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Enjoy Your Weekend With BeamZ

NEW Shows Travel Palermo, Sicily in Italy: Old Town Highlights Friday, April 1st The city is noted for its history, culture, architecture and gastronomy, playing an important role throughout much of its existence. It is over 2,700 years old and is the most conquered city in the world. Join us for some adventure time with Kelsey and explore the historic town of Palermo in Sicily!

Brittany Special: Dinard

Friday, April 1st

Enjoy a lovely day in Dinard! What more could you ask for? This city is a true pearl of the Emerald Coast, because of its breathtaking nature with clear crystal water and its Belle Époque spirit, as you'll see by its many late 19th century villas. Just by looking at the picture on top I know I won't miss seeing this breathtaking place with Patrick, will you join us?

Budapest's great farmers market hall

Friday, April 1st

The Great Market Hall in Budapest was built in 1897, and is the most beautiful and largest of all markets in the country. If you are looking for an authentic cultural experience in this part of the world, this show is for you! Dive into a cultural experience in Budapest with Andrea and discover all the amazing things this market has to offer!

Secret Venice: Charming north of Venice

Friday, April 1st

Explore secret parts of visitors most tourists don't get to see! In the north of Venice you will find Cannaregio. This place is filled with incredible stories and astonishing sights. If you are a fan of both tourism and exploration, you don’t want to miss this. Join us and explore one of Venice’s most beautiful areas and enjoy a trip to the secret parts of the city with Lucia.

Chocolate, Chocolate and...Chocolate in Italy

Friday, April 1st

Eurochocolate festival of Perugia is the biggest chocolate celebration in Europe. This sweetest event attracts thousands of visitors to the beautiful city and is an event purely dedicated to chocolate par excellence. Who doesn't love chocolate? Come with us and discover this amazing festival with Patrizia!

Alberobello, Italy: Real Life? Or a Town Out of a Fairytale? Sunday, April 3rd Alberobello is a small Italian town like any other at a first glance. The streets are narrow and hilly, houses are white, the weather is pleasant and life is calm. But once you dive in deeper into the city you will feel like you just entered into a movie because of all the small and beautiful details you will discover. Join in and explore this picturesque small town in Italy with Kelsey!

Lecce, Italy: Small Town Charm, Big City Sites Monday, April 4th Lecce was one of the largest and most important fiefs in the Kingdom of Sicily from 1053 to 1463. Now it is a great tourist attraction well worth visiting. Once you discover this place you will be charmed by the beautiful architecture, lively yet relaxed atmosphere and much more! Come with us and explore the small Italian town with big sites with Kelsey!

Chicago Architecture 101,Part 1 - Commercial Style

Monday, April 4th

Did you know that Chicago was the birthplace of the skyscraper? Over the years, the city became a center for architectural experimentation and innovation, home to many buildings that were at one time the tallest in the world. Join in and get to know the amazing architecture in Chicago and why it came to be so famous with Mike!

Polignano a Mare - Beautiful Beaches and Old Town Delights

Tuesday, April 5th

Dip into this spectacularly positioned small town with Kelsey. Located around 34km south of Bari on the S16 coastal road, Polignano a Mare is built on the edge of a craggy ravine pockmarked with caves. The town is thought to be one of the most important ancient settlements in Puglia and now is what some call paradise on earth.

Venice Treasure: Dorsoduro Part 2

Tuesday, April 5th

Dorsoduro, part of the six main sestieri in central Venice, is known as one of the most authentic areas in the city, with less tourists but with a lot of things to be explored. This part of Venice has a mix of busy areas and others more quiet and calm where you can discover the real Venetian air. Join in and explore this off the beaten track with Lucia!

BeamZ Series - NEW Episodes

Treasures of Rome

Sunday, April 3rd

Finally the show that you've been asking for so long! Caravaggio! We will discover the very place where Caravaggio used to live, hang out, work. We will also see some of the most beautiful masterpieces that are easily available to anyone by simply entering a church! A show you cannot miss!

Amsterdam Day Trips to Remember

Sunday, April 3rd

The fortified town of Muiden sits near the IJmeer, just east of Amsterdam. It dates back to the 10th century and is now known for its peaceful streets, small cafés, historic landmarks and picturesque harbour. Come with us and let Mark show you around while telling you all about the fascinating stories of this city in the Netherlands!

Support Ukraine

NEW Shows

Let’s Learn Ukrainian!

Friday, April 1st

Did you know that Ukrainian is considered the second most melodious language in the world? And it is not even too complicated to learn. Best part about it is that you read all the letters the way they sound in the alphabet. No tricky words or extraordinary complications. Join us in support of Ukraine and start speaking this beautiful language with Olga!

Czech Legends told by Ukrainian Guide in Vysehrad Fortress

Sunday, April 3rd

The old fortress of Vysehrad was founded in the second half of the 10th century. Vysehrad was the main seat of the Premysl Princes in the second half of the century and now is one of the most spectacular sights to visit in the city. Join us with Olga and hear all about the mysterious legends that surround this incredible place!

Stop Putin Now with Gregg Stebben

Tuesday, April 5th

Join us in Gregg's newest show! The first guest will be Yaroslav Nedodaiev, a Ukrainian photographer and video maker who currently lives in Dubai. Gregg and Yaroslav will discuss the war in Ukraine, how it's affecting Ukrainian lives and what we can do to help shorten the war.

Stop Putin Now with Paulie O'Mahony

Friday, April 1st

Join Paulie and Olga again, or for the first time, to be updated on this week's happenings in the Ukraine conflict. As always, this is a unique chance to speak and listen to a Ukrainian live about the war.

How to Buy a Bomb: Stop Putin's Tanks

Tuesday, April 5th

The time is now. Let’s start taking action to help Ukraine and its people. You can be a part of the change. Join renowned author and radio host, Gregg Stebben, and discover ways you can be effective in Stopping Putin Now.

When Russia Occupied Prague

Tuesday, April 5th

It is always important to know the history and how things came to be the way they are today. But it is not just important, it is also extremely fascinating! That is the case of the times when Russia occupied Prague On August 20, 1968, when the Soviet Union led Warsaw Pact troops in an invasion of Czechoslovakia to crack down on reformist trends in Prague. Join in and explore Prague and its history with Max!

Lifestyle Section

Psychic Reading: Gemstones & Cards

Friday, April 1st

This show is for our mystic beamers, or just about everyone, actually, who's fond of discovering new things. Our new host K80lyn will take you through a psychic reading with cards and gemstones, what for? To help bring you the advice that the universe has in store for you. I'm very curious about this one so I'm definitely going to try it.

Sneak Previews

Bari, Italy: Exploring the Heel of Italy’s Boot

Wednesday, April 6th

With a gorgeous old town, bustling traditional harbor and Italy's best beaches nearby, the Italian port city of Bari is well worth a visit. Experience a mixture of history and forward-looking culture and architecture and let yourself be amazed by the beauty of this part of Italy with Kelsey!

Arezzo - a Tuscan Town

Wednesday, April 6th

Arezzo boasts a wide range of sites to see including fortresses, monuments, churches, and museums which all offer a chance to step back into history. If you are looking for an adventure through time while getting to know a beautiful new place, join us and discover Arezzo with Patrizia!

Neighborhoods by Elevated Train - Downtown Loop in Chicago

Thursday, April 7th

This tour is all about the neighborhood transformations, the unionized labor movement, incredible skyline views, and probably the most colorful train station in the world. Hop on the train with Mike and get to know Chicago from a whole new angle!

Baku evening tour - Favorite Nizami street and Seaside Park

Thursday, April 7th

Baku Boulevard, also known as the National Seaside Park in Baku, Azerbaijan is the favorite promenade of many city residents and visitors and the second largest in Europe. It has been around for over 100 years and is definitely worth exploring. Join us and Nurana and get to know this beautiful part of Azerbaijan!

Best Shows on BeamZ for the Next Days

Friday, April 1st

Jewish Ghetto of Venice, the first of the world: let's explore the oldest Jewish ghetto in the world. Let's discover hidden synagogues and gems together! You will fall in love with this charming area. Sign up for this off the beaten path stroll with Lucia right now!

Monday, April 4th

Edinburgh History: Part 1: let's join our local host Martin in a tour through his city! Join us to discover the main highlights of Edinburgh and some of his personal favorite spots. Don't miss out on seeing the best view of the city and hidden gems!

Tuesday, April 5th

A Walk by the Mediterranean Sea - French Riviera: let's join Eniko in a coastline stroll, to one of her favorite beaches and take in the stunning views. Let's walk by the so-called "Calanques", and enjoy the sound and beauty of nature together. And to finish off we will be enjoying a magnificent high view of the Mediterranean Sea.

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