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6 Reasons Why Producing a Live Show is Perfect for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Whether you are an up-and-coming musician trying to get your music out there, a blogger looking to grow your audience base, or already own a business and want more clients, here are 6 reasons why producing a live show is perfect for you. Remember, nowadays your clients are not only checking out your website, but are also invested in the values behind your brand.

1. Earn income right from day one

Gone are the days of posting content multiple times a day for months on end, collecting followers, waiting until a brand wants to finally collaborate with your business and support you financially. This is the old model. Live online entertainment puts you at an advantage no matter what stage you are in your business because you are able to monetize your efforts. BeamZ is a great option for this reason, whether you have thousands of fans/customers or are just starting out, you start monetizing from your very first show!

When viewers watch your live shows on BeamZ, they can directly support you financially without navigating away from the page. This means that you earn money from each of your shows without having to set up any additional financial accounts or monetization services. BeamZ reduces your workload as an entrepreneur and takes care of this for you to let you focus on what matters!

2. Stand out against the competition while building trust in your brand

Remember those brands and businesses that have no online presence and who do not participate in the most modern marketing trends? Neither do we! Live entertainment is the new staple of media consumed by a majority of the young population and therefore it is an essential way to connect with your audience. We started with Facebook pages, then Instagram, then Tik Tok, and now we are here.

Giving your potential customers a live look into what you do provides you with an opportunity to stand out against your competition while building transparency and trust in your brand. As you host live shows regularly and grow your audience, expect your revenue to increase significantly!

3. Showcase who you/your company is, what you do, and how well you do it in REAL TIME

Highlight reels of events and products are great for marketing, however, customers are now looking for a more immersive experience. Whether you choose to do product demonstrations, celebrity endorsements, trivia battles with your company’s board of directors, concerts with musicians singing about how your products work, comedy shows, informative seminars - it doesn’t matter. The common theme is showing why your brand and company are different, and a live immersive experience they can enjoy from the comfort of their home is an easy way to reach and WOW your prospective customers/clients in real time.

4. Easy to get started and easy to do

Despite the hesitations you might be feeling, when you really think about it, hosting a live show is an easy and low-risk way to market your business. You do not need to be a tech wiz to set up a phone/camera and a tripod and get started. Even the more complex or high-tech live show setups have already been tried and tested, so you don’t need to spend your valuable time finding out what works best via trial and error. Live is also very forgiving. Your viewers aren’t expecting a super rehearsed and perfected performance - they are looking for that raw, unedited, real-life interaction. Mistakes are a-ok - in fact, they can make great blooper reels for your social media and may even go viral if you choose to keep your show’s recordings!

5. Create valuable one-of-a-kind content with ease

We briefly mentioned blooper reels, but you can use any of the parts of your live show recordings as future content to feed the social media monster. Companies have traditionally paid thousands of dollars to develop content for their social media and other marketing efforts. By sharing short clips of your shows, you can continue the spontaneous effect by delivering this engaging and real content to your followers across all platforms, thereby reducing the costly headache of creating extra content and enticing viewers to join you live for your next scheduled show.

6. Interact with and learn from your audience

Hosting live shows is not only great because the live interactions (questions and comments) with your audience builds a deeper connection with them, but it is also a wonderful opportunity for you to gain insights and understand them better: What are their needs? What product or service would work best as a next release? Where is your company hitting the mark or missing the mark on what you deliver? Smart entrepreneurs and businesses know that connection and feedback are essential. With immediate feedback, you can more quickly pivot your other business strategies to meet the needs of your customers.

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You can also apply to produce a show with BeamZ here.

Sean virtual show 2.jpeg
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