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NEW Shows Travel Yvoire - "Most Beautiful Village" winner in France Friday, June 3rd Yvoire is a town overflowing with medieval architecture, artisans, and cafes, and above all, lovely views out across the Lake. It is listed as one of the 'most beautiful villages of France' and definitely deserves the classification. Its streets are full of medieval buildings - alpine style - with stone walls, steep roofs, wooden balconies, and shutters and from all around the village there are views of the castle and the church steeple.

Morzine: A village in the French Alps Saturday, June 4th Known for its beautiful scenery, Morzine is an incredible city in the French Alps that attracts tourists both in summer and on winter. With endless possibilities of fun outdoor activities this charming village is also full of cafes, restaurants, and shops. Join Patrick and explore with us!

A Walk Around Uganda's Rescued Wildlife Center

Sunday, June 5th

Who is ready for some fun? Join Karol on a tour around the biggest animal rescue center in Uganda. Since 1950, this place has helped diverse wild animals recover from an injury. Together we will see some chimpanzees, birds, and reptiles that are recovering so they can get back into the actual wild.

Road travel in India Sunday, June 5th Ever wondered what it must be like to drive around India? Join Roopak on a road trip in Delhi. The show will take place in his car, and with the help of his wife, you will be able to experience the city from a totally new perspective. Explore the Indian countryside and learn some interesting facts about Delhi on the ride. Join us!

Chicago After Dark - Art on theMart Monday, June 6th Are you looking for a fun nighttime activity? Join Mike as he walks throughout the city of Chicago and admires one of the most significant buildings in the United States. Know as the Mart, this unique construction serves as a canvass for all artists to use as they create digital projections on its facade. Learn more about these creative artists in this unique experience.

Hidden Chicago - Underground Streets (plus RATS!) Tuesday, June 7th Ever wanted to know a city's secret gem? That place is beautiful but not packed with tourists. Mike's got you covered in his series, hidden Chicago. He will take you to the underground streets, where there is so much history to be discovered. Also, if you get lucky there could be a surprise visit from a rat or two.

The Cathedral at Bayeux - Home of Tapestry and D-Day Tuesday, June 7th Visit the Bayeux Cathedral with Patrick! A masterpiece of Norman Romanesque and Gothic architecture is at the heart of the old town’s conservation area. Join us on a lovely walk around this beautiful city and get an exclusive tour of the cathedral. You don’t want to miss it!

History -Three D-Day Shows

Operation Overlord, which became known for D-Day landings on Normandy beaches, was the largest military operation in history, and the sites that were important in the Battle of Normandy, have become tourist spots that today are a plateful for travelers interested in WWII history.

D-Day in Normandy: Pegasus Bridge

Monday, June 6th

Discover Pegasus Bridge before known as Bénouville Bridge, renamed in honor of the British soldiers who captured it, making the bridge the first objective taken by Allied troops!

D-Day in Normandy: Juno Beach

Monday, June 6th

Patrick will take you to one more Normandy operation beach, Juno Beach. This show will be all about honoring the Canadian military, exploring the inspiring memorial, and more.

D DAY: British Cemetery

Tuesday, June 7th

The Bayeux War Cemetery is the largest Second World War cemetery of Commonwealth soldiers in France, located in Bayeux, Normandy. As we walk along with Patrick we will learn its history and understand why it's visited by so many tourists during the year. Join us and come explore this unique place.


Malabar Parotta - Flakiest Indian Flat Bread

Saturday, June 4th

In the mood for food! Join JD, our Indian chef who will teach you one of the most popular recipes in South India: flatbread. Known to be crispy and flaky this dish is a must-learn if you want to spice things up in the kitchen. Come learn more with us on this delicious show!

Series on BeamZ - NEW Episodes

Rome: The wonders of Bernini

Saturday, June 4th

Discover the artist who made Rome beautiful! When we walk around Rome, there is one artist who continuously reminds us of his presence. His name is Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Come with me on this journey through all his wonders that made Rome beautiful: from the Colonnade of Saint Peter, to the touching sculpture of the Blessed Ludovica Albertoni.. from the bridge of the Angels, to the fountain of the Four Rivers in Piazza Navona. There is so much that he left for us to enjoy!

Bernini is everywhere you turn in Rome. And no two of his artworks are the same.

From Scotland with lots of love

Saturday, June 4th

The Falkirk Wheel is a rotating boat lift in Tamfourhill, Falkirk, in central Scotland, connecting the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal. It reconnects the two canals for the first time since the 1930s. It opened in 2002 as part of the Millennium Link project. Come explore it with us!

Germany - Trier's Street Art and Public Art

Sunday, June 5th

The architectural mix of Gothic, Baroque and Romanesque elements already turn the oldest city in Germany, Trier, into an art piece of itself. But did you know that the local street art scene is just as incredible? Come with us for a relaxed walk through the beautiful city and see the painted walls and arts on the way with Juliane!

Auschwitz Outside Barbed Wire Monday, June 6th Each year, more than 1 million tourists visit Auschwitz to remember the equal number of people who died there. It is the world's most powerful and important testament to Nazi Germany's crimes and it has now become a center for mass tourism. Join us and take a trip back in time while enjoying a walk through the old medieval town with Zuzanna!

Spirit of Japan Tuesday, June 7th Hondo-ji temple is known as the “Temple of the Four Seasons” due to the large variety of flowers that can be enjoyed there throughout the year. We will be exploring its Iris pond with about 5,000 irises blooming in different shades of purple. In addition to Japanese irises, hydrangeas are also planted around the pond creating a beautiful contrast.

Support Ukraine

Women for Ukraine with Alina Star

Friday, June 3rd

We have some exciting news! Friday we are doing something different, instead of joining us on only on BeamZ, you can also join us on our Stop Putin Instagram (

On our Instagram live our head of marketing for the Stop Putin Now movement, Alice Marie is joining Alina for a chat. This is your opportunity to talk to us! Ask questions, chat, whatever you feel like it! Or just listen to Alina and Alice talk about how is the war going and what we and Alina have been doing to stop it. We also have a lot of new things coming to our movement soon, so why not join to find out what surprises are to come?

Friday, June 3rd

This Friday join us and Paulie on an interview with guest Sofia Kishko (@sofochkaaasonia)! Let's hear more about our guest from Sofia herself:

"Right now I’m in a small town called Stebnyk in the Lviv region it’s my hometown, my parents live here. Me and my boyfriend were living for about 4 years in Mykolayiv, and the last 2 months before the war started we lived in Kyiv. We have been volunteering since the second day of the war. As soon as we got here It was a very different kind of help - from gathering food and sending it to particular places all over Ukraine to sewing military ammunition. A not long time ago we did a charity weekend here and gathered 210 000 hryvnias (Ukrainian coin) for about 5 hours."

Join us to hear more about her story from her and have a chat!

Young Ukrainians Monday, June 06th How has the Russian-Ukrainian war impacted your life? For Taras, the President of the Ukrainian Club at Syracuse University, a lot has changed. With a Ukrainian background and growing up in the United States, Taras knew he needed to take action to support his native country in such a difficult time. Join him on this unique show to learn more about the war and its consequences.

Women for Ukraine

Tuesday, June 07th

Alina Start will interview Oleksandra Zhurba, a Ukrainian songwriter that is helping her country in every way she can. Join us on this emotional show where we learn about her life and what changed due to the war.

Coming Soon Travel Chocolate making, with indigenous people, deep in the jungle Thursday, June 9th Join Alejandro in the chocolate-making process with indigenous people deep in the jungle! This unique experience will give you a first-hand experience of the daily lives of Costa Rica's indigenous tribes. Discover more with us!

A Coruña: Spain's Glass City & 16th Century Fortress Thursday, June 9th Discover the city of Coruña, Spain with Kelsey! Join us on a show filled with beautiful architecture and coastal views of this medieval old town. Together we will see Saint Anton Castle and Praza de María Pita. You don't want to miss this exciting show.

Chicago’s Greatest Hits - Michigan Avenue Streetwall

Thursday, June 9th

Let's continue exploring Chicago! On our next show, Mike will take us on Michigan Avenue Streetwall. Not only a great outdoor space to relax but one of the best ways to see the city's skyline view. Join us on this breathtaking tour!

Discovering Santander (Spain)

Thursday, June 9th

Join Lillian as we explore her hometown, the beautiful city of Santander. Far from being the sun and heat stereotypical destination many associates with Spain, Santander gives you an edge into Spanish culture and the divide between north and south. Come and explore with us!

Chicago Icons Inside & Out - Sears (Willis) Tower & Skydeck

Thursday, June 9th

Experience the best of Chicago! We are back with another amazing tour with Mike. This time, we are exploring the Sears Tower. Completed in 1974, it was the tallest building in the world and it held that title for decades. Join us on this tour that promises spectacular skyline views.

History - D-Day Specials

D DAY: The Hoc's Cliff

Wednesday, June 8th

Join Patrick for a D-Day special show! We will visit the Hoc's Cliff, a strategic point during the second world war. During the visit, we will some of the remains of the battle and learn a lot about history! You don't want to miss it.

D DAY: Utah Beach

Thursday, June 9th

What took place on Utah Beach on June 6 in 1944? The D-Day operation brought together the land, air, and sea forces of the allied armies in what became known as the largest invasion force in human history. Join Patrick as we explore the beach where tons of war supplies landed for the combat.

D DAY: Sainte Mere L’eglise

Thursday, June 9th

Explore Sainte Mere L'egkise, the first town to be liberated by American paratroopers on the battle known today as D-Day. Join Patrick in this series to learn more about the conflict and understand the history of the city.

BeamZ Best Shows for the Next Days

Hidden Prague with a Ukrainian Guide. Loreta and New World

Saturday, June 4th

Join Olga for an exclusive show from the streets of Prague. She will take us off the beaten paths to discover the best of the city. We will visit the St. Vitus Cathedral and the Prague Loreta. Together we will learn a lot about art and architecture. Join us and let's explore!

Ashkelon: Paradise for Archeologists

Sunday, June 5th

What city is the paradise for archeologists? If you guessed Ashkelon, you're right! Every now and then, construction workers find ruins of Roman or Byzantine periods. History is literally beneath your feet. Join Anna on this fascinating tour and learn more about this place on her show!

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