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Best Free Walking Tours in Paris

Updated: Jan 20

As a BeamZ user, you have probably enjoyed seeing several of our Paris

live BeamZ show. I am happy to report that if you are ever visiting Paris you can enjoy a similar experience. Discover Walks Free Tours of Paris were the original idea for BeamZ. They have several Paris locations to pick from. The most popular is Montmartre which is a wonderful section of Paris. Two hundred years ago it was a hilltop village just outside of the Paris city walls. Outside the walls life was different and thus the Moulin Rouge is located there.

You can also pick their Left Bank tour, or the Right Bank Landmarks tour. The palaces of the Marais is a nice choice as well. For those of you who have seen much of Paris, I would also recommend their Hidden Gems tour. It is right near the Louvre, but I think you will find all the new things they point out make this tour quite fun. So for the best free walking tours tours in Paris, join Discover Walks Paris.

Sean virtual show 2.jpeg
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