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NEW Travel Shows Cannes - the Glamorous City of the French Riviera

Monday, December 13th

I would say everyone has heard about Cannes, because of the famous Cannes Film Festival, how about visiting it this week with us? The city of Cannes is a glamorous place with fantastic beaches and many things to see and do. BeamZ host, Eriko will ‘roll out the red carpet’ for us on this show. So join me and Eniko, and experience this beautiful city first hand!

Quito's Historic Center at Night

Friday, December 10th

This place is believed to be the best-preserved colonial centers and one of the most important across the whole of Latin America. It is fascinating how intact it is even after being hit by an earthquake more than a century ago. And the best thing about it, you can join us and Stefany to explore it at night, when the lights shine and the views become even more beautiful.

Live from Porto - Monet and Klimt Immersive Experience

Saturday, December 11th

If you have not enjoyed an immersive art experience this is a must for you. BeamZ host, Sara, is taking us to a fascinating immersive experience in Porto to enjoy a digital exhibition of Monet and Klimt. Join us and discover how art makes sound and color become one in this show, and enjoy two of the most impressive artists the world has ever seen.

Ancient Dublin - Just how ancient is Dublin?

Tuesday, December 14th

Famous for its cultural heritage and charming hospitality, Dublin is one of the most sought-after locations for tourism in Europe. The city brings to mind literary giants, Georgian architecture, and Guinness galore. But in this one, we are going to explore its fascinating history. Join in and explore the city with our local host, Dave, and hear all about it!

360 Views from Xaxan Hill and Megalithic Dolmen Chan da Arquiña

Tuesday, December 14th

Are you down for some adventure? Come join us to explore the incredible Megalithic Dolmen Chan da Arquiña and climb up to the top to reach the stunning 360 Views of Xaxan Hill. Sean and Tiernan are ready to take you with them to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the mesmerizing views of Vigo Bay.

Bolivia's great Salt Flat: the Largest Salt Reserve in the World

Tuesday, December 14th

Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni is considered one of the most extreme and remarkable views in all of South America, if not Earth. Stretching more than 4,050 square miles of the Altiplano, it is the world's largest salt flat, left behind by prehistoric lakes that evaporated centuries ago. Come with us and Renan to explore this incredible place!

Jewish Berlin - Past and Present

Tuesday, December 14th

Germany, and especially Berlin, have been the grounds for some of the most intense historic events in the history of Mankind. It is not by any chance, filled with landmarks, monuments, statues, and museums made to remind us of the past. Join us and explore the city while hearing all about the Jewish community from past to present.

Life and Legacy of Anne Frank: Part II

Tuesday, December 14th

Join us for the second part of this show On this new mini series dive into the life of Anne Frank with our host Lee. In this show we will have the unique opportunity to see what her life was like in Amsterdam. We will explore where she lived, and hear about her friends and neighbors and to show us the monuments and historic statues from that time.

Bolivia's Train Cemetery Tuesday, December 14th The landscape is vast and barren with no houses, cars or people in sight for hundreds of miles. That’s why visiting the train cemetery in Uyuni makes for a fascinating contrast. It’s cluttered with old, rotting trains, a symbol of manmade greatness and also decay. Come with us and explore this incredible place with our local guide, Renan.

TONIGHT IS COMEDY NIGHT - on BeamZ Live from Los Angeles - We are so excited to have two live interactive comedy shows on BeamZ . First at 9 pm EST AfroNoodle Improvmania with Willie Macc and Danny Plom These two are great together and Willie’s HGTV show starts next year.

Then at 10pm EST

Wine Improv Night with Audrey Stewart

Audrey “wild woman’ Stewart with a glass of wine will have you laughing for 30 minutes straight - just funny when she says hello.

LOTS and LOTS of NEW Christmas Specials

Bolivian Christmas Fair Part I

Friday, December 10th

During Christmas time in Bolivia, you'll notice that the South American country's traditions associated with this holiday are different than in many parts of the world. And one way to experience these cultural differences is through the local markets and fairs. Join in and let Renan show you the beautiful city in a festive vibe and explore the local traditions!

Bolivian Christmas Fair, Part II: The Christmas Tree!

Friday, December 10th

In this one, Renan is going to take us a step deeper into Bolivian holiday traditions. He’s going to take us to the giant Christmas Tree in the center of one of the most traditional fairs of the city to show you how the locals celebrate this holiday. Join us and experience Bolivian Christmas culture first hand!

The Magic of Christmas in the French Countryside

Friday, December 10th

In the countryside you will find Compiègnen, an important town in France's history that became a royal and imperial city in the 18th century. There are many things to be explored there, even more so during Christmas time, when all the medieval buildings and castles light up and enter the festive mood. Join us, and let Patrick show you this beautiful place and the local holiday traditions.

Christmas "Concerts at Clérigos" Church and Tower of Porto

Sunday, December 12th

The concerts at Clérigos are breathtaking, something everyone should experience at least once. During Christmas it turns into an even more unique experience. And there is more, those who climb the 225 steps of the Tower of Porto, are rewarded with one of the most incredible views of the city. Join us and let Sara take you with her on this adventure!

A Series of Magic Christmas in Paris : Notre Dame and its Christmas market

Monday, December 13th

The beautiful Notre-Dame de Paris Christmas Market is back. And like every other year, you will find exhibitors sharing their trade and passion for French crafts and gastronomy, as well as amazing concerts and fun things to do. Join us with Patrick and explore this mesmerizing part of Paris during the holiday season!

Magical Christmas in Venice

Tuesday, December 14th

Venice has to be one of the most beautiful cities there are. And during Christmas times it gets even more impressive with all the lights and decorations. This month of the year is an especially good time for those looking to spend some tranquil, romantic time by the canals. Come join us with our host, Lucia, to enjoy the beautiful city and explore the Jewish Ghetto and Cannaregio.

NEW Episodes - Series on BeamZ

Highlights of Sofia - Bulgarian Travel Series

Friday, December 10th

Our host Simana wants to show you a truly special spot of Sofia, but let her tell you more!

"Any big city would have a very big beating heart. And a lot of blood vessels. But the main artery of the Bulgarian capital of Sofia is only one. And it isn't the main transport line not the largest boulevard. It is the street where you must set foot in order to say you have been to Sofia. So, do you want to say you have been to Sofia?"

I'm very curious to know where she's taking us, so I'm in. How about you?

Can't make it on December 10th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Amsterdam Day Trips to Remember

Saturday, December 11th

Join our host Mark for one more city in the Netherlands, explore Haarlem. It hosts the Netherland's best Christmas Market on its medieval market square under the shadow of its imposing Grote Kerk and 1600s town hall and market buildings. There is a Christmas tree of course, carol singers and all sorts of stalls selling Christmas wares, delicious foods and mulled wine. Haarlem really knows how to roll out a nostalgic Christmas feel, so you can't miss visiting it!

From Scotland with Lots of Love

Saturday, December 11th

Explore the sights and sounds of Christmas in a magical after dark experience in the Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh! This place is beautiful all year around but even more so during the holiday season. Join us and let sam show and tell you all about it!

Can't make it on December 10th? We've got your back, check other dates here.

Treasures of Rome - Season 2

Sunday, December 12th

Our host Federica is taking you to a new place in Rome, Via Giulia! Let her give you the details!

"Did you know the pilgrims that for centuries travelled to Rome, shaped the way the city looks like today? The marvelous Via Giulia is one of the most famous and fascinating examples of that. I'll give you some anticipation. In this show we will have: Michelangelo, one of the most powerful families of Rome, and the Pope that foresaw the painting talent of Michelangelo and commissioned him the Sistine chapel fresco!"

Haunted London Series

Sunday, December 12th

Nathalie will take you to Southwark. You will hear about smugglers, kidnappers , pirates and naval witchcraft. Walking along the Thames we'll get a chance to see Millennium Bridge, London Bridge, Tower Bridge and fantastic Christmas lights...and much more! This show is packed with different things, so it will be great fun.

Landmarks of the Southwest - Bulgarian Travel Series

Monday, December 13th

Join host Simana at the ethnographic exhibition of the Regional Historical Museum of the town of Blagoevgrad. Bright red, grass green, pitch black - those are only some of the colors that traditional textiles from the area project at the age of 100 and above. Coming from the skillful hands of local women. Come with us to explore the unique and beautiful Bulgarian culture!

Spirit of Japan

Tuesday, December 14th

Would you like to experience how Japan celebrates Christmas? The Tokyo Christmas Market held at Hibiya Park brings the holiday spirit to Japan, with a festive selection of special food, drinks and handmade ornaments. There’s even a 14m-high Christmas pyramid installation brought over from a German village. The Tokyo Christmas Market is a highlight of the city’s festive season calendar. Let’s soak up the atmosphere!

Food Section

Cooking Ukrainian Borsch

Friday, December 10th

Ukrainian Borsch is a traditional sweet and sour soup made with beets, cabbage, garlic, dill, and some other delicious ingredients. As our host already said, this is something every home should have, regardless if you're Ukrainian or not. Besides being very tasty it also is healthy and easier to make than you might think. Come join us and learn how to make your own!

Cook Delicious Palak Paneer- spinach gravy with tofu/cottage cheese/potatoes

Tuesday, December 14th

Palak Paneer is a classic curry dish from North Indian cuisine made with fresh spinach, onions, spices, paneer and herbs. It is definitely a local favorite and impresses everyone who tries it. Join us and our enthusiastic chef, JD, and learn how to make your own while chatting about Indian cuisine, culture and much more!

Lifestyle Section

Psychic Reading: Gemstones & Cards

Friday, December 10th

This show is for our mystic beamers, or just about everyone, actually, who's fond of discovering new things. Our new host K80lyn will take you through a psychic reading with cards and gemstones, what for? To help bring you the advice that the universe has in store for you. I'm very curious about this one so I'm definitely going to try it.

Live Open Tarot Readings by Clover Tarot

Tuesday, December 14th

Have you ever had a tarot reading? I can say I did, and it's not as scary as it sounds, at least I was scared before doing it. It's actually great for getting some advice on your life through someone else's perspective, and of course higher energies and a lot of fun. So join us for our first ever tarot reading, host Christine is really good at what she does, trust me. And of course, if you're a gossip person, how about watching other people's readings.

Sneak Previews

Special Charity Show

The Castle and the Royal Mile at Edinburgh - Scotland's Favorite Landmark

Wednesday, December 15th

This one is going to be incredible! Are you looking for a great touristic experience while helping out the local community at the same time? Then join us for this one-time special show with Sam. Explore one of the most exciting historic sites in Western Europe, the Edinburgh Castle in the heart of Scotland, in a show that will give out donations to the ones in need.


Life and Legacy of Anne Frank: Part III

Wednesday, December 15th

In this one, Lee is going to dive a little deeper into the interesting stories and mysteries behind a woman that changed the world in the past and continues to influence it today. Come with us for some incredible story time while walking through the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

Christmas Christmas lights in Milan Thursday, December 16th Milan is one of the world's most renowned shopping destinations, and it lights up during the holidays with miles of beautiful stores, unique boutiques and outdoor markets, making it the perfect destination for a Christmas adventure. Join in and let Veronica show you the beautiful city at night, and experience the festive mood.

More Shows on BeamZ Saturday, December 11th Castro de Montealegre Hill-fort and Celtic Music of Galicia: walk through the ancient ruins of a Celtic Castro (Hill-Fort).

Untold colonial stories of Lima: learn the stories that are too uncomfortable to be told but necessary not to be forgotten.

Sunday, December 12th Holiday Special - Christmassy New Holland Island: feel the Christmas vibes, get the glimpse of local life and holiday celebrations.

Christmas Lights of Vigo, Galicia's biggest city: over 350 streets are decorated with 11 million led-lights, 3,000 Christmas themes and 1,000 trees are light up!

Jack the Ripper & Victorian Times: discover the now trendy neighbourhood of Shoreditch, where UK’s first ever serial killer lived.

Monday, December 13th All Aboard! Cruise on the Seine River: enjoy the magnificent views as you cruise by the Invalides, Orsay Museum, Notre Dame and much more!

Tuesday, December 14th

Cloud forest hummingbirds in Ecuador: enjoy the beauty of the hummingbirds of Mindo in Ecuador.

The Lima city horror stories: visit and learn about the creepiest locations and stories of Lima.

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