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Can I Earn a Guaranteed Minimum Income for my Live Show on BeamZ?

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

A question we often get when speaking with influencers and live streamers is ‘Can I get a guaranteed minimum income for my live show on BeamZ?’ This is a fair question, considering influencers and musicians are used to the paid posts and sponsorship format on social media, or up-front payment for a gig. With BeamZ, the aim is to earn much more than the base minimum -- but if you want low risk, guaranteed income, read on.

The quick answer is: Yes you can -- As a host.

From the start, we realized that some terrific show hosts didn’t want to produce their own shows without some form of guaranteed minimum payment.

Our solution? Cooperating with producers that are happy to take on the responsibility of setting up a show. In this model, the producer brings in a host for a particular show. The producer is thus contracted to BeamZ, buys any equipment if necessary, and pays the host the decided upon fee. In return for taking that risk, they also reap the benefits from the show’s success in terms of profit.

So what's the difference between a show host and a producer?

The show host is the person who goes live on camera. In some cases, the host also comes up with the original idea for the show, and/or creates the scenario for some of the episodes.

If the show generates lots of revenue, then that profit goes to the producer. The host’s focus is on negotiating their salary – and on making the show a success, everyone here wants the show to build up a fan club.

For the host, this means they are insulated from the financial risk -- even though it’s quite minimal, considering minimal equipment is required -- but from the possible financial success too. The host knows ahead of time how much they will get paid for each show.

If you want to host a live show but want less responsibility, BeamZ can help you get in touch with a show producer. Send us an email to get started.

To produce a show, sign up here.

What does it take to host a show?

Well, since the producer is taking all the risk, you need to be good on camera, and a good speaker with an engaging personality. Viewers return to shows where they appreciate the host the first time around.

Your style needs to match the show's content - whichever the niche. Hopefully you have a keen interest in the topic of the show, and you can help come up with further content. And by nature, you prefer to have a set salary.

You may approach the producer with an original idea for a show – or you don’t have one. Both can work. You can apply for an existing show that you would like to host, or you can just come forward as a host for a future show.

If you want guaranteed income, just contact BeamZ’s Producer team, and explain who you are and why you’d be a good host. BeamZ can then put you in contact with a producer, and work towards a guaranteed income for you.

Sean virtual show 2.jpeg
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