in busy London while learning all about its tales.

Lifestyle Section

Psychic Reading: Gemstones & Cards

Friday, October 15th

This show is for our mystic beamers, or just about everyone, actually, who's fond of discovering new things. Our new host K80lyn will take you through a psychic reading with cards and gemstones, what for? To help bring you the advice that the universe has in store for you. I'm very curious about this one, so I'm definitely going to try it.

Can't make it on October 15th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Live Open Tarot Readings by Clover Tarot

Friday, October 15th

Have you ever had a tarot reading? I can say I did, and it's not as scary as it sounds, at least I was scared before doing it. It's actually great for getting some advice on your life through someone else's perspective, and of course higher energies and a lot of fun. So join us for our first ever tarot reading, host Christine is really good at what she does, trust me. And of course, if you're a gossip person, how about watching other people's readings.

Can't make it on October 15th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Reiki Healing

Monday, October 18th

This form of healing comes from Japan with roots over 1000 years old. Learn more about it with this show from Christine. You may know our lovely host Christine from her Tarot show - right above-. So join her for one more enlightening show. This time she will do a guided Reiki meditation, I can feel this is going to be very uplifting. And I've never tried this, so I'm definitely curious, I'll go, will you join me?

Sneak Previews

Two Shows in Rome

Villa Pamphilj in Rome

Premiere: Wednesday, October 20th

Come with us on a trip to Villa Pamphilj, a seventeenth-century villa that today is the largest public park in Rome. Our local host, Federica will bring you along for a nature and history experience in the heart of the City by the beautiful ancient walls of Rome where innumerous important things have happened for centuries. Let her show you around and tell you all about it.

Orange garden: the most romantic park of Rome

Premiere: Wednesday, October 20th

Rome definitely has a romantic atmosphere to it. The whole city is just mesmerizing and reminds us of the past with its beautiful ancient architecture. One of the most romantic places is the Orange Garden, a beautiful public garden with pretty orange trees and a stunning view over Rome and St Peter’s dome, framed by the branches of beautiful pine trees. Join us, and let Federica show you everything!

New Mini-Series

Nest of Spies: Berlin and the Cold War

Premiere: Friday, October 22nd

This new mini-series is going to be exciting, I can tell you why. Our local German host, Martin, is going to take you to a historically important place every episode, from Checkpoint Charlie to the East Side Gallery to show you how life was behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ while telling you everything about the stories of spies, escapes, tank stand-offs, and much more. Join in and visit all these amazing places while chatting with our host.

Andy Warhol in Saint-Petersburg!

Premiere: Saturday, October 23rd

Andy Warhol is in St. Petersburg and the exhibition is about to close, so don’t miss out on this one if you are a fan of pop art like me. And there’s more, Anna will also show you other impressive Russian artists and tell you the mysterious story of the Warhol myth that influenced the art in the country.

Namaste Delhi

Premiere: Saturday, October 23rd

Delhi, the capital of India, instantly reminds me of diverse culture and beautiful traditions. It has a history that goes back many centuries and showcases ancient ways of life and a rapidly modernizing country. There sure is much to explore there. In this one, our hosts will take you to the heart of the city itself and show you around. Don’t miss out and join us for a fun walk through Delhi to explore cultural landmarks and beautiful traditional markets.

The Magical Garden Show of Porto

Premiere: Saturday, October 23rd

Usually, I think of going to botanical gardens during the day to see everything clearly, but what if I told you that the Garden of Porto is even more beautiful at night? Come join us, and let Sara show you the breathtaking garden in an astonishing experience that features light installations, sound environments, amazing projections, and much more!

More Shows on BeamZ

Friday, October 15th

St. Isaac’s Cathedral: inside out and on the top: 333 ft high and 300,000 tons weight, St.Isaac’s Cathedral is among the biggest churches in the world. Get a chance to see it on this show!

Cloud forest hummingbirds in Ecuador: enjoy the beauty of the hummingbirds of Mindo-Ecuador with host Vanessa.

Titicaca's Copacabana: enjoy beautiful views with host Renan in Bolivia's Copabacana.

Foro Italico and the Olympic stadium of Rome: discover a modern district, including the Olympic stadium and locations used by the Romans everyday.

Very Spooky London: visit the creepy spots of the busy city of London.

Stirling: Old Town and Castle: explore the city's main highlights with star host Sam.

Stirling: Old Town and Castle: help Federica find the fragments of the ancient Egyptian temple of Isis.

Jack the Ripper & Victorian Times: discover the now trendy neighbourhood of Shoreditch, where the first UK serial killer lived.