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Enjoy Your Weekend With BeamZ

NEW Shows Travel Marseille: Le Vieux Port (The Old Harbour) Friday, May 20th Le Vieux Port is where the History of Marseille began. Once called Lacydon, the Old Port is the oldest in the city, and the pulsating heart of the Phocaean City for centuries. Today, it is one of the most emblematic places in Marseille and a natural meeting place for all Marseilles residents and visitors. Join in and explore this location with Patrick!

Marseille: Basilique notre dame de la garde (la bonne mere) Friday, May 20th Notre-Dame de la Garde known to local citizens as la Bonne Mère is a Catholic basilica in Marseille, France, and the city's best-known symbol. It is believed that the basilica watches over sailors, fishermen, and the people of Marseille. Come with us and get to know this beautiful part of France and its most impressive landmark with Patrick!

Traditional Village Life in Southern Poland 100 Years Ago

Friday, May 20th

The Ethnographic Park reconstructs the former village from the vicinity of Nowy Sącz and showcases construction, everyday life and other aspects of all groups of people forming the culture of the city of Tuscany, geographically, historically, economically and culturally. Join in for a trip back in time and explore the village with Zuzanna.

Explore the Cosmopolitan Streets of Vigo, Spain Friday, May 20th Vigo is a beautiful city. It has the well known port with plenty of boats, where you can enjoy the view across the water, or just sit in the sun and relax. It also has its typical Galician architecture, which is very spectacular. Especially in the very central part of the city. Come with us and adventure yourself through Vigo with Sean and Tiernan!

Rome: The Wonders of Bernini Saturday, May 21st If you have seen one of Federica's shows you know why they are loved by so many of us! And if you haven't you're missing A LOT! So I'm excited to say that our host has a new series for us! We will walk through the beautiful city of Rome and explore the works of famous artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini in the main sites of Rome. From the bridge of the Angels to the fountain of the Four Rivers in Piazza Navona. There is so much that he left for us to enjoy! Are you ready to set on this journey? Sign up to all the episodes!

Ashkelon, Israel: Sunset by the Mediterranean Saturday, May 21st Ashkelon is one of the oldest cities in Israel and has a history that goes back more than 5,000 years. Ashkelon is especially famous for its history as one of ancient Philistines' major cities and in the biblical story of Samson. But what is also a must-see when you are there is the beautiful sunset by the Mediterranean. Join us and enjoy the views with Anna!

Valencia, Spain: Desserts Bullring & Palace of Communication Saturday, May 21st The Plaza de Ayuntamiento is Valencia's largest and unmistakably impressive square. This square is also gifted with an attractive fountain and is surrounded by beautiful sights. Come with us and get to know this and other incredible landmarks in Valencia and everything about them with Kelsey!

Old Health Resort in a Polish National Park

Saturday, May 21st

For more than 100 years, aristocrats and artists came to the mountain health resort of Szczawnica Zdroj in search of cures. This picturesque clear-air haven in southern Poland is cradled in a beautiful valley between the Beskidy and Pieniny mountains. Come with us and explore this breathtaking place and its history with Zuzanna!

Canary Islands: Like a Local in Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain

Sunday, May 22nd

The lively beaches with fine, golden sand and calm waters are located in Tenerife's main tourist hubs in the south of the island. It is also the biggest and most famous Canary Island in Spain. If you are looking for a place to relax, enjoy nature and lot’s of cultural activities in a beautiful scenery, join us with Kelsey!

Vietnam's Misty City

Sunday, May 22nd

Ever wonder what the oldest surviving French architectural landmark looks like nowadays? Join Spring and Hiếu on this incredible tour to Sapa, a picturesque town that lies in the Hoang Lien Son mountain. Visit the famous cathedral built in 1895 which became an indispensable image of Sapa. Get ready to explore a part of Vietnam that international tourists see very rarely.

Canary Islands Historic Center of San Cristóbal de La Laguna

Monday, May 23rd

Join us and our host, Kelsey in a an incredible show through Spain. Together we will visit San Cristóbal de La Laguna, a beautiful city with a fascinating history. From distinctive wooden balconies to brightly painted homes, the historical center streets have it all. And of course, don’t forget to virtually enjoy one of Spain’s most traditional dishes: chocolate churros!

Inside the Museum - International Museum of Surgical Science, Chicago

Monday, May 23rd

If you're a fan of museums, you're gonna love this show! The International Museum of Surgical Science is just what it sounds like – a facility dedicated to the history of surgery with more than over 10,000 square feet of public galleries. Here you’ll find everything from vintage stethoscopes and wheelchairs to medical-themed artwork to statues of famous medical innovators like Hippocrates and Louis Pasteur. I doubt you have been to this unique gem before, so why not check it out with us?

A Tour to The Nairobi National Park, Kenya

Tuesday, May 24th

Did someone say SAFARI? Join Simon on a lifetime adventure on a tour to Nairobi's National Park, considered one of Kenya's most successful rhinoceros sanctuaries. Due to its large and varied wildlife population, be prepared to see wild animals in their natural habitat from up close. Join us for this unique experience!


Gods of India

Monday, May 23rd

Looking for an immersive Indian experience? Our host Roopak Agarwal is opening the doors of his house to all Beamers virtually out there. Learn more about Hindu, holy chants, and some very popular Indian Gods with Roopak. This definitely is an eye-opening experience and a different way to take in a new culture. You don’t want to miss it!

Series on BeamZ - NEW Episodes Italian Villages Friday, May 20th Let’s join Patrizia in Corciano, a medieval village. We will walk in this picturesque village, perched high on a hill, still surrounded by its medieval townwalls, everything built in the characteristic pink and white limestone.

From Scotland with lots of love Saturday, May 21st If you’re looking for something awesome to do on Saturday, you MUST visit The Kelpies with Sam! Standing at 100ft tall and weighing more than 300 tonnes each these horse head sculptures are part of The Helix, a community park for the public to enjoy while they are in the area. As well as the amazing statues, there are cycling, walking, watersports, and much more. So, there really is something for everyone.

Italian Cathedrals Monday, May 23rd Join us in the Spoleto Cathedral. On the façade, a splendid mosaic was made in 1207 by Doctor Solsternus who considered himself a modern artist which he truly was, and the fresco cycle by Filippo Lipi in the choir is also one of the main highlights. Come see this gem with Patrizia!

Sacred, Mystical and Spiritual Places in Paris Tuesday, May 24th Join Patrick tomorrow to immerse yourself and explore another spiritual and mystical places in Paris. This week's destiny is a surprise, but I can tell you that he is taking you somewhere beautiful and with a rich history. I wouldn't miss it if I were you!

Spirit of Japan Tuesday, May 24th Keisei Rose Garden is one of the largest rose gardens in the greater Tokyo area. Home to 10,000 roses of 1,600 different varieties, the venue is run by one of the world's leading rose-breeding companies, Keisei Rose Nurseries, Inc. All the flowers are beautifully displayed in unique ways using arches and pergolas. It makes you feel like you’ve stepped inside a fairytale.

Support Ukraine

Young Ukrainians

Monday, May 23rd

How has the Russian-Ukrainian war impacted your life? For Taras, the President of the Ukrainian Club at Syracuse University, a lot has changed. With a Ukrainian background and growing up in the United States, Taras knew he needed to take action to support his native country in such a difficult time. Join him on this unique show to learn more about the war and its consequences.