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Birthday Party for Hungary

Saturday, January 8th

Not many countries have a history that dates back over a thousand years. Come with us and discover all about the incredible history of Hungary and how the Millennial Thousand-Year-Old National celebration took place in 1896. While you are at it, discover this amazing culture and explore the beautiful city of Budapest with Andrea!

World War II: Amsterdam under Nazi Occupation

Saturday, January 8th

The Nazis occupied the Netherlands on May 10, 1940, and established a civilian administration dominated by the SS, mainly it’s capital, Amsterdam. Join in and hear about the dramatic events that took place during this period and discover how the Dutch commemorate this past today.

Amsterdam's Holocaust Memorial of Names

Sunday, January 9th

A labyrinth of brick walls and angular mirrors define the Dutch Holocaust Memorial of Names, which Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind's studio has completed in Amsterdam. Join in for an amazing walk through this beautiful place and let Mark tell you some of the most fascinating stories behind it.

Dublin: a walk along the Grand Canal

Sunday, January 9th

Built in the 19th century, the Grand Canal developed from an important trade route to a relaxing haven. Connecting the capital city westwards with the River Shannon, this genteel, old engineering marvel winds through the centre of Dublin, on towards fertile farmlands, charming villages and past the tumble-down remnants of the midlands’ historic past. Join us and explore one of Dublin’s greatest landmarks and its history with Dave!

Bulgarian Experiences: new place every episode!

Sunday, January 9th

The culture of Bulgaria is based on an interesting blend of Thracian, Slavic and Bulgar traditions, along with the influence of the Eastern Orthodox Church. The country also has a strong folkloric tradition that pervades many aspects of art, literature, music, celebrations and daily life. Explore this amazing place and its traditions in an unique experience every episode with our local guide, Simana!

Amsterdam City of Diamonds

Monday, January 10th

Amsterdam has been known worldwide as the “City of Diamonds” for four hundred years. For instance, the “brilliant” is a typical Amsterdam cut of diamond which is famous for its beauty and precision. Did you know about this part of Holland's history? Join in and hear all about it while visiting the historic buildings with our local guide, Mark!

Heroic Stories of Dutch Resistance in World War II

Tuesday, January 11th

How about a deep dive into WWII history while visiting some of Amsterdam’s most beautiful landmarks? Join us and our local host, Lee, and explore the corner where River Amstel meets Zwanenburgwal and where the Jewish resistance monument stands. While you are at it, discover the mysterious secret headquarters of the resistance.

Series on BeamZ - NEW Episodes

From Scotland with Lots of Love

Saturday, January 8th

You don't have to stop exploring new places after the holidays! Join us and Sam in Edinburgh next Saturday for a mini trip. She will take you to a lovely stroll on the Union Canal. Enjoy a scenic route and relax, you'll also get to see a few attractions along the way, and maybe who knows some wildlife!

Landmarks of the Southwest Saturday, January 8th The town of Gotse Delchev with former name Nevrokop has been the heart of the Nevrokop region next to the Bulgarian-Greek border for centuries. Known as a center of specific handicrafts, all these can be seen today at the local museum. Join us and host Simana to see its colorful textiles next to copper cow bells, in a building which is a cultural monument in itself!

Haunted London Series Sunday, January 9th This next episode of Haunted London is all about historical epidemies. In the heart of London shopping district, we will discover with Nathalie a secret plague pit as well as a cholera hotspot. We will also see the famous Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street and Fortum & Mason. So join us for some creepy times!

Spirit of Japan Tuesday, January 11th Yokohama was one of the first ports to open to foreign trade in 1859 and has since been a lively cosmopolitan port city embracing foreign cultures. It is a picture-perfect area built on Yokohama Port and is filled with waterside promenades, unique skyscrapers, and historical spots. Let's stroll around to admire the combination of urban cityscape and historical landmarks with breathtaking views by water!

More Premieres


Princess Wow’s Dance Party

Friday, January 7th

We have all had to go through some strange times in the last year, and keeping our heads up was one of the most important things to do. That’s why I am really excited about this one. Our new host, Princess Wow, is an enthusiastic person that literally works to put smiles on peoples faces! Come with us for a fun dance, singing and comedy party, and let’s celebrate life and have a laugh about everything that is good about it together!

Lifestyle Section

Psychic Reading: Gemstones & Cards

Friday, January 7th

This show is for our mystic beamers, or just about everyone, actually, who's fond of discovering new things. Our new host K80lyn will take you through a psychic reading with cards and gemstones, what for? To help bring you the advice that the universe has in store for you. I'm very curious about this one so I'm definitely going to try it.

Sneak Previews


Orchid Paradise: Quito's Botanical Garden

Monday, January 10th

Flora is one of several reasons why Ecuador is regarded as a diverse country, and if you want to see some of it, this is the place. In two stunning rooms at the Quito Botanical Garden, you will see more varieties of orchids than you ever thought possible for one collection. Join in and let Stefany walk you through one of the world’s most beautiful gardens!

KLM’s Miniature Houses: chasing the originals around Amsterdam

Thursday, January 13th

Let’s go House Hunting together! Join our local host Lee Franklin in a hunt through Amsterdams streets to find KLM’s Delft Blue miniature houses. These houses have been cherished collectors' items among passengers for more than 60 years. How many will we be able to find? Let's find out!

Food Discover Italy in America at Your Table: Ring in the New Year Saturday, January 15th If you were looking for an amazing dinner recipe, you just found it! Grab your apron and join John and Patty in the kitchen to cook Sausage, Lentil Soup and Chicken Marsala. They say this dish brings you money and good fortune, let’s find out together!

Discover Italy in America at Your Table: All Veggies

Saturday, January 15th

John and Patty are going live on the 15th to add yet another delicious dish to your recipe book. This time they will teach you how to cook Roasted Beet sandwiches and Squash Soup. If this isn't a complete menu, I don't know what is! Join in and learn how to make your own while chatting with our fun hosts!

More Shows on BeamZ Friday, January 7th Tales of Edinburgh's Darker Side: Part 3: the Grassmarket is a wonderful to shop and eat today but it has a much darker past. Experience the Grassmarket after dark, hear about the infamous Burke and Hare.

Life and Legacy of Anne Frank: Part II: explore the life of Anne Frank, where she lived and what she left behind for the world with host Lee.

Saturday, January 8th Edinburgh Harry Potter Trail: stroll through Diagon Alley, see the inspiration for Hogwarts and explore the characters who are part of Harry Potter.

Twilight Delhi: experience the magic of Delhi's landmarks at night with Komal and fall in love with the city!

From the Cathedral Hillfort down to Henry the Navigator in Porto: explore the Romanesque Cathedral of Porto, that marks the beginning of this ancient UNESCO City and also get to know its surroundings.

Sunday, January 9th Edinburgh Castle and the Medieval Old Town: explore the history of the Castle and of the City that grew around it with host Sam.

Vincent Van Gogh in Amsterdam 1877-1878: let's walk around the city and explore it in the famous painter's eyes.

Glamorous and Aristocratic: Lypky Hood in Kyiv: walk around the beautiful aristocratic neighborhood of Lypky Hood and explore its fine palaces and houses of the early 20th century.

Walk in the footsteps of Jamie & Claire: Edinburgh Outlander Locations: immerse yourself in all things Outlander as we stroll through the streets of Edinburgh's Old Town.

Monday, January 10th The Tallest Lady Buddha In Vietnam: come with hosts Spring and Hiếu to enjoy the views of the Guan Yin temple and take a dive into Vietnamese culture and beliefs.

Edinburgh's Medieval High Street: discover Edinburgh's Medieval past as you stroll down its historic High Street and explore its main landmarks.

Tuesday, January 11th UNESCO World Heritage: Berlin's Museum Island: join host Martin on this webinar about one of Germany's most famous UNESCO wold heritage sites, an assembly of 5 museums whose beginnings go back exactly 200 years!

Martin's Edinburgh: let's see a different view of Edinburgh with host Martin. You'll explore the main sights of the city and some of our host's favorite hidden gems.

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