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Saigon: Celebration Lunar New Year 2022

Saturday, January 29th

Walk down Nguyen Hue street in Ho Chi Minh City during the Tet Holiday to admire the street's annual flower festival. You will be amazed by the beauty of this celebration and all the incredible traditional decorations. Join us and let our local Vietnamese hosts, Spring and Hieu, show you around!

Bolivian Carnival of the South America Highlands

Saturday, January 29th

Bolivian Carnival is celebrated throughout the country, but the best action takes place in the highland city of Oruro. It has been designated as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Don’t miss out and explore the amazing culture with Renan and get into the celebration!

Kyiv's Roman Catholic Cathedral: St Nicholas

Sunday, January 30th

The Roman Catholic Church of St. Nicholas is the second oldest Roman Catholic church still standing in Kyiv. The Cathedral is also the second best-known after the famous Alexandr's Cathedral. With giant towers and impressive gothic architecture this place is definitely a must-see for people who come to the city. Join in and explore it with Olga!

Street Market Scene in Edinburgh

Saturday, January 29th

Edinburgh's award-winning street food markets have proved to be a huge hit with street food lovers. What also stands out is the traditional foods from the farmers and the incredible artisan crafts. Join in and explore the street market scene with Sam and discover all the amazing things that can only be found there.


Russian Revolution Series - Episode 1 - Trubetskoy Bastion Prison

Sunday, January 30th

Trubetskoy Bastion Prison, the main political prison of Russia was built in 1872 on the site of the dismantled inner walls of the Trubetskoy Bastion. Since then this place has played a great role in the revolutions and transformations that the country went through. Join us for a dive into history and let Anna tell you all the fascinating stories about this place while walking through its walls.

Amsterdam Day Trips to Remember Friday, January 28th In this show, Mark will take you to a beautiful place near Amsterdam. With its ancient buildings, cobbled streets, and winding waterways, the medieval city of Haarlem is one of the most photogenic destinations in the Netherlands and there are many things to be explored there. Come with us, and discover the rich history, epoch-spanning architecture, and thriving cultural scene that this city has to offer.

From Scotland with Lots of Love

Saturday, January 29th

This weekend, join Sam and explore one of the most famous landmarks of Scotland, St Giles Cathedral! Discover this sight with 1,000 years of history in the heart of Edinburgh. The highlights of a visit will be its beautiful stained-glass windows. The impressive Rieger organ was installed in 1992 and the famous Thistle Chapel, home of the Knights of the Order of the Thistle, Scotland's great order of chivalry designed by Robert Lorimer for the Order of the Thistle, added in 1911. I can guarantee you'll be dazzled by this beautiful site!

Haunted London Series

Sunday, January 30th

Ghosts are taken seriously in London. Join Nathalie in haunted banks, pubs, theaters in most of which mediums have been hired to organize a seance to finally, set those disturbed souls to rest… See these creepy spots live with us in Westminster, London!

Spirit of Japan

Tuesday, February 1st

Let's join Eriko and explore one of the most stylish business districts in Tokyo, filled with amazing modern architecture. We will be discovering the beauty of the Imperial Palace outer gardens, Tokyo central station, and the local's favorite architecture that looks like a floating glass ship! Find out more on the tour!


Discover Italy in America at Your Table: North to South

Saturday, January 29th

John and Patty are back again to teach us yet another incredible recipe. Canederli are delicious large round dumplings made from a mixture of stale bread, flour, eggs and milk. These bread dumplings are traditional in Trentino-Alto Adige, the Alpine region in North East Italy and are simply irresistible. Join us and make some of your own!

Discover Italy in America at Your Table: Not your ordinary dish!

Saturday, January 29th

As you chew your penne or rigatoni alla vodka, the vodka particles waft flavorful aromas to the back of your mouth, creating a heightened sense of euphoric enjoyment of food. Join us on this culinary experience and let John and Patty show you how to make this incredible recipe!

Delicious and healthy Vegetarian Kababs - Hara Bhara Kababs

Monday, January 31st

Hara Bhara Kabab are popular North Indian snack patties made with plenty of leafy greens and vegetables like spinach, coriander leaves, and much more! Join us and learn how to make this traditional indian dish which is also one of the tastiest. I can assure you, it goes well with everything and Komal is ready to share her cooking secrets with you.


Édouard Manet's "Olympia", from scandal to iconic work

Friday, January 28th

In 1865, Edouard Manet caused a scandal at the Salon des Refusés, an exhibition outside of the Official Salon, by presenting his “Olympia”, which he painted two years earlier. This scene of a prostitute waiting for her client marks a real break in the history of art. Join in and let Patrick tell you all about this fascinating story!

Webinar on Johannes Vermeer

Sunday, January 30th

Johannes Vermeer is a 17th-century Dutch artist known for his luminous paintings of daily life, allegorical scenes, and cityscapes. His artwork stood out in the famous Golden Age of art in the Netherlands. Join in and find out more about his incredible paintings and the history behind this mastermind with Martin!

More Premieres

Armenia: a great UNESCO site

Friday, January 28th

Zvartnots Cathedral was built in the 7th-century by Catholicos Nerses. Although it is in ruins today, you can still see the beautiful architecture and the footprint of this tetraconch church. Come with us and our local host, Khach, and explore the birth-site of the implantation of Christianity in Armenia.

Lifestyle Section Psychic Reading: Gemstones & Cards Friday, January 28th This show is for our mystic beamers, or just about everyone, actually, who's fond of discovering new things. Our new host K80lyn will take you through a psychic reading with cards and gemstones, what for? To help bring you the advice that the universe has in store for you. I'm very curious about this one so I'm definitely going to try it.

Guided Manifestation Meditation & Discussion Sunday, January 30th Many things that might trouble us during our lives are actually things that can be solved from the inside. This takes time, knowledge, and patience. The good news is that there are ways to find what we are looking for with guidance, which makes these steps much more pleasing and easier. Join in and let our specialist on the matter, Christine, show you how it's done!

Sneak Previews

Australia's Great Ocean Road: The 12 Apostles

Thursday, February 3rd

Witness the rugged splendor of the famous 12 Apostles, magnificent rock stacks that rise up majestically from the Southern Ocean on Victoria's dramatic coastline in Australia. The limestone pillars were once connected to the mainl