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BeamZ Biggest Premiere Week Ever... Starting June 23rd

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Here are the next shows starting June 23rd.

The Beatles ON BeamZ

Anna Sings the Beatles (and more!)

Thursday, June 24th

Straight from London - Join Anna Scott for an interactive, live, intimate concert. Anna will entertain you with both talks of the songs she sings and, of course, her wonderful voice. If you've missed going to shows, this is your chance. Come sing Hey Jude with us and have fun.

Can't make it on June 24th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

The Beatles music show! Reserve here!

BeamZ First Food Contest

The Carbonara Cook-Off - (Italy vs. USA)

Saturday, June 26th

Join us for lunch and dinner ON Beamz. The menu? Pasta Carbonara, all day. Two of our teams of chefs, John & Patty (2 Chefs in the Kitchen) and Stefanie & Peppe (Cooking in Capri) are doing a friendly cook-off.

Who makes the best Carbonara? Join both shows on Saturday, and let us know!

Cooking in Capri

Start by joining Stefanie and Peppe in Capri, at 11 am Eastern time (USA), and learn the true Italian version of the dish.

Join Stefanie and Peppe! Reserve here!

2 Chefs in the Kitchen

For dinner Beam to the US, John and Patty will welcome you in their kitchen, at 6 pm Eastern time (USA), and do their Italian-American take on this pasta.

Join John and Patty! Reserve here!

New shows

Edinburgh's Historic Greyfriar's Kirkyard

Wednesday, June 23rd

Explore one of the most visited graveyards in the world with super-host Sam. Greyfriars Kirkyard, located at the southern end of Old Town, people have been buried there since the late 16th century, including several famous Scottish personalities. Come see some famous ghosts with us.

Can't make it on June 23rd? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Visit Greyfriar's Kirkyard! Reserve here!

The Orsay 2: Van Gogh and Gauguin’s masterpieces

Thursday, June 24th

You may have already seen a bit of the Orsay with Josquin, now join him as he takes you in a bit further. This time he'll show you

the masterpieces of two major artists of the late 1800s: Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin.

Can't make it on June 24th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Visit Orsay Museum! Reserve here!

Lake Louise - Jewel of the Canadian Rockies

Friday, June 25th

Join us and visit one of the most photographed places in the world, you can see why, below. Lake Louise is a village with a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains and a castle. If you love nature and appreciate breathtaking sceneries you shouldn't miss this show.

Visit Lake Louise! Reserve here!

A Big Love to Vietnamese Cuisine: Savory Pancakes

Friday, June 25th

Welcome to Vietnam. BeamZ wants to allow you to immerse yourself in all the countries we visit together. So we are excited to have renowned cook and teacher, My Tam, doing her shows on BeamZ - live and interactive.

With My Tran, you learn a lot about Vietnamese culture and as a nice bonus, you will learn a traditional Vietnamese dish, Banh Xeo, an easy and delicious pancake.

Give this show a try. We saw a preview and loved it!

Can't make it on June 25th? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Make Vietnamese pancake! Reserve here!

New City

Colonial Treasures of Downtown Lima

Saturday, June 26th

Join BeamZ and new host Vanessa Vasquez in Lima, Peru. Visit one of the main sights of the city, its Historic Center. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and you can tell why when walking around. Its mix of classic architecture from colonial times and modern architecture brings a unique beauty to its streets.

Visit Lima, Peru! Reserve here!

Rembrandt's Amsterdam

Saturday, June 26th

See Amsterdam like Rembrandt, one of Europe's greatest artists. On this show join our new host Lee Franklin while she walks you through the same sights the artist went by during the 15th-17th in the Old Town of the city.

See Rembrandt's Amsterdam! Reserve here!

Almost new shows

Ohrid - Thursday, June 24th: Time to try North Macedonia. Join us on an Old Town Ohrid walk, A UNESCO city with 6,000 years of history to see.

Visit Ohrid, Macedonia! Reserve here!

London - Very Spooky London - Natalie goes to the dark side of London with you on this show.

See Spooky London! Reserve here!

Budapest - Romantic Spires of Budapest - Join Andrea on Castle Hill with cobbled streets and romantic spots.

Visit Budapest! Reserve here!

Pompeii: Last days of the buried city - Join archaeologist, Raffelle, on an expedition of Pompeii.

Visit Pompeii! Reserve here!

One time specials - Brittany Weekend

Friday, June 25th


Visit Saint-Malo, a beautiful French walled city, located in the Brittany region, famous for its stories of pirates, beautiful beaches, and charming architecture.

Visit Saint-Malo! Reserve here!

Dinard and a Boat Cruise

On the same day, right after Saint-Malo, you'll enjoy a lovely boat ride to Dinard. The city is an elegant seaside resort that has retained its Belle Époque spirit, as you'll see by its many late 19th century villas.

Visit Dinard! Reserve here!

Newest episodes of Series ON BeamZ

Feeling at Home Around the World with Kelsey

Wednesday, June 23rd

Join Kelsey in Mexico City's Historic Center. Home to historic monuments dating back to the Aztec era and centered around the massive Plaza de la Constitution, on this show you'll take a peek at its museums and iconic buildings such as the Palacio de Bellas Artes and the Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City.

Can't make it on June 23rd? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Visit Mexico City! Reserve here!

Paris 1801: a series in the Paris of Napoleon

Wednesday, June 23rd

Join Walid for his weekly show exploring Paris and showing how things were in the time of Napoleon.

Can't make it on June 23rd? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Visit Napoleon's Paris! Reserve here!

Paris Chronicles with Patrick

Wednesday, June 23rd

Go back in time, see Paris's Belle Époque monuments. Patrick will tell you all about the Exposition Universelle of 1900 while walking through the Grand Palais, and more.

Can't make it on June 23rd? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Visit the Grand Palais! Reserve here!

A Nature Walk in the Canadian Rockies

Wednesday, June 23rd

Join host Patrick Twomey for a more nature-focused tour, of Canada's oldest national park. In this series go through its most famous trails, but also discover some hidden gems, oh, and maybe you'll get to see some wildlife as well, who knows...

Can't make it on June 23rd? We've got your back, check out other dates.

Visit the Canadian Rockies! Reserve here!

Mini-Series ON BeamZ

Paris: The Palais-Royal, the Locals Royal Hangout

Wednesday, June 23rd

Visit this less touristy palace of Paris. The Palais-Royal was the royal residence of many famous figures, including Louis XIV. On this show, enjoy its gorgeous French gardens and works of art.

Visit Palais-Royal! Reserve here!

Storm the Bastille! A 5-chapter Paris Epic

Thursday, June 24th

Dive into the Bastille and the French Revolution. Walk where the actions took place and let host Sean tell you how it all went about.

Storm the Bastille with us! Reserve here!

More BeamZ

Wednesday, June 23rd

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