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9 Reasons Why Musicians Should Add Live Virtual Performances to Their Post-Pandemic Schedules

Are you an up-and-coming musician and struggle to get your music out there? Overwhelmed by the amount of social media you need to keep up with? You're not alone. This article will show you how doing what you love most and doing a live virtual show go hand in hand.

1. Keep your audience engaged in between in-person shows

For most artists, especially independent artists, who don’t have a whole media and marketing team, it is a challenge to come up with ways to keep your audience interested and in touch. This element of live is so compelling for your fans that if you build interest in “getting together with them” on a regular basis, you will soon have a loyal group of people invested in your growth and journey. Live online entertainment gives them the inside scoop on what is happening in your life when they are not attending your concerts in person. It also gives them the opportunity to support you year round instead of just at concerts.

2. Help build your brand by connecting deeper with your audience in real time

There’s no doubt about it, live allows your audience to get to know you better and from anywhere in the world! That is why in person shows exist. Otherwise we would all just listen to the recorded music. This relationship with your fans is after all your livelihood, so evolving with the times and incorporating live virtual shows into your schedule is crucial.

3. Live online events don’t just have to be about your music

This is the perfect place to host different events that showcase your personality and life outside of music. It could also be things like Q&A nights, themed events where you listen to other music together, or even karaoke with your fans! It is a wonderful way to build your community that doesn’t revolve around you always having to perform musically.

4. Reach audiences in places you can’t yet tour

As a musician, you know the value of having a global fanbase. Many developing musicians try very hard to get onto festival rosters but whether you are a seasoned performer or new to performing live. Live online performing has created this amazing opportunity for the music community where they can showcase their talents before the fans even pay a dollar to buy a ticket to an in-person show. It is very valuable to use virtual live shows to your advantage to develop fans outside your native country or market.Building these fans online is what will allow you to have these sold out, in-person shows in the future or in your other channels.

5. It’s super easy to put together

Most of you already have the gear necessary to put a live show together. A live show on BeamZ is no different. In fact, in many cases, it is simpler. You remove the need to find a venue to perform at, the need to spend money for travel and the need for help with live production.

6. Double up!

This one is very important for artists who are just starting out and only have the option to play in small venues where they don’t earn a lot for their performances. Here, success comes with an AND not OR mentality. If you make your in-person live show virtual, you can double your efforts in earning money from your performance! BeamZ is a perfect option for this reason, because you earn from every show with no barrier to entry. There is no loyalty program or number of fans or subscriptions required. Best of all, there are also no ads, so the focus is all on you.

7. Create valuable one-of-a-kind content with ease

You can use any of the parts of your live show on BeamZ as future content to feed the social media monster. Artists have traditionally paid thousands of dollars to develop content for their social media and other marketing efforts. By sharing short clips of your BeamZ shows, you can continue the live effect by delivering this engaging and real content to your followers across all platforms, thereby reducing the costly headache of creating extra content and enticing viewers to join you live for your next scheduled show.

8. Make money while you build your brand

This is perfect for the many musicians who are yearning to perform for people but who are shy about busking. Live online performances are like busking but from the comfort of your home or studio or any space you choose! Whether you have 100 people tune in to your show, or you have 10000 people tune in, you connect with and earn directly from your audience, just like you would on the street.

9. Live online entertainment is here to stay, so you might as well make the most out of it

Many musicians are very eager to get back into performing live and in person and no one can deny that live shows are significantly different when you are there in the flesh. Many festivals and major artists had already begun experimenting with live virtual events for their performances way before the pandemic. The development of live-streams and live online performances over the course of 2020 and 2021 have made them a staple in the industry. The virtual performance industry is growing, including the number of musical talent that is getting involved. If you haven’t already gotten into the game, now is a good time. Coming up with a great concept for your BeamZ shows is a perfect way to stand out from the crowd. Also, taking advantage of where you host your shows is important. You want to go where you can best monetize and not be lost in the crowd. BeamZ helps their creative hosts and performers develop their ideas and position themselves well in the market. This is different from how other companies do it - it’s not just providing the platform but also making sure that you receive the guidance to make sure you get the most out of your efforts.

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Sean virtual show 2.jpeg
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