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BeamZ’ 2 Chefs in the Kitchen talks About the Art of Cooking

BeamZ is all about sharing people’s passions and creating a platform to share talent, creativity, art, food, travel, and more with the rest of the world. It wasn’t a big surprise when we found out that two of our producers John Gifaldi and Patty Heiden who host a cooking show called 2 Chefs in the Kitchen got noticed by Wild at Art, a podcast by David and Stephanie Coston who tell ‘stories about people who have built their lives around embracing and empowering their creativity.

To listen to the full podcast where 2 Chefs in the Kitchen talk about the art of cooking, click here.

John and Patty are a brother and sister duo who grew up in a big Italian family in Western NY, and have always been around a culture of food. They learned to cook from their mom and grandma, and now create experiences for friends in their homes. John and Patty first started hosting their live cooking show on BeamZ during the pandemic as a way to connect with people from around the world, and continue hosting a cooking show every two weeks by the name of '2 Chefs in the Kitchen'.

Here’s what they had to say about BeamZ in their podcast interview:

Everything is interactive!

Setting up the camera is easy, and using BeamZ, they help promote their shows and deal with the tech stuff.

The fun part is that the viewer becomes part of the show. All you have to do is reserve a show, and a day before the show they send you the recipe with ingredients to cook along, and remind you an hour before the show airs live. You can tune in, or cook along!

It’s a free service, and a free class. And works in a pay what you want option, which helps them produce more content.

People from all over the world pop into the show. They even do joint shows with the cooking duo Stefanie and Peppe based out of Capri.

It’s really fun and rewarding, and viewers type in questions and comments in the chat box while watching the show.

2 Chefs in the Kitchen have just started a new show on BeamZ called ‘John and Patty to the Rescue’ where they will be visiting their friends and teaching them how to cook. It’s sure to be a lot of laughs!

Tune in for yourself, and tell them what you’d like them to cook next! Reserve their next show here.

Sean virtual show 2.jpeg
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