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Venice Grand Canal by Gondola

Tuesday, January 25th

A gondola ride along Venice's waterways is a must when you are in Italy. Savor one of the world’s most sought-after romantic experiences and hop on board for an incredible ride through the beautiful city canals. While you are at it let Igor show you the amazing landmarks and hear all about the stories and secrets of the fascinating places around you.

Looking for shows on the weekend? Don't worry, scroll down to the bottom and enjoy great shows on Saturday and Sunday 😄

Saigon Wanderlust On Bus

Tuesday, January 25th

Hop on the bus and spend a wonderful evening together with our local Vietnamese hosts, Spring and Hieu, on the delightful bus rooftop and enjoy a beautiful (and informative!) tour through the city. get to know the most sought-after tourist destinations and the amazing stories behind them!

Georgian Dublin, Merrion Square and Oscar Wilde

Friday, January 21st

The Oscar Wilde Memorial Sculpture is a collection of three statues in Merrion Square in Dublin, commemorating the Irish poet and playwright. Join in for a lovely walk through the beautiful leafy park in the middle of the city and explore the history and the landmarks of this famous square with Dave!

Amsterdam Art by Tandem

Friday, January 21st

Looking for a fun bike ride through Amsterdam while enjoying the local art scene and atmosphere? Then you found the right place. Mark and Lee are going to take you on a tandem ride through the city in a hunt for Golden Age Art. Hop on and explore the city!

Budapest: Shadows of the past

Saturday, January 22nd

Memento Park is a unique attraction of Budapest. The Statue Park, the Barrack Cinema, the Photo Exhibition, the Stalin’s Grandstand, and the Storage Showroom offer an incredible experience that will take you back in time to revisit the dictatorship and its fall. Come with us and let Andrea show and tell you everything about it!

Vietnam after the War: Explore Saigon, Vietnam

Monday, January 24th

Vietnam went through deep transformations during and after the war. In this one, Spring and Hieu are going to take us to a communist apartment complex to show us how things were back then, while filling us in on all the local stories. To end on a positive note, they will take us to a local traditional market to show us all the beautiful goods! Join in!

History from Home: Amsterdam's WWII Resistance Fighter Lau Mazirel

Tuesday, January 25th

Laura "Lau" Carola Mazirel was a member of the Dutch resistance during World War II who helped organise the 1943 bombing of the Amsterdam civil registry. She stood up for the rights of women, members of the LGBT community, Jews, and Romani, during one of the city’s most difficult times. Join in and let Lee fill you in on these incredible events!

Heroines of the Dutch Resistance

Monday, January 24th

Harleem, in the Netherlands, is a city with an incredible history of resistance. Kenau Hasselaer, led an army of women to defend the city when it was besieged by the Spanish in 1573 and during the Nazi invasion, women stood up to fight oppresion and played a great role in the defense of the city. Join us and let Lee tell you all about these fascinating stories!


A Perfect Vegetarian Indian Dinner with Komal

Tuesday, January 25th

Karahi Paneer is a simple yet amazingly flavorful paneer dish made with cooking paneer and bell peppers with fresh ground spices. It is one of the most delicious traditional dishes in India and not by any chance! Join us and let Komal share her secrets on how to make them with you!

Chat with a Host!

At home with Komal - An Introduction to Culture Shock

Sunday, January 23rd

Culture shock refers to feelings of uncertainty, confusion, or anxiety that people may experience when going to a new country and visiting other cultures. In this case, India definitely is a country that is famous for its diversity and multicultural nature. Join us and let Komal tell you all about the Indian culture and why it is so unique.

Series on BeamZ - NEW Episodes Treasures of Rome, Season 2 Sunday, January 23rd Villa Borghese was built by some of the greatest protagonists of the cultural life of the beginning of the 1600s in Rome, the Cardinal Scipione Borghese, the favorite nephew of Pope Paul V Borghese. This park includes an incredible Museum (one of the most beautiful museums in the world), a lake, a theater, and a stunning terrace over piazza del Popolo. Are you ready to explore Villa Borghese together? Federica is waiting for you on Sunday! Can't make it on January 23rd? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Spirit of Japan

Tuesday, January 25th

This one is going to be special. Eriko is literally taking us to the only place in the world where monkeys bathe in hot springs. Joshinetsu-Kogen is a beautiful location in Japan often referred to as the Snow Monkey Park. Get to know the life of the famous Snow Monkeys in Nagano and explore this beautiful part of Japan.

More Premieres


Experience Budapest from above - a lovely walk on Gellért Hill-Citadel

Friday, January 21st

The Citadella is a sprawling fortress, turned into one of the most sought-after tourist attractions of the city, which sits atop of Gellért Hill. The incredible Citadel and the Statue of Liberty on top is definitely a must-see in Budapest. Did you know that you can see the tower from any part of the city? Join in and explore this amazing place with our local guide, Zsuzsi.

Berlin's Hub of Power

Friday, January 21st

Brandenburg Gate is Berlin's most famous landmark. A symbol of Berlin and German division during the Cold War, which now is a national symbol of peace and unity. And the Reichstag, just a couple of blocks away, is one of the most beautiful buildings of the city, and where some of the most important decision-makers of the country are sitting. Join us and let Martin show you these incredible places while filling you in on some interesting stories!


Rhoderic Land Revisits Bob Dylan

Friday, January 21st

Rhoderic Land is back and ready to put on a show! This time, he’s going to revisit Bob Dylan and play his most famous songs that marked the world. But he’s also going to take you for a musical experience through some of his earliest songs many don’t know about. Let’s see how many you already know. Join in and enjoy the show!

Food Section Make Spinach Pakora Kadhi - a yummy tangy flavored Curry Saturday, January 22nd Pakora Kadhi is a classic curry dish from Northern Indian cuisine made with fresh spinach, onions, spices, paneer and herbs. It is definitely a local favorite and impresses everyone who tries it. Join us and our enthusiastic chef, Komal, and learn how to make your own while chatting about Indian cuisine, culture and much more!

Learn to Make Indian Fragrant Jeera Rice Sunday, January 23rd I've tasted this famous rice before so I was pretty happy to see that I could learn how to make it on BeamZ, and with our culinary host JD.If you're wondering, like I did before, Jeera means Cumin in Hindi, so that's the main ingredient, besides, of course, rice. Join us and learn the authentic secrets to making this tasty dish.

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